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Tag: Johnny V

Johnny V And Joey D Modeling For Timoteo

by on Jan.08, 2016, under Photos

I have something a little different for you guys in this post. I know we usually check out some hot guys taking selfies and showing off their hot bods for the world, but when I saw this shoot with renowned cam guys Joey D and Johnny V for the Timoteo brand I had to get these photos on here for you all to check out and enjoy.

If you don’t know who these two guys are then I need to advise that you get someone to slap you with something wet and heavy immediately. There is no excuse for not knowing about these two guys if you claim to be into cam guys.

Joey D and Johnny V have been regular features on the Cam With Him site for years, each delivering some amazing shows and building massive followings. They then got together and became more than just muscle buddies, before going into the adult business together and performing for some of the biggest names in gay adult entertainment.

Since then they’ve been doing it all, making movies, performing their cam shows and being totally hot male models too, like in this example. Check out the pics and make sure you go and check them out on the Cam With Him site when you get the chance. You can thank me later 🙂

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Catching Up With Johnny V

by on Dec.27, 2015, under Photos

Fist of all I wish to say that I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I had a nice time with family, and of course I’ve eaten far too much and drank a little more than I planned to, so it looks like I’ll be working extra hard at the gym to get rid of the evidence throughout January! lol

I was wondering what I could share with you guys today, or rather who I could share, and then I occurred to me that it’s been far too long since we last took a look at handsome muscle hunk Johnny V.

We’ve had some great posts featuring him on the Cam Guys blog before, but I think it’s about time we checked back in and enjoyed some more of his sexy photos.

You probably know that he’s been a fan fave on the site for a long time, but I have some photos here we haven’t enjoyed on the blog before, and you’re probably going to really enjoy checking him out too.

He’s one of the biggest guys, one of the sexiest, and one of the horniest too. He really knows how to perform for the members there and always puts on an amazing show.

Check out the pics and click through to visit his cam guy profile 🙂

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Are You Following Johnny V?

by on Jun.02, 2015, under Photos

There are a lot of stunning hunky men we love so much on the Cam Guys blog, but there is of course a couple of hotties who really stand out from all the rest when it comes to showing off their amazing bodies for the fans out there.

Joey D and his buddy Johnny V are the two I’m speaking of.

I’m focusing on the handsome and hunky muscle man Johnny for this one, and I want to share some of his selfies with you guys, because you might not have seen them before.

For those who don’t know both these guys started out on the CamWithHim site showing off their amazing bodies, and they soon became best buds, and then a little more than just buds too.

Johnny has always been one of the top guys on the site, so when he moved into hardcore adult entertainment with Joey too all the fans went a little bit wild. Both these men are awesome, lovely guys, totally hot and worth checking out.

Enjoy some pics of the studly Johnny, and stick around for some of handsome and beefy Joey D too! If you don’t know either of these guys yet you need to go and find them on Twitter and things.

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Cam With Him Guys Joey And Johnny

by on Oct.19, 2012, under Photos

There are a few guys on the Cam With Him site that I really get off on seeing in action, but there’s a lot more to some of these guys than just muscled cam hunks showing off for their audience.

Joey D and Johnny V are perfect examples of being dedicated to the cause. They are without a doubt two of the most popular men on the site and when you see them you’ll totally understand why that is. For a start the guys are really into each other. By that I mean that they are both into muscle worship and appreciating their buddy. They’re good friends, and they perform together on cam pretty regularly too.

But they’re also the guys who are considered to be the faces of Cam With Him (and the bodies too!) These are the guys who get out there and meet the fans and promote the site when they can. They recently went to the Market Days Festival in Chicago to promote the site and get chatting to loads of guys.

They’ve been adding some videos of their antics at the festival to the site (the behind the scenes videos are pretty cool there) and I thought I’d grab some stills for you guys to check out. If you get the chance you should definitely pay them a visit on the site. I’ve seen these guys on cam and they are definitely worth checking out!

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Cam Guy Johnny V Self Pics

by on Aug.24, 2012, under Photos

One of the best places to check out for cam guys and their self pics is the Cam With Him site. It’s been a little while since I shared any of the finds on there with you guys, but after checking out some of the pics Johnny V has been adding to the forum there I definitely had to have some of them on here for you to check out too.

Johnny V is one of their most popular cam hunks, and I think when you see these pics you’ll totally understand why that is. The guy is so handsome and sexy, and his body is immense.

A lot of the cam guys on there are straight, and they don’t mind showing off and teasing all the viewers, but Johnny V is most definitely into the guys!

This bodybuilder and fitness model has the whole package, literally! And the fact that he’s gay, and he likes to perform with his bisexual buddy Joey D on cam too, makes him one of the hottest guys for all the members there.

If you’re a member, or you want to check out some more of him, I would definitely recommend going through the cam video archives for anything with Johnny V or Joey D!

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Muscle Cam Guy Johnny V

by on Jun.19, 2012, under Photos

After the recent announcement on the Cam With Him site that Johnny V and Joey D are gonna be appearing in some duo cam shows together I’ve been waiting for some video action to arrive in the archives there. I really want to start sharing some of the hot muscle action these guys put on for their viewers.

But although we haven’t had one of the duo cam shows appear in there yet I did find this really hot solo video recently added by Johnny V.

As I mentioned recently when I shared some of their duo pics, Johnny V is one of the most popular muscle cam guys on the site, with plenty of regulars tuning in to watch him putting on his shows. And when you see the video of this show in the archives there, flexing his muscles and sharing a workout, I think you’ll totally understand why he has such a loyal following.

Don’t worry guys, I’m keeping my eyes open for some of the action from a duo show. I know it’s coming in the future, and I’ll definitely be sharing some of the stills of pics from that action as soon as it’s out there!

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Two Cam Guys – Get Ready For Awesomeness!

by on Jun.08, 2012, under Photos, Promos

I hope you guys have been planning a great weekend, and that the weather is going good for you all. But I thought that I might add some more brightness to your weekend just in case, with some really hot news that I’ve just picked up on from the Cam With Him site. I know this is gonna be awesome news for all you guys who like to watch some hot muscled men showing off on their web cams!

A couple of their hottest cam hunks are preparing to kick off a whole load of duo cam shows together!

Joey D and Johnny V are two real close buddies who have been seen in some duo cam shows before, and although they are both so hot to watch on their own, I know a lot of their fans love it when they get together on cam.

These muscle hunks have set up their very own duo profile, to showcase their two-man cam shows for the members, and it is hotly tipped to be one of the sexiest and horniest developments ever to have arrived on the site.

You should check out the Cam With Him site for more info on this, and definitely keep and eye on the forums there for more information too!

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Live Muscle Duo Cam Show – Tonight!

by on Jul.22, 2011, under General, Photos, Promos, Videos

You guys know that I love cruising the cam sites and checking out some of the hot guys there. One of my favorites is Cam With Him, because they have some of the hottest young muscle guys on that site. Two of my favorites are Joey D and Johnny V. These guys are buddies, and both work out all the time. They’re far more dedicated to the gym than I am, but it certainly shows!

So, they had a photo session a short time ago, perhaps getting ready for their live cam show. You can check out some of the hot images from the shoot below, they posted them on the forum over on the CamWithHim site to give the guys there a little taster of might be on the way tonight.

That brings me to the live cam show. It’s tonight guys, with two hot muscle boys on cam, one gay and one bi. I’ve booked it into my diary and I cannot freakin’ wait!
Head over to Cam With Him to check out more, and I’ll probably see you in there later, watching the muscle boy duo show. Who knows, if it goes as well as I think it’s gonna, maybe they’ll make their duo shows a regular feature on the site?

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