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Tag: webcam muscle

Muscled Cam Guy Alain

by on Jul.31, 2015, under Photos

I know it’s been a little while since we had some pics of one of the guys from the Cam With Him site, so I had to get on there today and get one of their muscled cam guys on here for you guys to check out in a post. It’s a nice way to end the week, right guys? 🙂

You might recognize Alain from some of his other work out there. For those who don’t know he’s done quite a lot of modeling over the years, showing off his bodybuilder physique in both mainstream shoots and some erotic solo performances too.

He’s famous for his muscle shows, and that’s what makes him so good for a cam site like this one.

I know a few guys like him, straight dudes who really push themselves at the gym, with massive bods and some real power too, and who like to show off and flex that muscle for an audience.

If you’ve never seen him before then you might want to check out some more pics on his cam guy page, and if you want to see him on video too then you can sign up and get to check out one of his shows. I would definitely recommend checking him out if you’re into real muscle dudes!

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Straight Cam Guys

by on Apr.23, 2013, under Photos

I had one of those extremely interesting discussions with another straight friend of mine last week and I thought I’d share it with you here and give you some pics of straight cam guys showing off for other dudes on the internet – you can never see too many of those kinds of photos can you! lol

So this guy I know from the gym told me last week that he was just getting into showing off on cam for other guys, and that he’s really been enjoying it. I don’t know where he’s doing it (because he refused to tell me lol) but he goes all the way, solo, for loads of other guys watching him, and he’s been making some money doing it too.

I asked him how he felt about guys watching him – I really wanted to know – and he told me it was a turn on. Even though he wouldn’t ever do anything with a guy, he is an exhibitionist, and he loves the idea of guys getting off watching him getting off 😉

I am determined to find out where he’s putting on shows though, I’d be paying to watch him on his cam showing off. I know from the gym showers that he has a lot to share! lol

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Sexy Guys Self Pics

by on Apr.09, 2013, under Photos

Yep, we have more sexy guys and their sexy self pics to share in this post, and it’s a nice little collection of guys that one of my buddies sent me – he has quite the collection going these days.

I have to say that I don’t really know if these are guys he’s hooked up with, guys who have sent him their pics, or just guys that he’s liked to the look of and saved for some personal appreciation, but whatever the reason I’m glad to have the opportunity to share them on here with you guys too.

My bud is one of those guys who is always hooking up with someone. He has so many profiles out there that every time I check out a site and look for anyone who might be in my area he appears! I thought once that the universe might be trying to tell me something. But after some consideration I just came to the conclusion that he’s just a little bit of a man whore lol

Not that I would say no, in fact I haven’t said no to him before 😉

Anyway, check out these sexy young guys self pics and appreciate them as I have, they are definitely worth checking out with those sexy pecs and delicious abs!

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Hot Cam Guys

by on Jul.20, 2012, under Photos

Okay, I was thinking of something to post for you guys to enjoy today and I just went on a hunt to see what I could track down, and I found a pretty hot mix of guys showing off on their cams and posing for some fruity shots. As always I have a favorite, and it has to be that immensely handsome muscle dude holding his junk and hiding it from the camera!

I would love to know who it is taking this pic, and although it was probably the girlfriend he just screwed on that bed behind him, I would like to think it was actually his roommate he just jerked off with over some porn. Notice the towel laid out on the floor? Classic sign of a circle jerk lol

No, it’s not fair for me to make such assumptions, but still I won’t stop me from thinking about that and imagining the scene in that room ten minutes before this pic was taken 😉

So, enjoy this collection of hot cam guys showing off and teasing, and rest assured I’ll be back with more real soon. Bookmark us and keep checking in, we have a lot of really hot cam guys to share with you!

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Cam Guys Muscle Self Pics – Jeff B Ripped At Cam With Him

by on Mar.09, 2012, under Photos

Cam guys love to take pics of themselves, that’s something I’ve noticed from my time checking out the guys on the Cam With Him site. You guys know I love my cam guys showing off for the fans, and one of the real hotties on the site |(they are actually all hot!) is Jeff B Ripped. He has an amazing body, really pretty muscled and hot. He’s the kind of dude I’d see in the gym and be completely incapable of concentrating on anything else but his body working it lol

But if you’ve checked out the forums on the site you’ll probably know that they don’t just show off to their fans on their webcams, they like to take some pics in front of a mirror and show the guys there what’s going on. And when it comes to Jeff B Ripped he has a whole lot going on too!

I love guys who know how to tease, showing their abs and the trail down into their underwear. Is there much hotter than a guy in jeans with the fly open, like he inviting you in to play? 😉

These are just a few of the pics he’s added to the forum recently, taken on his iPhone and adjusted just a little. They’re hot, and they definitely show him off perfectly. Check out more of them over on the Cam With Him forum.

