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Tag: muscle guys

I saw a big muscle hunk and felt inspired

by on Sep.11, 2015, under Photos

I went for lunch with a friend today and saw the most stunning guy. He was so handsome and looked pretty muscled too and I found myself staring just a little.

It wasn’t intentional but I accidentally followed him into the mensroom (really, it wasn’t intentional at all, I promise!) and as I walked in he was standing with his back to me at the wall of urinals. He was massive, and I mean his shoulders and back were massive – get your head out of the gutter lol

Although, I wouldn’t have minded a getting a peek of the goodies lol

I have to admit that I was impressed, and intimidated at the same time. I don’t normally feel that way about a dude but I was so intimidated by his build and the way he looked that I just headed straight into a cubicle rather than stand at the wall with him. I have no idea why that happened.

I was checking out some hot guys with some muscle in some selfies when I got home, so of course I had to get a post of some of the best ones on here for you guys to check out too. Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

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Muscle Hunk Selfies

by on Apr.21, 2015, under Photos

I hope you guys are having a great week so far. Mine is going extremely well, I hooked up with a very hot guy last night and I went to the gym this morning and got the number of another really hot hunk I’ve been checking out for a few weeks now.

He has an amazing body, and he’s so handsome too. I’ve spent more time than could be considered decent checking him out over the last few weeks ever since I first saw him. I got talking to him this morning and when I made a blatant move on him and asked if he wanted to go for a drink sometime he gave me his number and then said he’s “curious” 🙂

Yes, not only did I get a gorgeous guys number, I might actually get to educate him too – there is nothing hotter than that! lol

So I’ve been out there looking around at some gym buff hunks this morning and I have a nice little collection of selfies here for you guys to appreciate. The first guy has the kind of bod my new friend has, so you can imagine how lucky I feel right now.

Enjoy the pics guys, and remember that although a guy might look and act straight, he might be a little curious given the chance 🙂

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Just Some Hot Guy Pics

by on Aug.29, 2014, under Photos

These aren’t all selfies, but they’re definitely worth sharing on the blog with you guys. I’ve been out there on the net today and looking around for some hot hunky men to share with you, and I think every one of these amateur posers deserves to be on here and shared.

I have a fave, although I wouldn’t be kicking any of these guys out of my bed any time soon. The big and beefy guy with the awesome butt and immensely muscled back is the one that really grabs my interest. There are so many hot muscle hunks showing off their bods out there, and there are plenty of them who seem to love taking pics of themselves, or even each other, to share with complete strangers on the net too. I guess this might be a boredom thing, or maybe they’re sending them to someone and they end up being leaked out into the world?

Whatever the reason, I hope they carry on taking these photos and getting them out there for us all to enjoy. It’s one of the best things about phones and the net, now anyone can take any pic anywhere and share it within moments. It’s awesome for exhibitionists and their fans! 😉

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Straight Cam Guys

by on Apr.23, 2013, under Photos

I had one of those extremely interesting discussions with another straight friend of mine last week and I thought I’d share it with you here and give you some pics of straight cam guys showing off for other dudes on the internet – you can never see too many of those kinds of photos can you! lol

So this guy I know from the gym told me last week that he was just getting into showing off on cam for other guys, and that he’s really been enjoying it. I don’t know where he’s doing it (because he refused to tell me lol) but he goes all the way, solo, for loads of other guys watching him, and he’s been making some money doing it too.

I asked him how he felt about guys watching him – I really wanted to know – and he told me it was a turn on. Even though he wouldn’t ever do anything with a guy, he is an exhibitionist, and he loves the idea of guys getting off watching him getting off 😉

I am determined to find out where he’s putting on shows though, I’d be paying to watch him on his cam showing off. I know from the gym showers that he has a lot to share! lol

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Hot Cam Muscle Guys Showing Off

by on Sep.20, 2012, under Photos

I just can’t get enough of these hot young muscle guys showing off their bods on their cams and phones! I’ve been out there again today following some links a couple of my buddies have given me and I found some really sexy young men flexing those abs and showing off their pecs for an audience, and these are just a few of my hottest finds of the day.

I’m starting to wonder if I might have an addiction. You know how some guys get a porn addiction? Well, I wonder if there’s something similar when it comes to looking at sexy self pics like these ones?

To be honest, I don’t really care if there is an addiction going on here, it’s far safer that so many other things I could be addicted to! lol

Anyway, here you go, some more hot young muscle guys showing off their bods for complete strangers out there in the world. I’m sure that a lot of these guys are into other guys, or are at least curious about getting it on with other dudes. After all, they must know that most of the people checking them out and commenting on their self pics are other guys! 😉

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Handsome Guys Self Pics

by on Sep.14, 2012, under Photos

I’m all about the muscle boys for this post. I was checking out some profiles out on the net today and came across a couple more pics of one of the hottest muscle guys in the last post, so I had to get some more of him on here.

