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Tag: muscle cam

Introducing New Cam Guy Bammbamm

by on Jul.09, 2013, under General, Photos

You know I love to share some pics when a new gorgeous cam hunk arrives on the Cam With Him site, and I just had to get some of the shots from BammBamm on here for you guys to check out. The dude is immense, and I know already that he’s going to be a popular man with the members there.

You can of course see more of him in his cam guy gallery on the site, but I had to get some of the best pics on here for you guys too, you know, just to draw you in and get you wanting more! lol

As you can see, he has a great body, really defined and muscled, which is something all the members there love in their guys. That’s what keeps the viewers clicking on cams and getting to know the guys, but it’s more than that too. These guys have personalities to go with all their flexing and showing off, and that’s definitely something that makes their site more popular than a lot of others out there.

So, what else can I tell you about BammBamm? Well, he’s a straight pro football player who recently had to head back to his home state of Illinois to take a break after breaking his leg. I guess that means that a temporary career change is in order, and he’s sure to make some money showing off that hot bod for the members.

However long he’s in the camming business, I think he’s going to be very successful, just check out that bod! 😉

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Muscled Cam Hunk – The Champ

by on Sep.28, 2012, under Photos

It’s been a little too long since I last shared some really hot pics of any of the hunks over on the Cam With Him site, but it occured to me that I hadn’t shared any of the really hot pics from the profile of “The Champ”. And of course, I had to rectify that immediately!

I think, although I may be wrong, that his name comes from the fact that he’s won the title of the Cam Guy Of The Year a few times now, and that’s no easy feat considering some of the competition he’s up against on the site. They have a hell of a lot of hot young muscle guys on the site, so to be awarded the title of the best is definitely something to be proud of!

So I’ve grabbed some pics from this hunks profile for you guys to check out, but you should also know that there are a lot of pics on there for you to click through and appreciate too.

The guy has an amazing body, and I know that he always puts on a great show for his fans when he’s on cam. Click through to the Cam With Him site to see some more and make sure you watch him on his cam if you get the chance!

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Muscled Hunk Joey D Wins Cam Guy Of The Year!

by on Feb.03, 2012, under Photos

I don’t know if any of you guys were aware of it or not, but they’ve been running their annual Cam Guy of the Year award for the past couple of weeks over on the Cam With Him site. I’ve been following the voting in their forum there and it’s been pretty amazing to see one of my all-time fave cam hunks winning it!

It’s been the same guy winning it every year for a past few years, but with Joey D in the running for it this time around it was a pretty close contest, with my hot hunk of manly muscle Joey walking away with the title!

From what I understand, they decide on a short-list from the guys who have been most active and the most popular, then they let all the fans like me vote on the final selection to get it down to one. They can obviously see who has the most viewers and who has the most requests for private shows, and I’ve known for a while that my buddy Joey D is high on that list of top dudes.

But if you’ve seen him on video working his muscles on that web cam you’ll know how popular he is and why he has such a big number of fans!

I’ve grabbed some shots of the guy working that muscle bod on his cam for you to check out. This video is in the archives there, but he’s got a really hot fan club too where guys can watch a lot more.

I’m so glad Joey won, he definitely deserves it in my opinion. Head over to Cam With Him to check it all out if you’ve never visited before, it’s definitely worth it!

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WebCam Muscle Hunks Get Freaky!

by on Dec.06, 2011, under Photos

So, one of my married gym buddies is having some problems at work, and he thinks he’s likely to loose his job in the next couple of months. He works in sales of luxury goods, exporting to Europe, and his company is loosing clients every week.

Now, a lot of people have told him that he should cash in on his looks and his body. Although he’s married, he’s had loads of people telling him he should try modeling and all kinds of things. But he actually mentioned to me about the prospect of being a cam guy, and he seems pretty interested in the idea. Even his wife has apparently given her approval, suggesting that he could set everything up in the spare room and have his own studio!

So I was over his place last night and we got on the net and started looking around. I wanted to show him the kinds of things the cam guys get up to and what he should expect and we found a few pics of some other guys who have bods like he does. He took a look at the pics and although he doesn’t have the kind of confidence they seem to have, he has done a couple of amateur bodybuilding shows, and he’s a really nice, sweet guy too. I think he’d do really well.

I can’t wait to see if he gets into it like these guys in the pics below. But rest assured if he does I’ll let you know and share some of his muscle flexing pics too!

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Hot Gay Bodybuilder on Cam

by on Jun.21, 2011, under Photos

I’ve pointed out before that a lot of the guys I end up featuring from the cam sites state that they’re straight. That’s cool though, I love to watch a hot straight guys stripping off and flexing his muscle on cam for a load of guys to enjoy! There’s something really hot about that isn’t there?

But today I was at the gym with one of my buddies and he said he had a surprise for me. Now normally when my bud James tells me he has a surprise for me it’s some sort of sick porn on his phone or a bucket of ice water perched on top of a door. He’s an asshole practical joker like that. But this time he told me it was a really nice surprise.

He didn’t tell me anything else, so we went to the gym as normal and about an hour after getting there this incredible hulk of a dude came in and walked right up to James and started chatting. I was introduced and the guy, Steven, was really nice. Incredibly handsome and, like I said, totally muscled! I’m not normally into really big bodybuilder types, I like my guys athletic or just muscled and defined, but Steven was sexy!

