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Tag: muscle flexing

Muscle Flexing With Cam Guy Houston

by on Aug.10, 2012, under Photos

Cam guy Houston is a relative noob to the Cam With Him site but he’s definitely been gaining some attention from the members – and the other cam guys – for his immense muscle shows. I guess he’s more one of those guys to watch if you’re really into checking out other dudes pumping their muscles and really showing it off. You can totally imagine this guy being worshiped and having guys really getting off on seeing him bulging and flexing it all.

These pics are from one of the collections added to the gallery archive there, and they’re all self shots muscle cam guy Houston has taken of himself. I can just imagine seeing this guy in the gym and not being able to concentrate while I watch him flexing it all and showing it off.

I have seen guys like him in the gym before, and they’re the kinds of dudes who have me cautiously following them into the showers after my work out in the hopes I might get a more personal show! lol

If you check out the Cam With Him site at all you should totally check out the galleries and Houston’s profile for some more info and pics too. If you’re into worshiping jock muscle then he’s the kind of guy you’d love to see! 😉

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Inked Muscle Guy Flexing

by on Feb.28, 2012, under General, Photos, Videos

I love the fact that guys post videos of themselves on sites like YouTube, flexing their muscles and showing off, looking for compliments and sometimes advice. I guess when the whole video streaming thing really kicked off on the net everyone kinda expected that porn would be one of the major uses, but I don’t think many would have predicted that guys working on their bodies would one day be following and showing their own progress though internet videos too!

Something else that I often wonder when I’m adding videos like this is what the guys think about other guys enjoying them. For instance, do you think this hot young guy would mind that much that we have his video on the Cam Guys blog?

Personally, I would take something like that as a compliment.

I have to confess that I really like this dude, he has a really hot body as it is, and I don’t think he needs to do much. I like rougher looking guys, bad boys, and he has that look about him while being pretty handsome too. I don’t think I would change this guy for the world 😉

Check out the video below, and see what you think. Isn’t he hot?!

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Muscle Flexing On Video

by on Feb.14, 2012, under Videos

I think it’s about time I shared another really hot video with you guys, and when I saw this muscle flexing hunk I thought he would be idea to share on the blog.

Milkymann is the member in question, but not the guy in the video as far as I’m aware. I think he just adds some hot videos that he likes featuring some really impressive muscled guys. This dude actually looks like some of the guys you might find on Cam With Him or Live Gods, so I’m wondering if that’s where it might have come from originally.

I really like the videos like this where the guys actually put on a show. That’s the big difference between these self shot videos from muscled hunks like him and the guys you might she posing down in the gym. Although I’ve seen a lot of muscle being flexed in the mirrors at the gym, you never get a guy slowly gyrating like he’s about to leap on a pole, and it definitely makes all the difference! lol

The guy is pretty big and built, but I especially love those really tight and ripped abs. I would kill for abs like that!

Muscle flexing on video

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