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Tag: webcam muscle

Muscle Jock Self Pics

by on Aug.05, 2011, under General, Photos

While we’ve been talking about taking pics on phones and guys showing off on their webcams, I’ve been thinking about how many times I’ve seen this in the gym. It’s actually quite common. You know how you see those pics of big muscle guys flexing their pecs in a mirror at the gym? There really are loads of guys who do it! Even a couple of my buddies admit that they take pics and send them to their girlfriends, although I think a lot of them only do it to prove that they are really at the gym lol

I was talking to one of my work out buddies about it today (different guy from the one who showed me his phone pics) and he admitted that he likes to take those pics about once a week, to keep a motivational record of his gains. I guess that’s a good idea, but I think I’d feel weird doing that in the locker room. Guys probably think it’s an ego thing.

Still, it’s pretty hot to see the results of those pics, so check out the images below, collected from around the net. I’m going to be trying to persuade a couple of my buddies to email me some of their pics too over the next week, so maybe I’ll be able to show you some of the guys I work out with. We’ll see how that goes!

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Bodybuilder Abdulla Abou el Wafa

by on Jul.19, 2011, under Photos

Abdulla Abou el Wafa is an Egyptian Bodybuilder who likes to share his working out routines on cam for his friends and fans to see. The dude is so built and bulging, he obviously puts hours and hours of work into his physique!

I’m not one of those guys who can dedicate so much time to working out like this guy does, but I do appreciate the sheer dedication they put into it. I guess if you make it your profession to show off your immaculate build on stage and be judged on it, you really need to dedicate yourself. I see a few guys in the gym who have this kind of life too, they’re there when I arrive and they’re still lifting all that weight when I’m exhausted and have to go home. I’m reliably told by my friend at the reception desk that about three of them are sometimes there all day, taking breaks now and then but mainly lifting.
And yet none of them have reached the level of this guy in my opinion.

Still, plenty of them are really hot to watch as they view themselves in the mirror and then do their little poses, for themselves and their buddies too. Maybe that’s the real reason why I appreciate their efforts so much! lol

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Abs Fascination

by on Jul.07, 2011, under Photos

I don’t always understand it myself, but we all seem to be so completely obsessed by the state of the abs. plenty of people see that one group of muscles the the ones they want (read must) have defined and toned. I see it all the time in the gym too. The guys (and girls) are totally dedicated to their abs. It doesn’t seem to matter if their ass is hanging down by the back of their knees, or if their health hasn’t actually improved any in all the time they’ve been working on those muscles, as long as they can show off some sexy mounds on their belly that’s all they want.
It even extends to TV, with all those ads promoting some ridiculous contraption that will somehow give you the abs “you’ve always wanted”.

One of my buddies is the same. he’s hot, I’ll admit it, but he focuses far too much time on those specific muscles when he could be improving the rest of him to suit it. It’s great to have tight abs, but not if the rest of you is far less impressive.

Anyway, check out this dude, who is pretty huge and seems to focus on the rest of his body just as much. They’re good abs, and he should definitely be showing them off! Enjoy 🙂

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Hot Gay Bodybuilder on Cam

by on Jun.21, 2011, under Photos

I’ve pointed out before that a lot of the guys I end up featuring from the cam sites state that they’re straight. That’s cool though, I love to watch a hot straight guys stripping off and flexing his muscle on cam for a load of guys to enjoy! There’s something really hot about that isn’t there?

But today I was at the gym with one of my buddies and he said he had a surprise for me. Now normally when my bud James tells me he has a surprise for me it’s some sort of sick porn on his phone or a bucket of ice water perched on top of a door. He’s an asshole practical joker like that. But this time he told me it was a really nice surprise.

He didn’t tell me anything else, so we went to the gym as normal and about an hour after getting there this incredible hulk of a dude came in and walked right up to James and started chatting. I was introduced and the guy, Steven, was really nice. Incredibly handsome and, like I said, totally muscled! I’m not normally into really big bodybuilder types, I like my guys athletic or just muscled and defined, but Steven was sexy!

After that little intro the guy went to get changed in the locker room while we carried on our cardio. As soon as he was through the door James said “Surprise!”
Turns out Steven is gay. Single. Looking. And he’d seen a pic of me on James’ phone and wanted to meet me. My buffy James is now a matchmaker! I hate it when that happens, but I love it at the same time. I can’t wait for our date. 🙂

Check out this really built and openly gay bodybuilder. At least I think he’s openly gay, the pics were labeled like that. Enjoy!

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Hunky Tyler – Muscle on Webcam

by on Jun.14, 2011, under Photos

I was checking out the guys over on LiveGods again today and they’ve added a really hot dude to their Featured Gods! Tyler is a really ripped and toned guy with loads of muscle, really impressive. I see guys like this at the gym and they just make me drool!

Now, although you can’t see his face, you can just see enough to know that he’s not only really built, he’s pretty good looking too. And all that ink is really hot to see. I love a guy with some body art, as long as it’s tasteful and maybe a little more original than the usual tribal stuff out there, and his looks pretty hot.

Unless it’s fake, it must be pretty new, but I’ve added the older shots before the tattoo because they really show off his muscle well.

This bodybuilder dude is from the US, and again he’s another straight guy. But they all love to show off on that site, so getting a little freaky and sharing that hot body with an audience of guys must be alright for Tyler. I’m glad he’s so open to that sort of thing, and there’s obviously a lot of interest if he’s featured.