After that little intro the guy went to get changed in the locker room while we carried on our cardio. As soon as he was through the door James said “Surprise!”
Turns out Steven is gay. Single. Looking. And he’d seen a pic of me on James’ phone and wanted to meet me. My buffy James is now a matchmaker! I hate it when that happens, but I love it at the same time. I can’t wait for our date. 🙂

Check out this really built and openly gay bodybuilder. At least I think he’s openly gay, the pics were labeled like that. Enjoy!

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Big and Beefy Muscle Brad

by on May.29, 2011, under Photos

We have another of those dudes with an awesomely big and buff body for you today. I was cruising around the cam sites and found this guy over at RateMyCamGuys, although I don’t know much about him, other than he regularly works out to build up that muscle of course, it’s obvious he’s dedicated to his muscle building regime.

He says he loves to explore and share his sexuality on cam with guys, and I’m guessing from these pics that he gets really into it too, showing off his muscled built body and plenty more too!

I don’t know if he’s straight of gay, but perhaps the mention of sharing his sexuality means he’s a little curious or bisexual. I guess it doesn’t really matter if a guy you’re talking to on cam is straight or not, as long as he’s into showing off for the audience and putting on a good cam show. And I think he’s one of those guys dedicated to making it fun and horny for whoever is watching.

So, enjoy these pics of hot and built Brad, and check him out over on RateMyCamGuys when you get the chance. I think it’ll be a good show and definitely worth the visit!

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Stripping and Dancing Muscle Hunk

by on May.26, 2011, under Photos

Have you ever put on a show for a partner? I’ve had a guy put on a show for me in the past, and I have to say it was more funny than hot. Don’t get me wrong, he was really hot, muscled and sexy. But he couldn’t dance if his life depended on it, and watching him trying to be sexy was really cute and just made me laugh. I think I hurt his feelings a little, but I just couldn’t help it!
I have another buddy who puts on shows for his girlfriend. He’s done a little stripping in the past, and he really is good at it. I made him promise to put on a show for me one day, but I’m still waiting. I did tell him it didn’t have to be the full works, but that would definitely be fun! 🙂

Anyway, this guy is putting on a bit of a show, stripping off his shirt and showing a pretty hot muscled body before teasing a little more and lowering those jeans and briefs just a touch.

He definitely has the body for it, and I wonder if he’s a professional. Maybe he’s one of those hot cam guys on one of the sites out there, putting on private shows for a select audience.

Enjoy the pics, I’m off to phone my buddy and see if he’s ready to give me that dance this weekend lol

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Russian Muscle Jock

by on May.24, 2011, under Photos

I had an email from a gay buddy of mine today suggesting that I feature this hot muscle guy he’d spoken to on cam. He loves the dude, totally infatuated. lol

I can really see why he’d appreciate him so much, he’s pretty cute, and he has a great muscled physique. I love everything about his upper body from his big arms to his bulging chest and those incredible abs.
My buddy had sent me the link to the video, but I really wanted to see more so I’m hoping he’ll get back to me with a link to a cam site somewhere. I know he talked to him so there must be more of him out there somewhere!

I can’t say I’ve ever become so interested in one guy that I’d follow everything they do on cam, but when I take a look around some of the cam sites – like the ones we have on the right hand side – I can certainly see myself becoming hooked on watching a few of them. There’s plenty I’d love to spend some time on video with, chatting about their bodies and their gym routines. I’m just curious, of course! lol

Enjoy these pics of this Russian hunk posing on webcam, and rest assured that if I find any more of him I’ll definitely share it.

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Italian Muscle Jock Flexing on Webcam

by on May.23, 2011, under Photos

I love the guys who appear to show off on webcam for someone else, like the dudes at HotCamGuys or LiveGods. But I really love the videos and pics guys add to blogs and sharing sites showing off their great physiques.
But it does make me wonder who they think it watching and enjoying their show? They surely know that other muscle guys are out there enjoying it, right?

I know a few guys who are straight, but they love to see a guy flexing. I know, It’s a little odd, but I guess it’s about appreciation rather than sexuality.

None of it really matters, as long as guys like this hot Italian dude continue to show off their amazing bodies for us all to appreciate. I certainly appreciate it!
This guy is showing off for a large audience, flexing his big arms and posing in some professional moves. I love his chest, it’s just perfect. He has just the right amount of muscle for me, not too much to make him look out of proportion and just enough to really enjoy the show.

I have no idea who he is, but I’m pretty sure he has a big group of people watching his moves and loving every second of it.

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Muscle Jock in the Shower

by on May.20, 2011, under Photos

Okay, so I let my boner do the deciding for me today and wanted to feature some pics of this really hot guy posing and showing off in the shower wearing a sexy jock.

I know, you’re probably thinking ‘why is he wearing a jock in the shower?’ and you’d be right to be wondering that, but I guess it’s a fetish video he’s going for. He must have an interesting audience making some really sexy requests!
But, I have actually seen this quite often at the gym. Although the showers are hidden from view and obviously single sex, some guys just don’t like getting their junk out. I’ve seen quite a few guys showering in there in their shorts or trunks, and I often wonder if it’s because of their shyness, or maybe because they don’t want to be flashing an inevitable boner around.

Anyway, enjoy these pics of a really sexy guy showing off in the shower after dragging his webcam in there to record the action. He definitely has a great body, a little hairy, but very buff. And a really nice butt too!

Warning: do not take your laptop into the bathroom unless you have a spare or are willing to see it fry. Just the steam alone can completely destroy your computer. Do I sound like I have experience? I don’t, yet. lol

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