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Tag: Ripped Muscle

Ripped Muscle Self Pic Hunks

by on Oct.02, 2012, under Photos

I had one of my extremely memorable days at the gym today. I managed to pull up right as this stunning guy was walking in, a gorgeous guy in his late 20’s with the mos awesome ripped muscled body and the most delicious ass too.

Walking in right behind him I almost felt like I was stalking him as I followed into the locker room, but I lost him for a little while when I went to go find my own locker.

I found him again shortly after though, and although I don’t like to admit it, I did change my routine a little to be able to watch him in the wight room lol

It paid off, because I managed to time it so I followed him into the locker room again when he was done a couple of hours later, and then got to watch him in the showers too. I know, I’m kinky like that, but you have to admit that you’ve got off on the sight of another guy in the gym showers! I’m not the only one, I’m just willing to admit that it’s a highlight of my work outs!

So I was out there looking for some hot guys with ripped muscled bods and I think I found some sexy shots you’re all gonna love. The first guy with the ink is the closest to the hunk I was watching today, so try and tell me you wouldn’t want to follow him into the showers if you had the chance lol

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Muscle Jock Self Pics

by on Nov.18, 2011, under Photos

I guess it’s pretty obvious that I was inspired again on a trip to the gym this morning, and as I watched this really hot young guy with every muscle on his defined torso ripped and bulging I was soon on the net when I got home looking for some pics to show you guys. So take a look at these hot jock bodies and know that this is what I was watching this morning while I was attempting to get dressed in the locker room and really trying to hide a considerable boner too! lol

The guy this morning was a little more revealing than these guys though. He was one of those boys in his 20’s who doesn’t have a problem walking around the locker room with everything on show, flopping around, thick and heavy… hmmm. I wish all guys were like that. I try to be, but most of the time I’m too horny to let it all show like that and I have to carefully position myself in the waistband of my shorts or in the bunched up top of a towel. But I’m guessing all you gym attendees probably know and use that little maneuver right? lol

So, these are a few of the most muscled young hunks I could find on my searching today, and all of them make me think of the hottie I was watching this morning, just because of the tight muscle they’re packing. Enjoy!

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