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Tag: ripped

Happy Halloween – have some hot guys with their phones

by on Oct.30, 2014, under Photos

So I won’t be here tomorrow, I’ll be on the road heading to visit a couple of friends for a Halloween Party in the evening, but I wanted to share some new pics with you guys and wish you all a very Happy Halloween before I leave.

I know that plenty of you guys will be dressing up, going to parties, and probably hooking up with someone too (someone I know and have a major crush on is going to the party tomorrow and apparently dressing up in something very revealing. I can’t wait! lol) So whatever you’re planning to do for the holiday I hope you have a great time.

So what do I have for you today? I have a collection of hot guys that caught my attention for various reasons. I know that the muscled young man in the gym is not technically taking a selfie, but I couldn’t resist sharing him in this post too and I don’t think you guys will mind that at all 😉

My fave is the tight twinky guy with the little doggie. Come on guys, we’re all weak when it comes to hot guys with dogs, right? You try seeing a hot man in the park walking a dog and not immediately falling in love with them lol

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Paul Eric Palomo – Jock Selfies

by on Sep.23, 2014, under Photos

There are so many hot guys out there taking pics of themselves and sharing them with the world, but if you’re anything like me (and lets’ be honest, you are!) then you probably sometimes wonder if the guy showing off his perfect pecs and his six-pack abs is actually dumber than a box of frogs.

I know, it’s judgmental and probably unfair to think of anyone like that, but you probably wonder how many of these guys might be hot as hell on the outside, and could rock your world in the bedroom, but then never be able to have a decent conversation with you about anything other than the antics of a Kardashian. You would probably become bored of that eventually, right?

Not so with the utterly gorgeous Paul Eric Palomo! He’s a self-made social media “luvvie” who gained a lot of attention for being hot as hell without being a male model, and while studying for his Bachelors Degree in Political Science (no, I don’t know either).

He’s not just hot and sexy, not just the kind of guy you would love to be pounded by all night long, but he’s also clearly an intelligent guy too. Now, the only other thing some of us want to know is… how big is it!? lol

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Most Ripped Cam Hunk At Cam With Him?

by on May.10, 2013, under General, Photos

I’ve been checking out a lot of the massively muscled and ripped men over on the Cam With Him site over the last few days and when I saw this pretty awesome shot of the hunky Carter on the forums, showing off him immense abs and that massively muscled chest I knew he would be one of those guys worth sharing on here with you guys.

It’s quite amazing to see that we haven’t had any of this hunks photos on here yet, but I’m definitely fixing that with this post. There are a few in his free profile gallery worth checking out, but I think I have chosen a nice little selection that should have you all more than a little interested in seeing some more of him.

This straight hunk has a fan club on the site with some action going on in there too, so if you can’t get enough of him in the archives and in his live cam shows for all his fans (including private shows, that I would highly recommend lol) then you can always sign up to that special club and get more access to him than the average fan 😉

Enjoy the muscled hunk, but be careful where you drool lol

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Ripped And Bulging Guys Self Pics

by on Sep.22, 2012, under Photos

I think I might have decided that I love ripped guys with tight abs more than I like big muscled guys with bulging pecs. I was out there looking through some really sexy guys and their self pics on profiles and I gathered these together, and it kind of struck me that I had more interest in the leaner dudes with some tight abs and defined pect, more than the guys with loads of muscle bulging out everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong though, a hot guy is a hot guy, and I probably wouldn’t be turning any of these guys down if they offered me a drink in bar. But I guess it comes back to that instant attraction thing and the preferences we have.

I guess it’s just like some guys preferring hairy men, or daddies, and others preferring hung guys, or twinks. We might not turn down other offers, but we know we have some specific things that make us attracted to someone.

I’d better not share this little insight with some of my buddies, they have the impression that I lust after all of them for their big bulging muscles, and I really wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings lol

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Amateur Muscle Guys Gym Pics

by on Jul.03, 2012, under Photos

After my trip to the gym this morning I’m on another gym pics hunt today, checking out some of the really hot amateur muscle guys appearing on the net in all kinds of places. These are some of the shots I’ve found so far and I wanted to get them on here for you guys to appreciate too.

It always amazes me how many gorgeous young amateur muscle guys there are at my gym. Every day I go I see at least two or three guys that have my attention and distract me all through my workout. One of the hottest guys actually works there as a personal trainer, and he’s awesome to look at when he’s teaching someone how to lift properly or how to monitor their progress. He uses his own body as an example all the time, and he definitely can with the body he has!

So I don’t know who any of these guys are, but they’re all absolutely worth sharing on the blog.

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Muscle Cam Boys

by on Apr.27, 2012, under General, Photos

Wow, have I got some really hot muscle cam boys for you in this post!

