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Tag: self pic

Ripped Muscle Self Pic Hunks

by on Oct.02, 2012, under Photos

I had one of my extremely memorable days at the gym today. I managed to pull up right as this stunning guy was walking in, a gorgeous guy in his late 20’s with the mos awesome ripped muscled body and the most delicious ass too.

Walking in right behind him I almost felt like I was stalking him as I followed into the locker room, but I lost him for a little while when I went to go find my own locker.

I found him again shortly after though, and although I don’t like to admit it, I did change my routine a little to be able to watch him in the wight room lol

It paid off, because I managed to time it so I followed him into the locker room again when he was done a couple of hours later, and then got to watch him in the showers too. I know, I’m kinky like that, but you have to admit that you’ve got off on the sight of another guy in the gym showers! I’m not the only one, I’m just willing to admit that it’s a highlight of my work outs!

So I was out there looking for some hot guys with ripped muscled bods and I think I found some sexy shots you’re all gonna love. The first guy with the ink is the closest to the hunk I was watching today, so try and tell me you wouldn’t want to follow him into the showers if you had the chance lol

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Caught On Cam? Benjamin Godfre

by on Aug.23, 2011, under General, Photos

Benjamin Godfre is a very well known professional male model, and I’ve had the joy of featuring him a couple of times on blogs. He’s really handsome and he has a great body. So when I saw this image of the muscled and lean hunk posing in front of a mirror and taking a self pic I knew I wanted to share it with you guys. Yeah, it might only be one pic, but there’s a whole other story to go with this guy.

He’s not really shy, and he’s kind of known for having appeared naked, or semi-naked in quite a few shoots. But I guess that’s what you get when you work with some of the biggest names in the photography world. Most models would do anything to be captured in some of their images!

But there’s more. Benjamin Godfre has also reportedly been captured naked on his web cam, enjoying a little solo time. You don’t see his face, but it seems he didn’t consider the birthmark he has on his left thigh, which is visible in plenty of his professional work, and highly visible in the cam video too! 🙂

You see, even if you don’t show your face, you can still be caught out by some eagle-eyed viewer lol

Benjamin Godfre Cam Pic

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One Ripped 18 Year Old GNC Employee

by on Feb.28, 2011, under Photos

This 18 year old teen bodybuilder was headed down the wrong path until he discovered the gym. Once he started, there was no stopping him. He loves to see the results from his gains. Now employed at GNC, I see no better fit for the young lad. Check out his before and after within one year…holy cow! I love the cell phone self shot hardly flexing and ripped! What a young adonis.

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