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Tag: shirtless

Happy Halloween – have some hot guys with their phones

by on Oct.30, 2014, under Photos

So I won’t be here tomorrow, I’ll be on the road heading to visit a couple of friends for a Halloween Party in the evening, but I wanted to share some new pics with you guys and wish you all a very Happy Halloween before I leave.

I know that plenty of you guys will be dressing up, going to parties, and probably hooking up with someone too (someone I know and have a major crush on is going to the party tomorrow and apparently dressing up in something very revealing. I can’t wait! lol) So whatever you’re planning to do for the holiday I hope you have a great time.

So what do I have for you today? I have a collection of hot guys that caught my attention for various reasons. I know that the muscled young man in the gym is not technically taking a selfie, but I couldn’t resist sharing him in this post too and I don’t think you guys will mind that at all icon wink Happy Halloween   have some hot guys with their phones

My fave is the tight twinky guy with the little doggie. Come on guys, we’re all weak when it comes to hot guys with dogs, right? You try seeing a hot man in the park walking a dog and not immediately falling in love with them lol

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Paul Eric Palomo – Jock Selfies

by on Sep.23, 2014, under Photos

There are so many hot guys out there taking pics of themselves and sharing them with the world, but if you’re anything like me (and lets’ be honest, you are!) then you probably sometimes wonder if the guy showing off his perfect pecs and his six-pack abs is actually dumber than a box of frogs.

I know, it’s judgmental and probably unfair to think of anyone like that, but you probably wonder how many of these guys might be hot as hell on the outside, and could rock your world in the bedroom, but then never be able to have a decent conversation with you about anything other than the antics of a Kardashian. You would probably become bored of that eventually, right?

Not so with the utterly gorgeous Paul Eric Palomo! He’s a self-made social media “luvvie” who gained a lot of attention for being hot as hell without being a male model, and while studying for his Bachelors Degree in Political Science (no, I don’t know either).

He’s not just hot and sexy, not just the kind of guy you would love to be pounded by all night long, but he’s also clearly an intelligent guy too. Now, the only other thing some of us want to know is… how big is it!? lol

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Competing Muscle Boys

by on Jun.14, 2013, under General, Photos

Do you ever see those guys in the gym flexing their pecs and showing off in the mirrors? Come on, I think we’ve all seen them, haven’t we? The gym I go to hasĀ  a pretty big group of proper muscled bodybuilder types, and they are always watching themselves in the mirror. A few times I’ve seen some real muscle appreciation going on between some of them too, and although I have no doubt they are straight – or consider themselves to be straight – they have that sense of loving the muscle worship between them. I kind of wondered a few times what those guys get up to when they’re not at the gym! lol

These young guys are like that, competing and showing off for each other. I don’t know if there’s more to these pics than that though, because one of my buddies sent them to me and told me there’s a video out there. He likes to do that, teasing me.

That’ll teach me for telling him about the hot muscle guys at my gym that get me all worked up with their muscle flexing shows, I really should learn to keep my mouth shut around him about what gets me horny lol

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Funny Man To Hottie – Craigery Morgan

by on May.07, 2013, under General, Photos

This post is going to be something a little different, but I know that a lot of you guys are going to love it.

You know, when someone asks me what I like in a guy, the first thing I can think of is that a guy needs to be able to make me laugh. A sense of humor is so important in the guys I like, whether they’re just friend or more. And I think a lot of other guys would agree that it’s important.

So, what do you get when you have a really funny guy, who also happens to be drop dead gorgeous, has an awesome beefy jock body, and is gay too? You end up with the star in the making that is Craigery Morgan.

This handsome stud started off making some funny videos miming some characters over hit TV shows, and then went on to doing some comedy… now he seems to have caught on to the idea that guys think he is uber hotness personified and has started sharing more of himself shirtless and showing off icon wink Funny Man To Hottie   Craigery Morgan

Will he ever appear in gay porn or on cam as a sexy performer for some viewers? That’s highly unlikely, but we can at least hope! lol

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Mirror Boys Showing Off

by on Sep.04, 2012, under Photos

I’ve been in a real mood for the twink mirror boys recently, and it all started with one hot guy who sent me some pics of himself after we got chatting on a forum. We live pretty near to each other and he was looking for a friend locally who could teach him a few things. Well, I’m not gonna pass up an opportunity like that!

The guy is only 21, but he has a hot body, slightly muscled, and he’s not ashamed of showing it all off either! He sent me some pics of him enjoying himself in the bathroom and I sent some back as a response. I think I got his interest because we’re already planning to meet up and see how things go in person icon wink Mirror Boys Showing Off

These are some of the mirror boys I have in my extensive collection, and before you ask I haven’t added any of the pics my friend sent me, he asked me not to share them. I did ask him though, so you can’t complain! lol

All of these hot young lads are sexy, and they all have something special about them. I’ve chosen some of the tamer pics of these boys to spare their blushes, but some of them really don’t hold back in their other pics!

