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Tag: Muscle Videos

Inspirational Videos?

by on May.03, 2011, under Photos

I was having a chat with one of my gym buddies and asked about what keeps him motivated to get out of bed and get to the gym every day. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t miss it. If his usual gym is closed he’ll drive thirty miles to find one that’s open.

When we had all the snow here, he still went every day. And when the gym shut because numbers were so low he drove through that snow to get to another gym, signing up for a month membership if they promised they’d be open for him every single day!

So I wondered what drives him, and he says he writes a blog and posts pics and vids of his progress. He has a lot of followers and now he feels like he has a responsibility to show them the work and not just do it for himself.
I don’t know where the blog is, he wouldn’t tell me. It has loads of more personal stuff on there too I guess.

This young guy does the same, creating images and vids for others to follow his progress. He really has developed quite a lot and he has such a tight and toned bod. I don’t know how old he is, but he can’t be more than 25 maybe. And he has the body of a guy who’s been training all his life.

I think it’s quite impressive to be able to see how others progress, it’s definitely motivating!

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Oiled Up Muscle on Web Cam

by on May.02, 2011, under Photos

I love reading my email in the morning, along with all the viagra spam and links to porn sites I get emails from my buddies pointing out hot new guys on cam that I should check out. They even send me some hot pics.

One of those who regularly sends me pics of hot guys on cam flexing and posing is a straight gym buddy of mine. He says it’s just recognition of having a good body, but you know what I think, right? lol

This guy was delivered to my in-box today by my straight gym buddy. He loves showing off his own body with some oil. And he really does have a great bod, with plenty of muscle. He’s more toned and ripped, and less about size than this guy, but he certainly appreciates seeing a guy showing off his muscles. Can you be straight and have a thing for muscled guys? I don’t know, but I’m lucky to have friends like that I guess.

These pics are really hot, and the guy is not only good looking, but he has a really impressive bulky body. He really shows off his muscle tone in these pics, flexing and posing for an audience. I wonder if my buddy would let someone oil him up for some pics like this? 🙂

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Massive Muscled Nicolas

by on May.01, 2011, under Photos

I had a message through the site recently from a reader recommending a few of the guys on the cam sites to feature. He talks to these guys quite regularly and he’s gotten to know a few of these guy really well. As always, I check out the profiles and pics of guys that readers suggest and if I can I’ll write something about them and present some of their pics for you.

This is Nicolas, he’s a real muscle hunk from Switzerland. Clearly gym built and bulky he puts a lot of hours in, perfecting his build and toning up. Although he’s only 21 years of age, he’s done a great job of sculpting an amazing body, and I guess that shows dedication to his bodybuilding regimen. It always amazes me just how hard these guys work to grow and maintain this kind of body!

Although he is straight, I guess he’s another of those guys who doesn’t mind showing off his body for other men. These pics below show just how much he likes to show off, and I would assume he must have a lot of followers out there eager to get on cam with him.

But if you have a body like this, why not show it off on cam for the world to see? I think we can all agree that we appreciate his efforts!

Nicolas is found over at LiveGods. Pay a visit and check out some of his other pics there.

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Many good things to come!

by on Mar.15, 2011, under Photos

This young stud started lifting weights for football and has slowly migrated over to bodybuilding. This student studies nutrition and it shows! Focused on becoming a personal trainer.. I don’t think he is going to have any problems. Future goals is to be in a variety of publications (magazine, books, and online) .. Good start so far!

Sticking to the basics right now, he focuses on squats, chin-ups, bench press, curls. But wants to focus on mixing in power and strength training.

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Young face.. great body!

by on Jan.27, 2011, under Videos

This bodybuilder looks great.. wish the clip was a tad longer!

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Shredded.. This guy has a “different” workout

by on Jan.13, 2011, under Videos

This webcam’er has a different approach to working out his upper body .. seems to be paying off very nicely!

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“Ripped to Shreds” Workout

by on Dec.23, 2010, under Videos

Great info.. bonus is two hotties throughout the entire video!

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Training series..

by on Dec.20, 2010, under Videos

Nice vid of two studs getting that $$ in the gym.. Very impressive workout.

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Musclemanie bodybuilder Tuan Tran Posing

by on Dec.12, 2010, under Videos

Bodybuilder Tuan Tran posing after a competition …

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Home Shoulder Workout!

by on Dec.11, 2010, under Videos

Gain and Build Muscle Fast! The guys pretty hot too!

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