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Tag: Jocks

Hot Guys Selfies In The Gym

by on Oct.23, 2015, under Photos

Yes, I’m falling back into sharing some hot gym selfies for this post, but I don’t think you guys will mind that when you see some of the hot hunks I have to share with you in this post. This is all about those hot guys selfies in the gym, confident men showing off some definition and sharing their efforts with the world.

I managed to get to the gym a few times this week and also managed to catch more than one dude snapping some pics of himself in the locker room mirror wall, and I have to say one of them was incredibly impressive and totally drop-dead gorgeous.

Does the fact that he was butt naked have anything to do with him being so sexy? I admit that it did. lol

What does a dude expect though? If you’re gonna stand there looking ripped and sweaty with it all hanging out while you take some pics guys are gonna look! I know I wasn’t the only one checking him out too, there was another guy sneaking views of him just across from me.

Still, I guess the guy didn’t care, it’s not like he had anything to be embarrassed about 🙂

Enjoy these hot guys selfies and have a great weekend!

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More Muscle Jock Selfies

by on Oct.16, 2015, under Photos

So, I was wondering what to post today to finish off the week in the best way, and I had to go back to what we love so much – hunky muscle jock selfies.

I was looking around out there today and started to consider once again what life would be like now without the cell phone and the selfie. Unlike some of you I remember a time before the camera on the phone, and before the Internet too, so I can say from my own experience that life is much better with both!

Can you imagine how mundane life would be right now without these hunky men showing off their impressive bods and sharing them with millions of people all around the world?

That brings me to my next question… have you ever taken a hot and sexy selfie like this and shared it out there on the Internet?

I have, but I refuse to post them here (I can’t actually find them, so that would be pretty difficult lol) but that was long before the selfie became such a phenomena or so popular with so many millions of guys out there.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Enjoy these muscle jock selfies and let me know in the comments which one of these hot hunks is the best 🙂

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More Sexy Muscle Guys Selfies

by on Oct.13, 2015, under Photos

Yeah, I think I might be addicted to sexy muscle guy selfies, but with so many hot and horny hunks out there showing off their fine physiques you can’t really blame me if I spend an hour or two (or more) a day enjoying them!

Once again I was inspired today by a handsome hunk I actually saw last night. I was visiting a friend and he had a neighbor come over to borrow a DVD, the guy was built like a wrestler and showing off his massive build through a t-shirt that was clearly far too small for him.

Unfortunately the guy is straight, although my friend claims that he keeps finding excuses to come over late at night as if he’s hoping he’ll hit on him. I don’t know, I think he’s probably just one of those straight guys who likes to tease and looking for compliments.

He got some compliments from me when I met him, I had to mention his massive arms and that amazing chest. He flashed me his abs with a grin of pride.

Check out some really hot muscle guy selfies in this post. They’re all pretty sexy, but I prefer the first guy (same guy as the second pic). Someone needs to tell him that there are plenty of guys who would gladly take some of those difficult shots for him 🙂

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Hot Guys Selfie Bulges On Show

by on Oct.06, 2015, under Photos

So not too long ago I shared some very sexy selfie bulges, and I know it got quite a lot of attention from you guys out there. Of course I had to get some more hot guys showing off their dick bulges in some selfies for you to enjoy, and I think I have a great mix of very hot dudes for you in this post.

You guys know I always try to link every post to something that happens in my own life, and often a post is inspired by some random hunk I saw that day. In this case this is related to a guy I saw years ago, back when I was in college. He might actually be the reason I love bulges so much these days 🙂

I was at a BBQ one summer afternoon and everyone was getting a little drunk. One guy in particular was more drunk than the rest, a handsome and fit jock who ended up stripping down to his tight boxer shorts.

It was a very tempting sight I admit, and I was pretty distracted the whole time, but things became even more interesting when he lost those boxer shorts too and showed exactly why his bulge was so impressive!

I remember him fondly, and the first guy in this collection of pics actually reminds me of him too 🙂

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Underwear Bulge Selfies

by on Sep.29, 2015, under Photos

Yes, the title speaks for itself I think you’ll all agree.

I was inspired once again this morning by a gorgeous hunk of a man I encountered on my morning run. Even though the summer is supposed to be over already the weather here has been gorgeous, and that’s resulted in plenty of guys who would normally now be out on their morning run in something warmer still out there in little shorts – and sometimes even the tightest of spandex lol

So this guy I encountered was a real hottie, a guy I’ve seen before, but this time he was wearing some sexy little shorts that showed everything off very nicely. He looked like he was running with a couple of plums loose in his boxers, if you get what I mean 🙂

I’ve been thinking about him all morning and thought I’d get out there and find some hot guys sharing some underwear bulge selfies with the world, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job with the examples I’ve found too.

