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Tag: Muscled Cam Guy

Fit Jock Dude Blane

by on Dec.05, 2014, under Photos

Have you seen handsome and hunky male model and cam guy Blane on the Cam With Him site? I was looking through some of their guys today and I was shocked to find that I hadn’t shared any photos of this guy on the blog yet. Needless to say I wanted to fix that immediately, so here you go…

For those who might not know it, I check out a lot of guys on the blogs out there, and I have seen this handsome young man more than a few times. I think there are quite a few shoots of the dude by several photographers out there, and he seems to be quite popular. Now he’s on the CWH site I think that popularity is only going to grow.

He’s a straight 24 year old hottie from the US, and it seems that form his use of the word “master” on his cam guy profile page

he likes to be a little bit dominant. I don’t there are many out there who would complain about that though, the guy could instruct me if he likes, I wouldn’t be likely to defy an order! lol

As you can see, he works out. Did I even need to say that? No, probably not.

Go over there and check out some more pics in his gallery when you get the opportunity. Have a great weekend boys and girls!

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New Guys At Cam With Him – Bobby99

by on May.25, 2013, under General, Photos

You guys know I like to keep an eye on what’s happening over on the Cam With Him site, it is one of my favorite places to hang out and any excuse I can find to share some of their men around I’m gonna take it.

I have another reason to share them with this new guy over on the site. There’s actually not a lot known about him at the moment, but I can definitely tell you guys that he has a really hot muscular body and I can tell from the photos in his free gallery that he’s going to be pretty popular with the dedicated members there.

Bobby99 is actually just one of a little group of new cam guys they’ve had arrive on the site in the last few months, and although I think he could be sharing a little more information in his profile, and showing his face in one or two images too, I think these photos are going to be enough to have a lot of you clicking through to take a look.

I’ve been following a few of the guys on there in the last year and I could do with some more entertainment, so I’m hoping I’ll get to see this guy on cam soon 😉

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Hunky Cam Guy Mr Stark

by on Apr.17, 2013, under Photos

It’s about time we had some pics from one of the cam guys on the Cam With Him site, and after checking out some of the awesome pics of new hunky cam guy MrStark I was pretty sure you would all be interested in finding out a little more about him.

I have to start this off by adding that the pics I’m sharing with you guys here and from his free profile galley and you can check out more of them on the site. But the dude has also recently started up his own fan club page too, meaning that there’s a lot more for those members to check out with galleries and videos of his shows.

So if you haven’t seen him yet, I can tell you that he’s pretty new on the site, he obviously has an amazing body, and a great smile too. The 24 year old straight hunk is clearly already becoming real popular, I think that’s obvious with him starting a fan club so soon after arriving, and I can totally understand why. He’s the whole package, he’s got everything going on, and I think some of the other cam guys on the site might want to step up their game a little because he could knock them off their top spot! lol


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Muscled Hottie Bobby99 At CWH

by on Mar.01, 2013, under Photos

Hey guys, long time no see! I’m back after some issues with the posting on the blog, and I have something delicious to share with you from the Cam With Him site. It’s a collection of the pics from the profile of the hunky Bobby99, one of the guys I haven’t shared here on the blog with you guys yet, even though I definitely should have done!

This is the kind of hunk that really gets me going. I love a guy with a totally ripped bod, and this dude seems to have muscles in places where I didn’t think it was possible to have muscles! lol

Although the guy is straight – as so many of them are on the site – he’s all about showing off and putting on a great show for whoever wants to see him, and trust me when I say that a lot of the members there want to see him 😉

The 28 year old American hottie is just getting started really, but I know that a lot of the members there have been watching him on his cam and really enjoying the performances he’s giving them too.

These are just a few of his pics from his profile page, but make sure you check out this cam guys profile for more when you get the chance.

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A New Straight Cam Guy – Sabastian

by on Jun.29, 2012, under Photos

You know that I sometimes write a post about one of the cam guys over on the Cam With Him site, and when I see a new guy arrive that I think deserves a mention I’m going to be mouthing off and spreading the word about them wherever I can.

A new straight cam guy has arrived on the Cam With Him site, and after I checked out some of the pics in his profile and got a good look at the beefy muscled body I just had to share Sabastian on here with you all.

It’s not all about the self pics and iPhone mirror shots that guys take of themselves and spread around the net, for me it’s hot to see some straight cam guy posing in his underwear, flexing his muscles and showing off for a load of horny guys out there. They really put on some intense shows for their fans too, and plenty of the guys on sites like that have a real following of fans that they like to keep happy.

I’ve chatted to a few of the guys on the site there, and I have to confess that I am definitely looking forward to seeing this new straight cam guy showing off his moves! 😉

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Some Pics From Brady at Cam With Him

by on Jul.05, 2011, under Photos

We’ve added some video of Brady before, but unfortunately it’s been removed from YouTube, otherwise I would link to that post from here. I’ll check and see if I can find a new video on there to replace it, but for now you’ll at least get to enjoy some hot pics of this muscled dude on his webcam!

This 21 year old hunk with plenty of muscle is a straight cam guy from the USA. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really tell us much about himself in his profile, but thankfully he’s added some pretty hot pics from some of his appearances on cam. He really does have an immense body, and he’s pretty cute too.
Judging by these pics he really loves to flex and show off on cam, even though he’s straight. I love watching a straight guy who isn’t afraid to share that muscle with a load of other guys. I guess that shows that they’re confident and secure in their sexuality doesn’t it?

Check out these pics, and head over to see this cam jocks profile for some more. I haven’t checked out the rest of his profile yet so I don’t know if there are any more pics of videos, but a lot of the guys add some to their profiles 🙂

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