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Tag: muscle guy

New Hot Cam Hunk KevinMuscle!

by on Jul.31, 2012, under Photos

There are a few places on the net that I absolutely love when it comes to hot cam hunks, and Cam With Him is one of those places. They’re always coming up with surprises, including some really sexy new guys to entertain the members.

The forum there is one of the best places on the site to keep up to date with all the new guys and some of their top cam guys too, and when I saw these pics of new dude KevinMuscle I thought you guys might like to check him out too.

He’s only just started out there, but a lot of the members have been really eager to see him starting. You can see why from these photos though, the guy is seriously sexy!

This 21 year old straight guy has been itching to get on his cam and show off for the fans, so you can kind of tell that he’s going to be really going for it and doing whatever it takes to be one of the best. They already have a great bunch of guys on the site, but I think he’s going to be a great addition!

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Gam Guy Tyler Is Looking Hot At Cam With Him

by on May.18, 2012, under Photos

I’ve shared some of the hot bathroom self pics of the hunky muscled cam guy Tyler on the blog before, but when I headed over to Cam With Him to check out their galleries recently I found another collection of recent pics that I had to share with you.

The gorgeous guy is sporting a new shaved look, and I have to confess that I love the look he now has.

He’s looking beefier than ever before in these self pics too, and for guys who like to watch a real powerful hunk showing off on his webcam Tyler has to be one of the favorites.

The guy is certainly a favorite with me. I’ve seen him in videos and galleries, and on his live cam shows too, several times, and he always knows how to please the fans on the site.

Check out these recent self pics, and definitely head over to the site to see more of him when you get the chance. There are a lot of videos of previous cam shows worth checking out, and a lot of galleries to click your way through too. And if you get the chance to see him showing off live for his fans you have to take it!

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Muscle Guys Locker Room Self Pics

by on May.15, 2012, under Photos

I had a really pleasant surprise today when I ventured out through the rain to have a really early session at the gym. I was actually a little pissed, because I had to get out there at 6am to get to a meeting for 8, and I was sure I was gonna miss a lot of the hot guys I normally get to check out.

But man, I think I might have to go that early from now on!

I was the first one in when the receptionist unlocked the door, and I thought I had the entire place to myself. But as soon as I got into the locker room I had a hot surprise.

One of the trainers who works there was taking some personal pics of himself in the mirror. I’m guessing he’d been there for a workout or a shower really early. He was butt naked, and a little excited about taking pics of himself too! 😉

The guy is only in his early 20’s, but he’s a real hunk. I’m always checking him out when I see him, and although I’ve never seen him in the showers I was hoping that one day I would.

It was pretty funny, he jumped a little, and apologized. I was bold and said no problem, with a smile too, as I walked past and he covered himself with his hand lol

Sweet guy, and totally sexy too. And seeing him had me on the net at home after my snooze-fest of a meeting too, checking out some of the sexy muscled guys taking pics of themselves in the locker room. If you can imagine the hot muscled blond dude below in his early 20’s, and just a little bit more handsome, a little more ripped, and a lot more naked… you’ll be half way there to imagining the hunk I saw this morning! 😉

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Muscle Jock Self Pics

by on Nov.18, 2011, under Photos

I guess it’s pretty obvious that I was inspired again on a trip to the gym this morning, and as I watched this really hot young guy with every muscle on his defined torso ripped and bulging I was soon on the net when I got home looking for some pics to show you guys. So take a look at these hot jock bodies and know that this is what I was watching this morning while I was attempting to get dressed in the locker room and really trying to hide a considerable boner too! lol

The guy this morning was a little more revealing than these guys though. He was one of those boys in his 20’s who doesn’t have a problem walking around the locker room with everything on show, flopping around, thick and heavy… hmmm. I wish all guys were like that. I try to be, but most of the time I’m too horny to let it all show like that and I have to carefully position myself in the waistband of my shorts or in the bunched up top of a towel. But I’m guessing all you gym attendees probably know and use that little maneuver right? lol

So, these are a few of the most muscled young hunks I could find on my searching today, and all of them make me think of the hottie I was watching this morning, just because of the tight muscle they’re packing. Enjoy!

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What’s My iPhone Self Pic “Type”?

by on Nov.04, 2011, under Photos

I realized today just how varied my taste in hot men is. I was at the gym this morning and this young jock came in, absolutely freakin’ hot, with tight muscle everywhere, and then an older bearish dude with face scruff and loads of ink followed shortly behind him (yeah, I’m thinking he was checking out the jock guys butt too!)
Suddenly I thought that maybe I don’t have a “type” of guy that I lust after.

So this afternoon I was going through a lot of my pics and videos in my *personal* folder and seeing what they all had in common, and there really isn’t anything other than the fact they’re all really hot, and they all have some muscle on show.

But I think it’s true that I have a thing for bigger guys. Not the kind of guy who looks like he’s “too” muscled, like he should be in a contest or something, but the guys who have really big shoulders. I guess they’re the guys who look really masculine and butch. 😉

Check out some of these recent additions to my collection. I really get off on the bearded guy, and the dude with the blue muscle top on. I know you can’t see any of his hot chest, but the dude is still really sexy!

