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Tag: muscles

Getting Oily With Cam Guy Michael Fitt

by on Jul.10, 2012, under Photos

There are a few guys in the camming world that everyone knows, and I think Michael Fitt is probably one of the most famous of them all. He’s always on cam, he’s seemingly built an entire career out of performing for people over the internet, and it’s certainly clear to me why he’s so popular!

One of my cam buddies sent me some stills from one of Micheal’s videos, getting himself all slippery and oiled up, showing off his awesome body in perfect detail as he flexes his muscles. I had to share at least some of the stills with you guys here just in case you’re in that very small minority who hasn’t seen this guy on cam before.

You guys know too that I’m a pretty big fan of the Cam With Him site, and he’s been on there too. There are some great photo galleries on there, and some really hot videos of some of his shows too. If you haven’t seen those you should get over there when you have the chance.

Anyway, check out these hot pics of Michael Fitt all glistening and ripped, they are definitely hot and will have you thinking about some of the shows he’s done in the past 😉

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Young Guy Working It

by on Jun.10, 2011, under Photos

I showed you a few pics from one of those instructional videos out there on the net a few days ago and now I have some more. This guy is so intensely hot words (almost) fail me. That is one seriously muscled young body, and he must only be in his very very early 20’s.

This is the kind of body that total dedication gets you, and while I love it and would really like to have a ripped and toned bod like that, I like to have fun too. I see too many guys who spend their entire week at the gym and then when you mention going for a pint at the weekend they’re all “oh no I couldn’t possibly, I’m training”.

That’s a personal gripe of mine, and real problem when most of your buddies are gym rats. 🙂

Still it doesn’t bother me or affect my body. But then I’m not ripped and toned like this guy, perhaps if I were I would be more cautious about those few beers at the weekend? But I love going to the gym anyway, so if I need to work it off that’s fine. It’s not like I’m giving it up any time soon.

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The Office Guys

by on Jun.07, 2011, under Photos

Remember a little while ago I told you about my dedicated gym-rat buddy who would travel miles to get to the gym if he had to? When we had all the bad weather here and his usual gym closed he joined another one further away just to get his daily fix. Well, I went with him and we found that there are a lot of office types there.
I guess it’s because it’s more expensive than our usual local gym.

So I went back there with my buddy yesterday and I’m definitely glad I did. It seems he’s started going there more often and really gets on well with some of the guys. There’s one dude in particular who works upstairs in the office and comes down to train in the afternoon, and just as we arrived he was stripping out of his shirt and tie in the locker room.

My buddy gets on really well with him, and even got a discount (I have to wonder if there’s more going on there than I previously assumed!)
But the guy is seriously hot. He’s in his late 20’s, really muscled and just a little hairy. I never knew I liked watching guys stripping out of a shirt and tie before yesterday, but seeing him climbing out of his office wear while he chatted to my buddy, then the two of them standing there naked with their goods on show made me spring a boner!

This guy is smoother than Danny (the office guy), but roughly the same build. Hot no? Yeah, I think I might be permanently changing gyms soon!

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Ripped Jock Exercising

by on Jun.03, 2011, under Photos

There is nothing better when I go to the gym than when I get to watch a hot ripped Jock exercising. Okay, there are some things that are better, like the sights in the locker room and the showers. And there have been some really interesting instances in the steam room too, but I’ll keep that to myself for now 🙂

At my gym there are a few personal trainers who I love to watch working over the newbies. Some of the regulars get some help from them too, and they’re all like this guy, really happy and helpful, and incredibly well built and athletic. There are a couple really into their weights, but most seem to be into cardio.

I just love this guys build, his chest is pretty wide and his waist pretty tight, with great abs too. He’s like a gymnast or maybe a swimmer. I love guys like that, not too much and not too little, just perfect. But, I do have a feeling you might not be paying your attention only to those muscles.
I wonder why he chose tight shorts like that to work out in? Makes little sense 🙂

Anyway, enjoy these pics, I certainly am!