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Hot Self Pic Guys

by on May.22, 2012, under General, Photos

I know how you’re feeling, it’s only Tuesday, and I guess a lot of you are the same as me and thinking ahead to the weekend. It seems too far away doesn’t it? lol

We all have those things that we use to distract and entertain us on days like this, and for me it’s the trip to the gym in the morning, followed by some internet browsing in the afternoon. I sometimes even spend some time during the day when there’s nothing going on surfing for some hot self pics like these on my phone.

Then of course I have some buddies I like to trade pics with by email and text, and these are a few I’ve gathered over the last week.

I don’t think I have a favorite out of these hot self pic guys, but that final one of the beefy young muscular dude teasing with his bulging underwear is possibly the sexiest for me. You guys know I love to see some hot guy teasing with his underwear bulge! icon wink Hot Self Pic Guys

I have to thank my buddy James for these ones. He has good taste in men, and he always shares the hot self pic guys with me!

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Muscle Cam Boys

by on Apr.27, 2012, under General, Photos

Wow, have I got some really hot muscle cam boys for you in this post!

I have to say that finding these pics in my in box this morning has inspired me just a little. I’m planning to go and meet up with one of my buddies tomorrow (that guy who had some self pics on his phone) and I’m thinking I might spend some time later trying to work out a few things to ask him. I’m definitely gonna try and get some permission for adding his pics on here too! lol

He’s one of those bodybuilder guys, and I know he has some pretty hot pics on his phone. And while he used to say that he didn’t get why guys do that, he now admits that it’s a little sexy, as well as being a good way to keep track of his muscle and size.

I think it’s just that a lot of these guys find it horny to do.

I can almost guarantee that if a guy you know has pics of himself flexing and showing off his bod like these muscle cam boys, they have some more “interesting” pics on that phone too.

Rule number one – always try to get a peek at those pics. Get them drunk if you have to! lol

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A Sexy Boy iPhone Pic Buddy

by on Mar.30, 2012, under General, Photos

I had a present this morning from a friend I haven’t spoken to for a few months. I got a text message with a pic of his sexy body, showing me the muscle he’s gained over the last few months. It turns out that’s why he’s been absent, he’s been busy at the gym all that time, and it rally shows too!

I never thought he was skinny, and he did always have an athletic body. But now he looks really ripped!

But it got me thinking about what he used to look like, and I knew I had some of his older iPhone pics on my phone (he’s always enjoyed sending me hot pics, and he always gets one back from me too lol) and that got me thinking about some of the boys I have that I could share with you.

If you can imagine this, my friend had a body like the boy in the first of these pics, and now he looks like the boy in the fourth pic. Yeah, needless to say I was texting back to arrange a hook up this weekend. But to be honest I would have anyway, he’s a hot young guy I could never turn down! icon wink A Sexy Boy iPhone Pic Buddy

No, none of these boys are me or my friend lol

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Muscle Hunk Rudy Coia Filmed By A Buddy

by on Dec.30, 2011, under Photos

Rudy Coia is one of those guys a buddy of mine really idolizes. I can totally understand why though, the guy is one severely well built hunk of manly muscle. You can see the kind of dedication he puts into his body, and this is the result of about ten years of working out and lifting weight.

Although my buddy is entirely straight, and actually married, he’s willing to admit that if he had the chance to experiment with a guy like Rudy Coia he’d jump at the chance! I love it when straight guys get just a little gay for the right guy icon wink Muscle Hunk Rudy Coia Filmed By A Buddy

Speaking of which, check out the pics and notice the guy filming him in the mirror. I wonder what he’s thinking while he’s looking through that viewfinder and noticing the bulge in Rudy’s jogging bottoms. Yeah, I tend to notice things like that too. lol

I admit that I don’t understand a lot of straight guys, but I really don’t get how a guy can film another guy like this and not feel something stirring. There’s definitely something incredibly sexual about filming another guys stripping off and showing his muscles like this it in my opinion.

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Some Of Cam Boy TylerW!

by on Dec.13, 2011, under Photos

One of our favorite sites is Cam With Him, I’m always there checking out the hunky guys and catching up on the latest in the forum. They’ve been making a few really cool changes around the site there recently and it’s always fun to visit and see something new.

I was checking out some of the profiles of the guys today and I thought you might want to see some of the cam stills from lean and hot cam boy TylerW. While they have a whole lot of really big muscle guys on their cams there, TylerW is one of those slimmer boys with a little definition, and he’s definitely really sexy to watch on his cam.

The straight guy puts on some hot shows, as you can probably see from this collection of pics from his profile. You can head over there and see more cam guy pics too, and don’t forget to check out the forum and other areas of the site to see some of the other guys.

For fans of guys showing it all off on their web cams, this is one of the best sites in my opinion. They’ve always got new guys appearing, and a lot of them really communicate with their viewers too.
It’s definitely worth checking out!

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