Check out the hotness and see what you think. Feel free to leave a comment too, do you have a fave guy out of these tempting show offs?

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I think I have an Ab obsession

by on Sep.15, 2015, under Photos

I’m going to make a little confession here… I admit that I’ve been feeling a little narcissistic recently and been really focusing on my abs. I know why it started too, I saw a stunning jock at the gym with amazing abs and I instantly started comparing myself to him.

I don’t normally do that. I’m pretty fit and never usually feel the need to compete, even though I can sometimes see a totally buff guy working out and feel a little pathetic in comparison lol

But this guy I saw had it all going on, with perfect pecs, tight abs and that perfect V down to his dick. I know I wasn’t the only one checking him out either, I think every guy there (gay, straight or somewhere in-between) was watching him.

So, because of my little obsessive compulsive need to get some good ab action going I’ve actually been seeing results over the last few days. Inspiration always helps though, so I thought I would share some hot guys taking ab-tastic selfies for this post.

These guys are all looking pretty hot showing off their ripped abs, I guess with a few more months of working out and focusing on it I might get somewhere after all! 🙂

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Fit Young Guys Taking Selfies

by on Aug.28, 2015, under Photos

You probably noticed that I am a little biased when it comes to the guys I share on here taking selfies in mirrors, but I plan to change that. A lot of the guys getting my attention are the more muscled and buff, the muscle daddies and the ripped jocks, but there are a lot of really hot younger guys guys out there too and I need to share more of those with you guys on the blog.

I was out taking the dog for a walk at lunch time and I walked through the park where there was a group of guys having a kick about, all wearing jeans and shirtless but for one of them. Believe me when I say I wanted to either stop and enjoy the show for a while or join in and invite myself to the game, but I kept on walking I admit.

It got me thinking about the hot young athletic types out there showing off their bods though, and so this post is the result of that. I got out there and had a look around at some of the hot young guys with their shirts off and showing a little definition and got them together for you guys to enjoy. I hope you appreciate all this terribly arduous work I do! lol

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Hot Guys With Teasing iPhone Selfies

by on Jul.10, 2015, under Photos

I have to make a confession here, I am useless at taking selfies. They never look good when I do them, and I’m always treading the line between being sexy and just showing it all off, there’s never an in-between when I’m texting a dude lol

These guys have the teasing down, some more than others. They’re showing off some sexy skin but being real teasing in the process too. One of the best ways to do it seems to be by showing off that “V” and leaving a little to the imagination…

Something I rarely do well myself lol

I have no idea who these guys are, but I have a feeling you will all appreciate them for their efforts. I think at least one of these dudes is from a gay site though, I’m sure some of you might recognize him and know his name. Feel free to mention that in the comments (mainly because I really want to go and check him out but I can’t remember where I saw him before lol)

Now, I think I need to go and start working on my selfie skills, enjoy the rest of your Friday and have a great evening! 🙂

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Sexy Guys iPhone Selfies

by on Jul.03, 2015, under Photos

I had a surprise this morning. I told a friend of mine last week about my blogging and my appreciation for hunks showing off their bods in some iPhone selfies, and he sent me an email today with a collection of pics he’d fuind out there. I haven’t known him for very long, and I just assumed that he’s straight, but I have to wonder if this is his way of connecting with me for something more.

Of course I had to reply and thank him for his efforts and his sharing, but I asked him if he might send me a selfie of him too 🙂

I haven’t heard back yet, but I’m hoping he might do it, he seems like a pretty fun guy.

Of course I have to share his chosen hotties with you guys and let you appreciate them too, he has great taste I think we all agree, they’re the kinds of men I would have picked for posting here today too.

Maybe I have more in common with this guy than I might have thought? lol

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Friday guys, and have a great weekend too, I’m sure you’ll manage that!

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Hot Guys Working Out On Video

by on Jun.30, 2015, under Videos

So I’m doing something I haven’t done for a long time here on the blog, I’m sharing a video I found this morning that I thought you guys might appreciate too, for various reasons.

I’m actually genuinely impressed by these guys, aside from the fact that they’re damn hot European jocks too.

They’re not massively muscled and hunky men, they’re genuinely fit and toned guys who know how to work out, and for this video they’re showing off their moves around Vilnius in Lithuania. I know this might not be the kind of place they would have expected their video to appear, but I hope they don’t mind us all appreciating them in their sexiness and skills.

These guys have some real core strength, using all kinds of things around their urban landscape to tone up and show off their moves. It’s hard to overestimate just how good these guys are at what they do, being able to lift and hold their own frame the way they are. That’s the kind of thing you don’t see at the gym, it’s the kind of thing you see from circus performers who have been training for years to be able to maintain that pose.

And yes, they have damn fine physiques!

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