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Ripped Muscle Flexing

by on May.06, 2011, under Photos

On my visit to the gym yesterday I managed to catch up with a pair of bodybuilding buddies I’ve gotten to know there. They’re both really nice guys, and they’re so hot to watch when they’re working out.
I only see them a couple of times a month, but when I do I make sure I hang around the weight room while they’re there.

Not just because they’re hot to watch, but because they often put on a show for each other, having a mini pose-down after they’ve been working out for a while. They’re both bulking up at the moment, so they’re nowhere near as ripped and toned as this dude is, but I’ve seen them go through a few cycles and it’s always sexy to see them either ripped or bulking.

They put on one of their shows the other day and even helped out some of the newer guys there too, giving them some advice and helping them out with their routines. They keep trying to get me involved, but I just don’t have the dedication for bodybuilding. I’m happy just being muscled and toned.

But then again, watching guys like the one below, I’d certainly consider taking it up if it means spending more time with these muscle men!

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Lean and Toned – Punishmuscle

by on Apr.20, 2011, under Photos

You don’t have to be a mountain of a muscle man to be incredibly sexy on cam, there are thousands of in-shape guys out there with some incredibly toned and muscle physiques and without being as wide as a door frame.

This hot dude is one of the sexy dudes over at RateMyCamGuys, flexing his toned bod and showing plenty more besides on cam for some adoring fans. He really is hot to see, and that bod is so tight and ripped!

He’s the kind of guy you can imagine being a climber or long distance runner, with incredible stamina and determination. Or maybe a featherweight boxer who’s lightning fast on his feet. Sure it’s hot to watch some of the big bodybuilders and muscle jocks on cam, but I love a lean and toned dude now and then and I could certainly get into some interesting conversations with this guy.

There’s not much on the profile over on the site, but if you get on cam with this guy and find out anything, please let me know, I’d love to know more about this sexy cam guy!

In the meantime, enjoy these pics from his profile, and maybe head over to RateMyCamGuys and find his profile to see a little extra. 🙂

Sexy Lean Muscle Guy on CamRipped Cam Guy FlexingLean Guy on CamFlexing Bicep on Cam

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by on Apr.10, 2011, under General, Photos

You know how every now and then you come across one of those guys (not literally, although maybe you do!) who has a name that you know cannot possibly live up to his own hype?

Well, KevinCWH is kinda one of those guys, but although I hate to say it, he really does live up to his own hype.

He is one of the guys over at RateMyCamGuys, and he clearly has a big following. It’s not really hard to know why this guy is so popular. I mean, take on look at this hunk. Seriously, it’s not hard to know why he’s so popular is it?

He has an incredible body, and he is cute beyond all reasonable assumption.

You can check him out, but I warn you, they don’t seem to get that guys are showing off on cam too. For instance, on his page it says “Check out this camgirl’s website”. Erm, hang on just a second. I’m pretty sure this dude is a dude. If the incredibly handsome face and gorgeous build are not enough, that impressible cock bulge should be. Am I right?

But whatever, this guy is hot! I don’t care what they call him, I’ll be booking some “alone time” with this hunk as soon as I can.



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Dane.. newest guy on the webcam scene!

by on Feb.19, 2011, under Photos

Dane, This determine young stud started working out to prove everyone wrong after the nay sayers and doubters telling him he could not get back into it. Needless to say, we know who won that battle. Just barely starting out his BB accomplishments already include, NBR Natural Bodybuilder of the week last year. When you can’t find him in the gym you can find him on the construction site… I’ll let you picture that yourself.

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Tennis anyone..? Hottest boys of the game..

by on Sep.11, 2010, under Videos

Lil tribute to the US Open… more than just balls and tennis rackets!

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Italian Fitness Model Looking For A Sponsor

by on Aug.16, 2010, under Videos

Who’s going to call this cam guy for a sponsorship? Don’t lie.

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