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Tag: jock

Muscle Flexing Straight Hunk

by on Mar.31, 2015, under Photos

I have no idea who this hunk is but I really want to know!

He’s a hot guy with some real impressive muscle showing off in some selfies and on his webcam, and I don’t think I’m the only one here who wants to see a whole lot more of him too.

This guy is one of those dudes who always gets my attention, either out on the street, or in a club, or at the gym. When a dude this big walks in all eyes are probably on him instantly, and I think this guy probably enjoy being the center of attention too.

Can you imagine the kind of power this guy has in his tight and bulging body? Yeah, you have a think about that for a little while and imagine what it might be like to spend a little “quality time” with him lol

If you know anything about him, like where we might see more of the guys body, please let me know. I would love to see this guy totally shirtless, or perhaps even more than that! You never know, he might be a cam performer I haven’t had the opportunity to check out yet.

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Bulging Muscle Jock Selfies

by on Mar.24, 2015, under Photos

I had a great gym visit this morning. A friend of mine came with me and we were on the treadmills right near the weight room and had a perfect view of a couple of guys.

I’m like a lot of guys out there I think, I really enjoy seeing a guy working up a sweat, and seeing a hot young hunk making his muscles bulge lifting weights is always going to be a distraction for me. I was distracted today thanks to these two guys.

Both were in their 20’s, but both were massively muscled and hunky. They were clearly real good friends, spotting each other and occasionally comparing their muscles too. It’s so homoerotic but they probably have no idea! lol

I managed to restrain myself from following them when I knew they were both heading to the showers together. I know I should have called it a day and followed too, but I’d only been there for half an hour.

So, after that I was a little inspired as usual. Check out some hot hunks in muscle jock selfies, I found these out there on the net after getting home and needing a fix. I think you’re gonna enjoy these guys 🙂

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Say Hello To Muscle Jock Justin

by on Feb.06, 2015, under Photos

One of my friends sent me this collection of hot and sexy selfies to share with you guys and told me his name is Justin, and while that’s all I know about the guy I think we can all agree that he’s worthy of being featured on the Cam Guys blog.

He’s a confident and sexy guy, but he has reason to be in my opinion. He’s obviously really well built, and although I think he’s probably a gym addict and will end up being a lot bigger and more muscled than he is at the moment I would say he’s looking real fine right now and should probably just maintain.

While some might think it’s a little arrogant to be taking lots of selfies and a little self-obsessed, I love it. Can you imagine (or remember) a world without so many hot hunks showing off for the world? What a horrid thought.

And once again I find myself feeling immense appreciation for whoever it was who created the notion of putting a camera on a phone… whoever came up with that was a freaking genius who deserves a lot more recognition than they’ve received.

Enjoy Justin and his gorgeous bod!

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Inked Jock Selfies

by on Dec.20, 2014, under Photos

I just saw these selfies of a really hot and ripped inked jock and they were so teasing and sexy I knew I had to get them on here for you guys and girls to check out. I don’t think any of you would be turning down some action with this guy if you had the chance, right?

It has to be said that I’m not sure about the selfie face he’s pulling in these pics, but I think we can probably overlook that and just appreciate his fine physique.

Of course, when I saw that there was a butt shot in there with the rest of the photos I knew that a lot of you would especially appreciate that one, and I can bet you’ve spent a little time admiring his buns 😉

Some people love ink on a guy, but for me it has to have meaning and make some sense to the guy owning it. I don’t know about the tatts he has, but it looks like there might be reasons for each. Either way, it doesn’t detract from his fine body in my opinion, he’s still totally worth spending some time to appreciate 😉

Have a good weekend boys and girls!

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Muscled Jocks Selfies

by on Feb.28, 2014, under Photos

I had a great trip to the gym with a buddy of mine this morning, and when we getting changed in the locker room and preparing to go and have lunch I saw one of the hottest hunks showing off and flexing in the mirror, taking pics on his phone. I would have loved to have been the person receiving them, because the guy was seriously hot!

He was standing there in a towel, with the front low enough to get the sexy patch of short hair and the root of his manhood too. It was so suggestive, and although we could tell it was intending to be real sexual me and my buddy were a little disappointed that he didn’t just go all the way and drop the towel too lol

Still, the sight of him flexing and showing off had me on the net when I got home, looking for some more pics of hot guys showing off for their friends and lovers. It was a successful mission and I’ve managed to get some great jock selfies for you all to drool over.

Enjoy some of my finds and imagine being the one being sent these photos. These guys certainly know how to tease!

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