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Tag: Tattoo

Inked Fit Hunk Flashing Some Muscle

by on May.01, 2015, under Photos

I have a feeling the friend who sent me these photos might have cropped them for modesty, but I don’t really care so much (although I am wondering what the rest of this guy looks like!) He’s a handsome hunk with a great body, and some sexy ink too. Normally I don’t like it when guys have too much ink on their bods, but with this guy I think it suits him pretty well.

He’s a gorgeous guy, the kind of man I know I would be distracted by at the gym or out for an evening. If this guy walked past me toward the locker rooms I would probably be following, because I’m a creep like that lol

It’s hard for me (really, it is) to pick just one thing about this guy that really does it for me, but I have to say that those shoulders are seriously hot. I don’t know where it comes from but I have a thing for guys with wide and rounded shoulders, guys who really look powerful and strong. You know this guy could really wrestle with you in the bedroom if you happened to have such an opportunity 🙂

Enjoy his photos, and have a good Friday night!

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Check out the latest applicant

by on Aug.07, 2011, under Photos

Check out this tatted up 19 year old. Do you think he should make the cut as a model / cam guy at CamWithHim?

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by on Apr.17, 2011, under General

Some guys really don’t need to add their name or identity to a profile on a cam site, especially if they say something as attention-grabbing as that!
This is “iGETnaked”, and I have no idea what his real name is. But don’t you think he looks a little like a certain pop-rap artist? I’m sure it isn’t him though, unless he’s doing it for the kicks. It’s nice to fantasise I guess, but I’m pretty sure the artist I’m thinking about doesn’t have a body like this!

And I’m pretty sure this guy is anything but a limp biscuit (you see what I did there? Aren’t I sneaky!)

IGN (which is how I will refer to him from now on) is a 27 year old bisexual stud from the USA, with some great ink and an even greater muscled body to go with it. This sporty dude is not shy about getting it all out on cam, obviously. Wouldn’t it be false advertising otherwise? But either way, the images below show what a fun time is to be had chatting to this handsome young man on cam.

I think IGN must be pretty popular over at ICGuys with a gallery like this. What do you think?

Handsome Cam Guy IGetNakedHot Cam Guy IGetNakedSexy Muscle On CamNaked Muscle Guy On Webcam

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Tactile Muscle Buddies

by on Apr.07, 2011, under Videos

I love it when young muscle guys get competitive. These two young jock types are competing on camera, flexing and posing for the viewers. But we have to wonder just how much of this show is actually for each others benefit! lol

Of course, they could be more “hands-on”, but they do have a habit of touching each other just a little, and I don’t think that’s entirely about them getting the attention of the camera either. I could be wrong though.

Not that any of that matters. It’s hot just to see these boys flexing all that muscle. They’ve clearly worked hard to build up those bodies, and it’s nice to see guys not taking it too far or too seriously. I think both guys have almost perfect bodies the way they are, and I’m trying to think which of the boys I like more.
Nope, can’t do it, can’t decide. I like both.

What is it about jocks like this that makes them so erotic? Is it the muscle, or the suggestion that they are so desperately horny all the time they might be open to almost anything with a little beer? Scratch that, I think I know the answer. Both.

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