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Tag: locker room

Some Locker Room Selfies To End Your Week

by on Nov.13, 2015, under Photos

I went to the gym again this morning, deciding that it was a little too wet and windy for a run as I’d planned. It was a wise choice too, because it was pretty busy and I got to see a couple of really great guys showing off their muscles.

One of them was into taking selfies too, totally naked. I love it when guys do that! Even though there are a lot of guys out there posting pics of themselves in the locker room flexing in the mirror there maybe one in ten who have it all hanging out and totally showing everything off, it always makes me wonder if there was some other guy out of shot admiring them in the way I do lol

I’ve gathered together some of the sexy solo selfies from locker rooms I’ve enjoyed over the last couple of days, none of them showing it all off but still sexy and worth checking out, of course.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and please tell me what your opinions are of guys taking naked selfies in the gym locker room too, is it inappropriate as so many guys seem to believe?

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Gym Selfie Bulges!

by on Feb.13, 2015, under Photos

There’s really hot gym selfies, and then there’s these guys, men who know how to tease and really show off more than just their muscles or fit physiques.

I was looking through some really sexy selfies from guys today, post workout pics of guys showing off their efforts in the gym locker rooms, and some of them really impressed me for their teasing suggestiveness. There’s something very horny about a guy showing a little of what I call the “workout bulge” and I had to share some of the best examples of it with you all.

You know the deal, guys working out get really horny, something about all the effort and the increase in testosterone gets them a little “chubby” down below. I think every guy who works out regularly knows what I’m talking about – a workout is often followed immediately after by a boner and a much needed stroke lol

These guys have a little something going on down there, and they’re either oblivious to the display they’re giving us (unlikely), or they’re deliberately showing it off without being too blatant about it. I think these are the kinds of pics that end up being Grindr profile photos lol


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Locker Room Guys Spying

by on Jul.13, 2012, under Photos

This is perhaps one of those controversial posts that some of you may really like and some of you might totally hate. But I’m going with it because I think it’s interesting.

I think it’s probably fair to assume that for those of us who go to the gym or enjoy taking part in sports that we love the locker room and the showers. The chance to see so many hot guys all in one place, naked, and showing everything off… it’s just hot! But how would you feel about being the subject of someone’s personal porn activities?

There are a few places out there where guys film what goes on, or take some sneaky pics of guys in the locker rooms when they don’t know. I’m only gonna speak from my own opinion here but I wouldn’t actually care if someone did that. The chances of anyone you know seeing it are almost non-existent, and what difference would it make anyway?

I guess it’s one of those moral dilemmas – the pics are hot to see, but if they’re taken without the subjects permission it is an invasion of privacy. But then why is that any different to taking pics of strangers on the street, or the CCTV cameras taking shots of people all day every day? Isn’t that an invasion of privacy too?

Your thoughts?

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Muscle Guys Filmed In A Locker Room Shoot

by on Jan.17, 2012, under Photos, Promos

After the last video a couple of weeks ago with those pics of a gorgeous young guy in speedos in the shower showing off his hot body, I had to look for a little more. I found a great video of some really hot buys in some photo shoots, filmed while they’re having their pics taken. It’s pretty hot watching them flexing and posing in the locker room, in those little blue trunks while they show off for a sexy shoot.
I don’t really know what the shoot was for, but I can imagine it gained a lot of attention from the gay guys out there. It certainly had my attention.

I have a thing for watching hot and hunky guys in the locker room and showers anyway, and this totally reminded me of some of the guys I’ve enjoyed watching at the side of pool when I’m working out. If I pick the right place, I can watch the swimmers and have them pass close by on their way to the locker room. 😉

Is it wrong that I’m now fantasizing about being involved in a photo shoot like this? I wonder how a guy gets to be on set when all this is going on? lol

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Locker Room Self Pics

by on Oct.25, 2011, under Photos

I had another one of those great days today. I didn’t think it was gonna be a great day after I got my ass out of bed an hour late and rushed out to get to the gym. Theres this really hunky guy who goes really early in the morning, and he’s kind of become my motivation now! I really didn’t want to miss him this morning.
Thankfully I didn’t, I got to see him working out and lifting, then cut my workout short to get to the locker room before he did.
I actually got a little surprise that totally made me forget about him.
When I got in there this pretty hot young guy was posing in front of the mirrors, butt naked, taking some self pics. He had one of his buddies with him and I overheard them talking about how he’d built a bit of muscle over the last month.
I know the photo thing is a good way to keep track of how you look when you’re building, and I’ve seen a few guys taking self pics in the locker room. But it’s pretty rare to see a guy openly doing that with everything on show, and with his buddy there commenting too.
But, it made my day, and then I got to watch the other guy (my motivation) coming into the showers shortly after me 😉

Here are some hot locker room self pics. There are some nude ones in my collection too, so I know there are a lot of guys out there who do it. It definitely makes going to the gym just that little bit more interesting!

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