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Muscled Cam Hunk Kevin Flexing!

by on Feb.21, 2012, under Photos

Way back in April last year I shared some great pics of the sexy muscled cam hunk Kevin over at Cam With Him, and although I haven’t added anything about him since, I had to after checking out one of his videos in the archives section on the site.

I love the shows he puts on, and this one is a pretty delicious cam show for the guys where he strips and shows off his bulges and changes in and out of different underwear.

I have to confess that I do have a bit of an underwear fetish. I collect them, my own of course (I don’t steal them from washing lines or anything lol) but I would love to get my hands on a pair of his!

Is that kinky? Perhaps, but I don’t care. The guy is so hot, handsome, sweet, really sexy. He has an awesome athletically muscled body, and he loves to show it off for the members there.

If you’ve never checked out the site before, it’s definitely worth a look, and make sure you take a peek at Kevin’s cam hunk profile, there are a lot more pics in there to enjoy too.

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Camming With Straight Guys

by on Dec.27, 2011, under Photos

I think it’s fair to suggest that a whole lot of you guys love to watch other guys on their cams, otherwise why would you be here reading this blog? lol
You know I love to check out some of the guys on the Cam With Him site (check some of them out in one of the ads), but there are a few other places where I check out some of the straight muscled guys and enjoy some time on cam with them.

While a lot of the guys on Cam With Him are straight, they enjoy putting on the shows for the guys. I was checking out another place today after a friend sent me the link to it, and I found a few straight guys on there who enjoy camming with other guys. It’s a little strange, because I’ve always thought that if you love to see other guys on their cam you must be at least bi. But some of these guys claim that they are straight, they just love to see another guy enjoying himself! lol

Yeah, I don’t know about all that either. But I do know that sexuality isn’t as simple as the three labels!
Anyway, check out some hot pics of guys I found on that site, they are pretty hot!

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WebCam Muscle Hunks Get Freaky!

by on Dec.06, 2011, under Photos

So, one of my married gym buddies is having some problems at work, and he thinks he’s likely to loose his job in the next couple of months. He works in sales of luxury goods, exporting to Europe, and his company is loosing clients every week.

Now, a lot of people have told him that he should cash in on his looks and his body. Although he’s married, he’s had loads of people telling him he should try modeling and all kinds of things. But he actually mentioned to me about the prospect of being a cam guy, and he seems pretty interested in the idea. Even his wife has apparently given her approval, suggesting that he could set everything up in the spare room and have his own studio!

So I was over his place last night and we got on the net and started looking around. I wanted to show him the kinds of things the cam guys get up to and what he should expect and we found a few pics of some other guys who have bods like he does. He took a look at the pics and although he doesn’t have the kind of confidence they seem to have, he has done a couple of amateur bodybuilding shows, and he’s a really nice, sweet guy too. I think he’d do really well.

I can’t wait to see if he gets into it like these guys in the pics below. But rest assured if he does I’ll let you know and share some of his muscle flexing pics too!

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Cam Guys Showing Butt!

by on Nov.22, 2011, under Photos

I’ve got some really tempting and teasing shots for you guys today, from some of the really delicious cam hunks over at Cam With Him. I have a thing about their guys, and I think if you’ve checked out the men there you’ll probably totally understand why.
These guys are hot, and their cam shows are always amazing, so I thought that while I normally share with you some of my personal collection of muscled guys taking pics of themselves on their phones, you might want to see some of those cam guys showing their tasty butts to their fans during their cam shows!

A lot of the guys on the site there have a thing about putting on underwear modeling shows, and I know a lot of the fans really love seeing that. But of course, it often means showing a little butt to the guys (and more). Even though most of the cam guys there are straight, they really get into it and don’t seem to have any problems sharing a whole lot of themselves in their shows.

If you head over to Cam With Him to check out the guys and their galleries, make sure you check out some of the fan clubs too, they have a whole lot in those – and I think I’m getting addicted! lol

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Delicious Delro’s Big Bulge

by on Oct.14, 2011, under Photos

One of my favorite guys out there in the male cam world is no doubt gonna be Delro. He’s over on the Cam With Him site and makes his presence known in all sorts of other places too. In fact, he got one of my buddies addicted to the cam shows on the site there when I showed him some pics of one of Delro’s cam shows.
My friend initially got into the whole thing on one of the pay adult sites where guys record themselves on their cams and then upload them for the members to watch, but since then he’s moved on to watching the live shows from guys like Delro.
I have to admit that while some of the recorded videos on other sites are good, it doesn’t come close to the interaction with a guy putting on a live show from his own home in real-time.
You guys probably know I have a thing for the guys who show off in their underwear right? So I was looking through the free gallery on Delro’s profile and I decided to get some of his bulge pics together to share with you guys.
Make sure you check out his cam profile though, because there is a lot more there to enjoy if you haven’t checked it out already!

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