He’s the handsome hunk with the Superman tattoo, and I would like to confess that I would love a close-up inspection of the skill used to create that – if you catch my drift lol

I always wonder about guys like him. He looks like he might be a stripper, or at least a dancer. I wonder if he’s into guys or chicks?

With a body like that, I think we can all agree that he can probably take his pick of whoever he wants to sleep with. I’ll bet the list of people who would love to get it on with that hot guy is pretty long!

I’ve thrown in some pics of some other hot guys I found out there too, because I don’t have enough of the hot Superman guy, unfortunately.

If you know anything about him, please let me know. A part of me really hopes that the guy is a gay porn star that I might have overlooked! lol

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Captured Man Candy

by on Jul.27, 2012, under Photos

A lot of the time we focus on just the pics guys take of themselves in phone photos or web cam stills, but there are a lot of really hot pics out there taken by people who saw an opportunity to capture some man candy just at the perfect time.

I was checking out some galleries out on the net today and thought I’d get some pics together for you guys of men just caught at the right time to show them in all their magnificence. These are not you’re typical “sexy” and revealing pics, these are just some really handsome and really well built guys who are just totally hot, and seeing them is enough without needing to see too much flesh – at least that’s my opinion.

It also makes me wonder about the people taking the pics and what their intentions were. Did they think that the guy was really sexy? Were they turned on by the chance to steal that little moment in time and capture the guy looking so hot?

I wouldn’t be able to say no to any of the guys in these pics. They’re all so sexy. Although I wouldn’t be brave enough to snap pics of guys like this in public, I’d rally love to have a job like that 😉

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Muscle Cam Boys

by on Apr.27, 2012, under General, Photos

Wow, have I got some really hot muscle cam boys for you in this post!

I have to say that finding these pics in my in box this morning has inspired me just a little. I’m planning to go and meet up with one of my buddies tomorrow (that guy who had some self pics on his phone) and I’m thinking I might spend some time later trying to work out a few things to ask him. I’m definitely gonna try and get some permission for adding his pics on here too! lol

He’s one of those bodybuilder guys, and I know he has some pretty hot pics on his phone. And while he used to say that he didn’t get why guys do that, he now admits that it’s a little sexy, as well as being a good way to keep track of his muscle and size.

I think it’s just that a lot of these guys find it horny to do.

I can almost guarantee that if a guy you know has pics of himself flexing and showing off his bod like these muscle cam boys, they have some more “interesting” pics on that phone too.

Rule number one – always try to get a peek at those pics. Get them drunk if you have to! lol

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Musclebound Self Pics!

by on Dec.23, 2011, under Photos

I’m not sure if I’ve told you before that a friend of mine is a bodybuilder in training. If I have, sorry for repeating myself, if not, now you know. Why is that worth sharing? Because I know that he used to track his progress on his phone and share pics with his buddies too.
The guy is straight (or so he says, he’s said a few things when he’s drunk that would go against that!) but he seems to have that narcissism and ego and he loves to show off his bod and openly appreciates the bods of other guys too. It’s quite funny to see him say something about another guys body, and then get all butch and try to cover it up and make it all about appreciating the muscle and the work that goes into it lol

Still, it’s really hot to hear him commenting on other guys when we’re at the gym, and although he would deny it all I’m pretty sure there are some more daring shots on his phone that he’s shared with other guys.

I definitely think it’s an ego thing, but when a guy like him knows that there are plenty of other guys out there appreciating his body I’m sure he’s more than willing to share 😉
I’m lucky to be his buddy, and he knows I love to appreciate his bod!

Check out these really musclebound self pics, they’re totally hot!

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Working Out Pics!

by on Nov.29, 2011, under Photos

I know I’ve mentioned to you guys before that I have a thing about seeing all those guys in the gym working out and building up a sweat. And you guys also know that I really love the guys over on the Cam With Him site too. So it seems kind of right that I should share some of the pics the guys have there in their galleries of them working out in the gym.
I don’t know who takes the pics, but a few of these guys have some images in their galleries of them lifting weight and flexing those muscled bods, of course I guess it helps that so many of them have home gyms too! The only thing better than seeing these epics is watching those videos they have there, or seeing them working out on their webcams!

Although I would love to have some shots taken of me in the gym, I don’t think I know anyone who would feel comfortable doing that lol
But, I would definitely be one of the first guys to volunteer if another dude wanted some self shots of him working it. However, I think they’d have to make sure I didn’t follow them into the showers after and get some more intimate pics just for my appreciation 😉

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