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Tag: webcam flex

Big and Beefy Muscle Brad

by on May.29, 2011, under Photos

We have another of those dudes with an awesomely big and buff body for you today. I was cruising around the cam sites and found this guy over at RateMyCamGuys, although I don’t know much about him, other than he regularly works out to build up that muscle of course, it’s obvious he’s dedicated to his muscle building regime.

He says he loves to explore and share his sexuality on cam with guys, and I’m guessing from these pics that he gets really into it too, showing off his muscled built body and plenty more too!

I don’t know if he’s straight of gay, but perhaps the mention of sharing his sexuality means he’s a little curious or bisexual. I guess it doesn’t really matter if a guy you’re talking to on cam is straight or not, as long as he’s into showing off for the audience and putting on a good cam show. And I think he’s one of those guys dedicated to making it fun and horny for whoever is watching.

So, enjoy these pics of hot and built Brad, and check him out over on RateMyCamGuys when you get the chance. I think it’ll be a good show and definitely worth the visit!

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Jock Flexing Pecs On Webcam

by on May.27, 2011, under Photos

I was really enjoying a cam conversation with one of the boys over at LiveGods last night, he had an awesome body and put on a really good show of flexing and posing. He really loves to show his pec flexing skills, bouncing those muscles up and down for the guys watching to enjoy.
I couldn’t record him without his permission of course, even though I really wanted to share it with you, but I did find these pics of another hot guy out there flexing his pecs on webcam and he has a similar toned and muscled body.

I’m happy to say that I have enough muscle to do that myself, I just don’t have the choreography skills to do it lol

Still, it was a hot show last night, and these pics are really hot too. I never thought I’d be that into pec flexing, but I guess I love to see all kinds of muscle being displayed (yeah, read into that whatever you like!), and these cam boys really know how to put on a steaming performance.

I won’t tell you how my cam session with the hottie over at LiveGods ended, I’ll just tell you that it was messy… He knocked over a protein shake lol

Only kidding of course.

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Stripping and Dancing Muscle Hunk

by on May.26, 2011, under Photos

Have you ever put on a show for a partner? I’ve had a guy put on a show for me in the past, and I have to say it was more funny than hot. Don’t get me wrong, he was really hot, muscled and sexy. But he couldn’t dance if his life depended on it, and watching him trying to be sexy was really cute and just made me laugh. I think I hurt his feelings a little, but I just couldn’t help it!
I have another buddy who puts on shows for his girlfriend. He’s done a little stripping in the past, and he really is good at it. I made him promise to put on a show for me one day, but I’m still waiting. I did tell him it didn’t have to be the full works, but that would definitely be fun! 🙂

Anyway, this guy is putting on a bit of a show, stripping off his shirt and showing a pretty hot muscled body before teasing a little more and lowering those jeans and briefs just a touch.

He definitely has the body for it, and I wonder if he’s a professional. Maybe he’s one of those hot cam guys on one of the sites out there, putting on private shows for a select audience.

Enjoy the pics, I’m off to phone my buddy and see if he’s ready to give me that dance this weekend lol

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Down to Business With Steve at LiveGods

by on May.25, 2011, under Photos

I mentioned before how a friend of mine dragged me to a new gym, and how they have a large clientèle of hot professional guys there in the evenings. They use it like a club, instead of talking business on the golf course or the tennis court. While I thought they might just like the spa and steam rooms, it turns out they actually get really into the whole thing, having a proper work out with some of the highly paid personal trainers there.

This guy reminded me of seeing them. His name is Steve, and he’s one of those sexy professional business types. But as you’ll see from these pics, he doesn’t just sit at a desk all day munching through snacks before going to the bar after work, he puts his time in at the gym!

It’s sexy to see a guy in a suit when you know there’s a hot muscled body underneath it, and you’ll notice that he’s happy to show it off for some guys on cam too. He’s a handsome guy, and that body is ripped! Check out those abs and those arms, there are definitely some hours of work there, and a lot more than the clicking of a mouse over and over too!

Although he’s straight, this 32 year old American dude obviously likes to show off on cam, and I would guess he has a lot of guys interested in watching him too. Check out more of his profile over on LiveGods and then try to tell me you don’t want to spend some time watching him flexing on webcam! 🙂

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Russian Muscle Jock

by on May.24, 2011, under Photos

I had an email from a gay buddy of mine today suggesting that I feature this hot muscle guy he’d spoken to on cam. He loves the dude, totally infatuated. lol

I can really see why he’d appreciate him so much, he’s pretty cute, and he has a great muscled physique. I love everything about his upper body from his big arms to his bulging chest and those incredible abs.
My buddy had sent me the link to the video, but I really wanted to see more so I’m hoping he’ll get back to me with a link to a cam site somewhere. I know he talked to him so there must be more of him out there somewhere!

I can’t say I’ve ever become so interested in one guy that I’d follow everything they do on cam, but when I take a look around some of the cam sites – like the ones we have on the right hand side – I can certainly see myself becoming hooked on watching a few of them. There’s plenty I’d love to spend some time on video with, chatting about their bodies and their gym routines. I’m just curious, of course! lol

Enjoy these pics of this Russian hunk posing on webcam, and rest assured that if I find any more of him I’ll definitely share it.