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Cam Guy Steel And His Self Pics

by on Aug.26, 2011, under General, Photos

I was just visiting the blog and thought I’d write a post, when I saw the hunky young man called Steel in the ad at the top of the page here, he’s one of the cam guys over on Live Gods, one of the best sites I’ve found for watching really hot muscled guys flexing and posing on their webcams.

This American jock is only 21 years of age, and he has a cute face and an awesome body. You can tell from these pics that he loves to be at the gym, and I know plenty of other guys who like to get some self pics while they’re there too! I wonder if anyone has thought of opening a photography studio in a gym before? They could possibly make a lot of money!

Standing at 5’11”, with brown hair and sexy green eyes, Steel is quite a hot jock, packed with muscle. Although he’s straight, I guess he doesn’t mind some horny guys out there worshiping his muscled body. Check out his profile to see if he’s added anything more since I added this post, I sure hope to see some more from this gorgeous young man in the future. In fact, I might have to arrange some time on cam with him 🙂

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Bodybuilder Sharing His Progress

by on Aug.12, 2011, under Photos

There are loads of opportunities out there to see some really gorgeous hunks as they work themselves up and show off their muscles. There are some really great forums and groups out there on the net where big guys talk about their working out, their diets, their goals… and they show plenty of pics of themselves as they progress.

This dude started out as a bit of a slob when he was younger, and one day he just woke up and knew he needed to change things. He had the determination and drive to start working out, and within just a few months he noticed his muscle building up and the fat disappearing, and of course when you have that kind of change it just drives you on to work even harder.

I don’t know what he looked like before, but he certainly has an impressive muscled body now. And it’s so hot to see in these self pics too. He’s on his way to being a serious competitive bodybuilder, and with the kind of determination and dedication he has I’m certain he’ll make it. Check out these few pics of the hunk showing off his muscles, and get some inspiration too! 🙂

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Muscle Adonis – Really Muscled Cam Dude

by on Aug.09, 2011, under General, Photos

I realize that I am a really lucky guy. Because I’m pretty much surrounded by really hot men in my city. Today I was at the gym and this really awesome looking young guy walked in, and I was immediately interested. He’s one of those guys who likes to work out with his shirt off so he can see it all in the mirror while he lifts. I know they used to have a policy of no bare chests there before, but I guess they let that drop because there are a few who walk around now with their muscles on show.

The one thing I really love is when a guy gets that sheen of sweat over his muscles and he looks like he’s oiled himself up lol

That’s why I had to post some pics of Muscle_Adonis, one of the intensely ripped muscle men over on cam at Hot Cam Guys. This bisexual 28 year old is pretty impressive, don’t you think? He’s a hot Italian too, from a Latino background. I’m guessing that makes for a bit of a steamy mix!

Check out his profile over on Hot Cam Guys, and maybe get in there to see him flexing all that muscle on his cam for a load of horny guys to watch. I might join you too 😉

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Hunky Tyler – Muscle on Webcam

by on Jun.14, 2011, under Photos

I was checking out the guys over on LiveGods again today and they’ve added a really hot dude to their Featured Gods! Tyler is a really ripped and toned guy with loads of muscle, really impressive. I see guys like this at the gym and they just make me drool!

Now, although you can’t see his face, you can just see enough to know that he’s not only really built, he’s pretty good looking too. And all that ink is really hot to see. I love a guy with some body art, as long as it’s tasteful and maybe a little more original than the usual tribal stuff out there, and his looks pretty hot.

Unless it’s fake, it must be pretty new, but I’ve added the older shots before the tattoo because they really show off his muscle well.

This bodybuilder dude is from the US, and again he’s another straight guy. But they all love to show off on that site, so getting a little freaky and sharing that hot body with an audience of guys must be alright for Tyler. I’m glad he’s so open to that sort of thing, and there’s obviously a lot of interest if he’s featured.

You can check out Tyler’s Cam Profile for yourself and maybe have a nice chat with him on cam too. I’m sure he’d love to show you more.

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Young Guy Working It

by on Jun.10, 2011, under Photos

I showed you a few pics from one of those instructional videos out there on the net a few days ago and now I have some more. This guy is so intensely hot words (almost) fail me. That is one seriously muscled young body, and he must only be in his very very early 20’s.

This is the kind of body that total dedication gets you, and while I love it and would really like to have a ripped and toned bod like that, I like to have fun too. I see too many guys who spend their entire week at the gym and then when you mention going for a pint at the weekend they’re all “oh no I couldn’t possibly, I’m training”.

That’s a personal gripe of mine, and real problem when most of your buddies are gym rats. 🙂

Still it doesn’t bother me or affect my body. But then I’m not ripped and toned like this guy, perhaps if I were I would be more cautious about those few beers at the weekend? But I love going to the gym anyway, so if I need to work it off that’s fine. It’s not like I’m giving it up any time soon.

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