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Tag: Muscle Cam Guy

New Muscled Cam Guy Raul At Cam With Him

by on Sep.10, 2013, under General, Photos

As you might have already noticed, I like to share news of a new cam hunk appearing on the Cam With Him site and get some pics and info on here for you guys to check out. I think this new dude on the site is definitely worthy of sharing too, hopefully you’ll agree and check him out over there when he starts camming for the members.

I don’t know if you are aware, but they’ve started sharing introduction videos of some of the guys when new ones appear to become a star on the site. It’s basically just an interview, where the new guys get to show all the members there what they’re about. Raul is one of the latest, and with his good looks and that beefy muscled body I think he’s going to be a real hit there too.

He has a great attitude, and he’s confident too. I guess if you’re a male fitness model and a personal trainer these things come as part of the job though, right?

You can check out some of the pics I took from his intro video, but you should check out the site to see when he arrives and find out some more about him 😉

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Have You Seen Muscle Cam Guy Zach Taylor?

by on Aug.23, 2013, under Photos

Oh my, I can’t believe it’s taken so long for me to share this immense hunk on the blog. I was on the Cam With Him site this afternoon and saw some of the photos the guy has been sharing on the forum for all the fans to check out, and I knew immediately that you guys would want to see him too.

If you’ve been checking things out around here you should already know that the site has a lot of incredibly well built men on there, showing off for the fans and putting on some really hot cam shows, but this handsome and meaty hunk is one of the hottest new arrivals I think I’ve seen on there for a while.

He’s handsome, and he has an amazing gym buff body, and I really do think that this guy could be a real contended when it comes to announcing Cam Guy Of The Year, which is something they do every year and in which the members vote for their absolute favorite hunk.

I haven’t yet seen him on cam, but from what a few of my friends on the site have been saying he is definitely one of the hottest guys to watch right now.

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Anonymous Muscle Cam Guy

by on Sep.27, 2012, under Photos

I sometimes wonder what happened to some of the pics I put out there on internet profiles years ago and completely forgot about. I know there are a few that I signed up to and added lots of photos, and I never really thought about keeping track of them or what was there. But it does make me wonder if some guys or girls out there have copies of those pics on their computers now, and whether they ever think about the guy in them. I wonder if there’s a blog out there somewhere sharing them with their readers? 🙂

So I did the same as this guy and kept them all anonymous back then. It’s amazing how many guys don’t worry about their identity these days and just add pics of themselves doing all kinds of things without attempting to hide their face at all 😉

I guess that’s a sign of how times have changed though, right? Maybe it shows that we’re evolving and becoming less concerned about what other people think? I mean, I’m not that free and easy these days, but a lot of people definitely seem to be when it comes to sharing their bodies on the net lol

Not this young man though, he knows how to keep it anonymous.

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Cam Guy Working Out

by on Jul.24, 2012, under Photos

It can sometimes be a little difficult to know what to share with you guys on here, because I often find some really hot guys showing a little too much and even though I want to post them on here in all their magnificent glory something stops me from being that “up front” lol

But, there is a place where I can go where I know I’ll find a lot of really hot young muscle hunks to share with you, without revealing too much but being sexy all the same. If you have a thing for really gorgeous guys on cam and showing off their muscle, and the idea of watching guys working out too – come on, if you go to the gym you know you spend more time watching other guys than doing what you should be lol – you have to check out some of the archive photo shoots and videos on the Cam With Him site.

You guys already know that it’s one of my favorite places to visit to check out some really hot cam guys, and these pics from a gallery in the archives of Tyler working out in his home gym should explain why I’m such a fan!

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Muscle Cam Guy Delro Flexing

by on Jul.17, 2012, under Photos

When I saw these giffs I definitely knew I wanted to get them on the blog here for you guys to check out and appreciate. I have no idea how to make these things myself, but they are so hot I would love to give it a try one day and get some of my favorite movie moments into a little shot like this.

The muscle cam guy is Delro, and he’s one of the hottest guys over on the Cam With Him site. He’s always putting on some really horny cam shows for his fans and as you can see from these he really knows what he’s doing!

He’s one of the guys on the site who likes to put on underwear shows when he’s doing some web cam flexing for his fans, and as I am most definitely a lover of the bulge I could watch him in action like that for hours and never get bored of it!

So, enjoy these sexy animated pics of muscle cam guy Delro showing off his bulges and teasing his audience, and if you have the opportunity I would definitely suggest checking him out on cam over at the Cam With Him site, and take a look at his galleries and videos in the archives there too. He’s definitely worth it!

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Muscle Cam Guy Johnny V

by on Jun.19, 2012, under Photos

After the recent announcement on the Cam With Him site that Johnny V and Joey D are gonna be appearing in some duo cam shows together I’ve been waiting for some video action to arrive in the archives there. I really want to start sharing some of the hot muscle action these guys put on for their viewers.

But although we haven’t had one of the duo cam shows appear in there yet I did find this really hot solo video recently added by Johnny V.

As I mentioned recently when I shared some of their duo pics, Johnny V is one of the most popular muscle cam guys on the site, with plenty of regulars tuning in to watch him putting on his shows. And when you see the video of this show in the archives there, flexing his muscles and sharing a workout, I think you’ll totally understand why he has such a loyal following.

Don’t worry guys, I’m keeping my eyes open for some of the action from a duo show. I know it’s coming in the future, and I’ll definitely be sharing some of the stills of pics from that action as soon as it’s out there!

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