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Italian Muscle Jock Flexing on Webcam

by on May.23, 2011, under Photos

I love the guys who appear to show off on webcam for someone else, like the dudes at HotCamGuys or LiveGods. But I really love the videos and pics guys add to blogs and sharing sites showing off their great physiques.
But it does make me wonder who they think it watching and enjoying their show? They surely know that other muscle guys are out there enjoying it, right?

I know a few guys who are straight, but they love to see a guy flexing. I know, It’s a little odd, but I guess it’s about appreciation rather than sexuality.

None of it really matters, as long as guys like this hot Italian dude continue to show off their amazing bodies for us all to appreciate. I certainly appreciate it!
This guy is showing off for a large audience, flexing his big arms and posing in some professional moves. I love his chest, it’s just perfect. He has just the right amount of muscle for me, not too much to make him look out of proportion and just enough to really enjoy the show.

I have no idea who he is, but I’m pretty sure he has a big group of people watching his moves and loving every second of it.

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Recording Hunks On Webcam

by on May.22, 2011, under Photos

So, picture the scene, you’re in chat with some really hunky guy and his muscled body is so hot and built you want to record it. Is it right to do that without them knowing you’re recording them?
There’s a lot of talk at the moment about Internet privacy and your rights to secure your information, so surely when you’re on webcam you should consider that it could be being recorded and then used against you. Indeed, we’ve seen examples of celebrities being caught literally with their pants down while a fan watched them and recorded it.
In my opinion, if you’re sharing your image over the Internet, you have to assume that those images are beyond your control. If you’re not happy to have those images shared, you shouldn’t be broadcasting. But at the same time, there is a moral question about it too. I wouldn’t record someone without them knowing.

This conversation came up with a friend who likes to get on cam with girls and show off his gym trained body. He didn’t see any problem with the girls recording him, if any of them ever do. But when I raised the prospect of someone he knows seeing him on cam and recording it, then using it against him, he actually had to stop and think for a few minutes. He still didn’t care though, and even told me the sites he uses. Yeah, I’m gonna be on the lookout for him! lol

This guy was filmed by someone as he flexed his oiled up muscle and posed, and when he was told about it by the guy watching him he said he didn’t mind. I’m glad, because I get to watch him flexing and showing off on cam too. And he is hot!

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Meet Chadwick – Sexy Young Bisexual Cam Boy

by on May.21, 2011, under Photos

So that’s another morning spent cruising the cam sites and ogling all the sexy young muscled guys out there showing off on their webcam’s for an audience.
Not that I mind of course, I need something to do on a Saturday afternoon after the gym, and spending a few hours looking at guys who remind me of all the boys I see at the gym is a nice way to spend the day!

A part of me wonders if some of the guys I see working out are secretly out there too, maybe showing off their bodies after working on them right there in front of me. And there are a few I would really love to stumble across as they put on a cam show.

One in particular caught my eye earlier this week. He’s younger than a lot of the guys at my gym, but he’s one of those hot young jock types that you wonder about when you see him. He wears these really snug shorts, showing off EVERY bulge lol
And he doesn’t wear any of those vests or t-shirts either, walking around the place all shiny with sweat. He’s by no means a bodybuilder, but I guess he has a body like this guy below.

This dude is Chadwick, he’s 26 years old and he has a really hot and incredibly tight body. He’s one of the boys I found over on HotCamGuys. He hasn’t added a lot about himself, just that he’s of Asian heritage, and that he’s bisexual and lives in the US. But there are a couple of other pics there to enjoy, so that gives you a little more to enjoy! Still, you could always see him on cam and maybe find out more, that’s what the sites all about after all. lol

Yep, really sexy.

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Intense Bodybuilder Posing Session

by on May.19, 2011, under Photos

I see some guys on video that just impress me so much I have to write about them. This guy actually looks like one of the bodybuilding gang I know at my local gym. There are a few of them who go in there a few times a week, and occasionally there’s a whole gang of them who all go together and then put on their flexing and posing show for each other.
Yeah, it’s pretty homoerotic! lol
Of course, I would never say that to them, any one of them could snap me in half. But having said that, I’ve spoken to a few of them and they’re all really nice guys, so I don’t know whether they would. They might look all big and scary, but they all seem really nice to talk to.

So anyway, this massive dude is showing off on webcam. I don’t know who it’s for, but he really does seem to be a complete pro, putting on a great performance and showing off all his muscle so well. And there is certainly a lot of muscle to show off too!

I just really wish that some of the dudes at the gym would walk around in so little. Actually, that could be pretty dangerous for me! I’d be caught every day staring and drooling as they walked past! lol

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Bodybuilder Shirt Ripping

by on May.18, 2011, under Photos, Videos

There are so many hot guys in the world, billions of them in fact, I just wish they all had a webcam, and a decent one with a good picture too! Although the quality of these images is a little crappy, the scenario and guys involved are hot.

This dude is over at a buddy’s place and they’re fooling around with the computer, probably chatting to some hot babe (or boy?!) when the ripped leaner dude has his bodybuilder buddy put on a show by flexing his muscles and then ripping the blue short from his chest. It’s like an Incredible Hulk moment, and once that cotton has been torn away he shows off a really massive muscled chest too, with great muscled abs.

So, what makes guys act like this on cam? Is it that everyone wants to be a celebrity and when they see that they can broadcast to the world they just automatically get into it? Are we all secretly performers at heart?

I guess it doesn’t really matter what the reasons are, it’s fun to watch other guys on cam. I just wish they’d invest a little more cash in their tech so they can put on an even better show!

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