I have to say that finding these pics in my in box this morning has inspired me just a little. I’m planning to go and meet up with one of my buddies tomorrow (that guy who had some self pics on his phone) and I’m thinking I might spend some time later trying to work out a few things to ask him. I’m definitely gonna try and get some permission for adding his pics on here too! lol

He’s one of those bodybuilder guys, and I know he has some pretty hot pics on his phone. And while he used to say that he didn’t get why guys do that, he now admits that it’s a little sexy, as well as being a good way to keep track of his muscle and size.

I think it’s just that a lot of these guys find it horny to do.

I can almost guarantee that if a guy you know has pics of himself flexing and showing off his bod like these muscle cam boys, they have some more “interesting” pics on that phone too.

Rule number one – always try to get a peek at those pics. Get them drunk if you have to! lol

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Muscle iPhone Self Pics – Yummy Guys!

by on Feb.24, 2012, under Photos

Oh man I love my buddies, so many of them are into the same things as me, and they like to share. I think my buds get a kick out of seeing me post some of the pics they send me by email, and I’ve often wondered if they’ll occasionally throw in one of their own one day 😉

Yeah, okay, that was indeed a hint for the guys who share with me, and I really don’t mind how “revealing” they want to get with those pics either lol

So one of my buds sent me these pics he found out there on another blog this morning, and I had to share some of them with you guys. I have a really good collection now, but these four pics are definitely some of the hottest muscle iPhone self pics in this new collection.

I really love the guy with the tribal ink on his arm. But then I do admit that I have a thing for guys who look a little mean. The guys with the bad boy image and some attitude are never safe in my company lol

And check out the hot tanned hunk too. I know he looks a little bit orange, and I’m sure there’s a fake tan overdose going on there, but pretend it’s the camera (it might be!)

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Hot Guy Flexing His Muscle In The Gym

by on Jan.06, 2012, under Photos

You know how some guys say that big muscle dudes have small packages? I know that’s not true (one of my buddies is a bodybuilder and his package certainly isn’t small!) and I think this guy really proves that point in his skimpy little thong with his bulge on show. Of course, being a muscle fan, I have to point out that this guy has a whole lot of bulges, not just the impressive one at the top of his thighs!

I think this guy is checking himself out in the mirror while he poses and flexes those muscles, but he has someone else there taking some hot shots of the action too. I love guys who aren’t scared to show it all off, and some of them must realize that they aren’t just showing it for bodybuilding fans! I wonder what these hunky guys think about when it comes to other dudes admiring their muscled bods in their self pics and videos?

I think quite a lot of them must get off on the thought of other guys out there admiring their bodies. I know I would 😉

Imagine being there in the gym with him while he’s showing off like this! Woof!

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Muscle Hunk Rudy Coia Filmed By A Buddy

by on Dec.30, 2011, under Photos

Rudy Coia is one of those guys a buddy of mine really idolizes. I can totally understand why though, the guy is one severely well built hunk of manly muscle. You can see the kind of dedication he puts into his body, and this is the result of about ten years of working out and lifting weight.

Although my buddy is entirely straight, and actually married, he’s willing to admit that if he had the chance to experiment with a guy like Rudy Coia he’d jump at the chance! I love it when straight guys get just a little gay for the right guy 😉

Speaking of which, check out the pics and notice the guy filming him in the mirror. I wonder what he’s thinking while he’s looking through that viewfinder and noticing the bulge in Rudy’s jogging bottoms. Yeah, I tend to notice things like that too. lol

I admit that I don’t understand a lot of straight guys, but I really don’t get how a guy can film another guy like this and not feel something stirring. There’s definitely something incredibly sexual about filming another guys stripping off and showing his muscles like this it in my opinion.

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An Acrobats Bod!

by on Dec.09, 2011, under Photos

I had another of those days today. I saw this really hot new guy at the gym and I was hooked on him from the moment I saw his incredibly ripped body. I found out later that he’s an acrobat!
You know those touring shows with acrobats swinging from the rafters and the hot guys in tight leggings flipping around all over the place? Yeah, he’s one of those delicious hunks. So, after finding that out I at least know that I’m in with a better chance than I ever am with a lot of the other hunky muscle guys I love to see. Isn’t it true that a lot of acrobats are gay?

Anyway, after heading home and thinking about how I could chat him up next week when I bump into him again, I had the need to check out some of the pics out there of guys with totally ripped bods. I’ve found a few, and although a couple of these really are similar to him none of them can really compare to his amazing abs and hot pecs. He has one of those amazing v-shaped bods that would make any one of you drool!

Enjoy these pics, and wish me luck for next week, I’m determined to at least get a coffee with the guy.

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