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Tag: shower jock cam

Ripped Muscle In Speedos

by on Jan.03, 2012, under Photos, Videos

I’m kicking off my new planning for summer now, all it takes is the new year to pass and I’m on the net looking for some beaches I’ve never visited before and some places I can wear my speedos! I think a couple of buddies are planning a trip to the coast in a few months, the moment the sun comes out and the temperature rises to something at least bearable we’ll be loading up a car, booking a pitch for the tent and heading out for a weekend.

Of course, in the process of checking out potential places to visit this year I got distracted and found myself checking out some of the really hot boys being filmed in their speedos too, and that’s when I stumbled across this really sexy ripped muscle boy in the showers, being filmed as he washes off in nothing but those tight little trunks.

Although I’m imagining that he has one of his friends filming him, you can tell it’s probably a more professional video. I have no idea where it’s from or who the cameraman is, but I’m totally jealous of the guy!

I’ve added some stills, and embedded the video too, because I know some of you like to be greedy!

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Muscle Jock in the Shower

by on May.20, 2011, under Photos

Okay, so I let my boner do the deciding for me today and wanted to feature some pics of this really hot guy posing and showing off in the shower wearing a sexy jock.

I know, you’re probably thinking ‘why is he wearing a jock in the shower?’ and you’d be right to be wondering that, but I guess it’s a fetish video he’s going for. He must have an interesting audience making some really sexy requests!
But, I have actually seen this quite often at the gym. Although the showers are hidden from view and obviously single sex, some guys just don’t like getting their junk out. I’ve seen quite a few guys showering in there in their shorts or trunks, and I often wonder if it’s because of their shyness, or maybe because they don’t want to be flashing an inevitable boner around.

Anyway, enjoy these pics of a really sexy guy showing off in the shower after dragging his webcam in there to record the action. He definitely has a great body, a little hairy, but very buff. And a really nice butt too!

Warning: do not take your laptop into the bathroom unless you have a spare or are willing to see it fry. Just the steam alone can completely destroy your computer. Do I sound like I have experience? I don’t, yet. lol

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