You can check out Tyler’s Cam Profile for yourself and maybe have a nice chat with him on cam too. I’m sure he’d love to show you more.

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The Office Guys

by on Jun.07, 2011, under Photos

Remember a little while ago I told you about my dedicated gym-rat buddy who would travel miles to get to the gym if he had to? When we had all the bad weather here and his usual gym closed he joined another one further away just to get his daily fix. Well, I went with him and we found that there are a lot of office types there.
I guess it’s because it’s more expensive than our usual local gym.

So I went back there with my buddy yesterday and I’m definitely glad I did. It seems he’s started going there more often and really gets on well with some of the guys. There’s one dude in particular who works upstairs in the office and comes down to train in the afternoon, and just as we arrived he was stripping out of his shirt and tie in the locker room.

My buddy gets on really well with him, and even got a discount (I have to wonder if there’s more going on there than I previously assumed!)
But the guy is seriously hot. He’s in his late 20’s, really muscled and just a little hairy. I never knew I liked watching guys stripping out of a shirt and tie before yesterday, but seeing him climbing out of his office wear while he chatted to my buddy, then the two of them standing there naked with their goods on show made me spring a boner!

This guy is smoother than Danny (the office guy), but roughly the same build. Hot no? Yeah, I think I might be permanently changing gyms soon!

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Ripped Jock Exercising

by on Jun.03, 2011, under Photos

There is nothing better when I go to the gym than when I get to watch a hot ripped Jock exercising. Okay, there are some things that are better, like the sights in the locker room and the showers. And there have been some really interesting instances in the steam room too, but I’ll keep that to myself for now 🙂

At my gym there are a few personal trainers who I love to watch working over the newbies. Some of the regulars get some help from them too, and they’re all like this guy, really happy and helpful, and incredibly well built and athletic. There are a couple really into their weights, but most seem to be into cardio.

I just love this guys build, his chest is pretty wide and his waist pretty tight, with great abs too. He’s like a gymnast or maybe a swimmer. I love guys like that, not too much and not too little, just perfect. But, I do have a feeling you might not be paying your attention only to those muscles.
I wonder why he chose tight shorts like that to work out in? Makes little sense 🙂

Anyway, enjoy these pics, I certainly am!

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Big and Beefy Muscle Brad

by on May.29, 2011, under Photos

We have another of those dudes with an awesomely big and buff body for you today. I was cruising around the cam sites and found this guy over at RateMyCamGuys, although I don’t know much about him, other than he regularly works out to build up that muscle of course, it’s obvious he’s dedicated to his muscle building regime.

He says he loves to explore and share his sexuality on cam with guys, and I’m guessing from these pics that he gets really into it too, showing off his muscled built body and plenty more too!

I don’t know if he’s straight of gay, but perhaps the mention of sharing his sexuality means he’s a little curious or bisexual. I guess it doesn’t really matter if a guy you’re talking to on cam is straight or not, as long as he’s into showing off for the audience and putting on a good cam show. And I think he’s one of those guys dedicated to making it fun and horny for whoever is watching.

So, enjoy these pics of hot and built Brad, and check him out over on RateMyCamGuys when you get the chance. I think it’ll be a good show and definitely worth the visit!

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Jock Flexing Pecs On Webcam

by on May.27, 2011, under Photos

I was really enjoying a cam conversation with one of the boys over at LiveGods last night, he had an awesome body and put on a really good show of flexing and posing. He really loves to show his pec flexing skills, bouncing those muscles up and down for the guys watching to enjoy.
I couldn’t record him without his permission of course, even though I really wanted to share it with you, but I did find these pics of another hot guy out there flexing his pecs on webcam and he has a similar toned and muscled body.

I’m happy to say that I have enough muscle to do that myself, I just don’t have the choreography skills to do it lol

Still, it was a hot show last night, and these pics are really hot too. I never thought I’d be that into pec flexing, but I guess I love to see all kinds of muscle being displayed (yeah, read into that whatever you like!), and these cam boys really know how to put on a steaming performance.

I won’t tell you how my cam session with the hottie over at LiveGods ended, I’ll just tell you that it was messy… He knocked over a protein shake lol

Only kidding of course.

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Stripping and Dancing Muscle Hunk

by on May.26, 2011, under Photos

Have you ever put on a show for a partner? I’ve had a guy put on a show for me in the past, and I have to say it was more funny than hot. Don’t get me wrong, he was really hot, muscled and sexy. But he couldn’t dance if his life depended on it, and watching him trying to be sexy was really cute and just made me laugh. I think I hurt his feelings a little, but I just couldn’t help it!
I have another buddy who puts on shows for his girlfriend. He’s done a little stripping in the past, and he really is good at it. I made him promise to put on a show for me one day, but I’m still waiting. I did tell him it didn’t have to be the full works, but that would definitely be fun! 🙂

Anyway, this guy is putting on a bit of a show, stripping off his shirt and showing a pretty hot muscled body before teasing a little more and lowering those jeans and briefs just a touch.

He definitely has the body for it, and I wonder if he’s a professional. Maybe he’s one of those hot cam guys on one of the sites out there, putting on private shows for a select audience.

Enjoy the pics, I’m off to phone my buddy and see if he’s ready to give me that dance this weekend lol

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