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Tag: iphone self pic

Muscle Dude Selfies!

by on Oct.24, 2014, under Photos

So we’re at the end of the week and I know that some of you guys are planning a night out. I also know that some of you guys go to the gym on a Friday to give yourself a bit of a pumped look – yeah it’s okay to be that vain, I do it too! 😉

So this had me thinking about gathering some pics of hunky muscular guys with some hot bods showing off in their self pics (like I needed an excuse), and I found a good little collection for you guys to enjoy after snooping around out on the net for a little while. I think a lot of you will have a favorite amongst these guys, and I think that favorite is going to be the hunky musclebound man with the beard showing off his naked butt in what looks like a gym locker room.

I have to ask whether you think he took that pic himself, or whether he had a buddy there to take snap that pic for him. I think it’s hotter to imagine he has a friend checking out that butt while he snaps a pic lol

Enjoy these hot guys, and stick around for a little more.

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Cam Guys With Tight Abs

by on Dec.14, 2012, under Photos

I’ve been out there on the net and checking out some of the profiles of hot young guys showing off their tight and ripped bods today, and I’ve gathered some of them together for this post to give you something sexy to check out. This is the kind of hotness I love to browse through when I’m checking out some of the profile and dating sites, and if a guy in my area has a pic on a profile like any of these guys do you can bet I would be sending them a message and seeing if we can hook up! lol

I can normally pick one of the guys I show off and say why I think they’re a favourite, but in this case I just can’t. Although I don’t know anything about any of these guys, I wouldn’t hesitate to hook up with any of them if I had the chance. It’s all about the hot bods and handsome faces with these boys, and although they could all be assholes, I don’t care (I’m sure they’re all as sweet as they are sexy though!)

Enjoy these sexy ripped boys showing off in their pics, there’ll be more coming soon so stay tuned! 😉

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Twink Self Pics

by on Nov.02, 2012, under Photos

I was talking to one of my friends today and he was asking me why I never have any real twinks on the blog. I had to think about that for a while, and it really is true. I guess I focus a lot on the jock boys self pics and the real muscled cam guys a lot more than I used to. So I asked him if he had any suggestions, and then I got a whole load of twink self pics in the email in-box from him! Apparently these are from his own personal collection, built from years of searching on line and blogging about them too (like I do).

I also have a feeling that at least one of these twink self pics is by a boy he’s hooked up with before.

I guess I should say that my bud is a little bit of a slut. He’s not gonna mind me saying that, because he would totally agree. He’s one of those guys who is always on line, always got two or three horny guys on the go with text messages and calls, photo swapping and then meeting up for some fun.

Am I jealous? Well, if any of these twink self pics are boys he’s hooked up with before, then yes, I am jealous! lol

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Horny Muscle Boys Pics

by on Jun.22, 2012, under Photos

I’m back on the young muscle boys self pics for this post, and I think you’ll appreciate that when you see these handsome hotties snapping some photos in the mirror.

I’ve been inspired today by a hot young guy I’m meeting up with this weekend after some chatting and texting. We’ve been sending pics back and forth and we know each other pretty well after only a week. What can I say other than I’m really looking forward to meeting him in the flesh! 😉

Of course, I’m not sharing his pics on here, that would possibly get me in trouble. But I can say that he’s remarkably similar to the first young lad in this collection.

These muscle boys pics feature a lot of sexy showing off, and I can definitely imagine that some of these young guys have shared their pics with some friends. I just wonder if they were boys or girls receiving these shots, or maybe both? lol

What a sexy way to end the week, huh? Wish me luck for my “date” tomorrow night, I think It’s gonna go well if his response to the pics I sent him is anything to go by lol

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Sexy Guys Butts – Self Pics

by on May.08, 2012, under Photos

So we have a lot of really hot young guys on the blog already, showing off their handsome good looks and their sexy bodies, but we haven’t had a whole lot of sexy guys butts in the self pics we’ve had so far. I thought I’d try to fix that today and share some of the pics from my collection of some really hot young guys showing off their very tempting butts!

There are actually not so many good pics out there of sexy guys butts in their personal self pics, so they can be a little hard to find. But that’s why I save them when I find them, especially when the lads showing off their butts are as sexy as these lads.

I have to confess that the guy in the locker room is perhaps my fave of all the pics here. He looks like he has some muscle there (and more!) and that butt is one of those behinds you could really grab hold of for a wild ride! It definitely reminds me of some of the sexiest behinds I’ve seen at the gym!

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Sexy Guys iPhone Pics

by on Mar.13, 2012, under Photos

I really love my buddies, a couple of them especially. I guess a few of us have guys we chat to all day on the internet, and with my work I’m at my desk all day long, so I need that distraction going on in the background sometimes.

One of my mates works from home, so he can browse wherever he likes and he tells me during my working day when he’s sent me an email with some really delicious pics he’s found. So here are some of his latest offerings, and I think you’ll agree that these sexy guys iPhone pics are totally worth sharing here on the blog!

Can you tell gay guys from straight guys just from the way they look in their self pics? I like to think that occasionally I can pick out the straight boys from the gay boys, and you know that if they’re gay they probably have some more revealing pics to accompany the tamer shirtless ones somewhere out there too! lol

I don’t mind having some tame pics of the sexy iPhone guys, seeing a hot guy shirtless like these men is always horny whether they get more daring or not. But there is always a little desire to see more though, right? 😉

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New Phone Syndrome – Straight Buddy’s Pics

by on Mar.06, 2012, under Photos

No, these pics are not of my buddy, he wouldn’t let me have them 🙁
But I met up with one of my buds this weekend and he showed me this new phone he has, and all the things it can do. Of course, the internet thing is important, but because he works out semi-pro he uses the cam to keep track of how he’s developing too.
So, of course, in the process of fondling his new toy (lol) I asked if there were any pics on there he didn’t want me to see – we’re pretty close so there’s not much he could be taking pics of that I haven’t seen before anyway.

Of course, it’s a new phone, and any guy with a new phone will be taking naked pics of himself within hours of getting it. That’s New Phone Syndrome for you. I don’t mind of course, he’s a really hot guy! And like I said, it’s nothing I haven’t seen in reality already.

So I’ve been out on the net and looking for some more really sexy muscle guys showing their bods on their phones. And these are just a few of the really sexy one’s I’ve collected today. One day I know I’m gonna find my buddy on one of those sites! lol

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Naked Guys iPhone Pics – Would You?

by on Jan.20, 2012, under Photos

How far would you go in your self pics that you put out there on the internet? I know I have a lot of pretty tame pics out there that I’ve intended to share with other guys on profiles and forums, but I don’t think I have ever shared a pic with my face and my brain in the same pic 😉

But it seems that these days there are a lot more guys willing to share as much of themselves as they can, either taking some full on nude pics with their iPhones in their bathroom mirrors, or even more on their webcams. Of course, I’m not complaining, and I don’t think a lot of you guys mind that either!

The guys in this post have all been sharing a whole lot of themselves in their self pics, and I guess they’re brave for doing so. I wonder if they knew the pics would end up on blogs like this one, or if those self shots were only intended for a friend or two?

These have been carefully cropped to protect the guys modesty, but of course, if you know what you’re doing you can find the originals, with everything on show. 😉

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Handsome Men Self Pics

by on Dec.02, 2011, under Photos

Any guy can get his phone out and take a pic to share with the world out there, and there are lots of guys who do that actually most of us probably wouldn’t look twice at in a club. But there are plenty who know they’re good looking, and that they have a good body. I’ve featured a whole lot of gorgeous muscled guys on this blog before, but I wanted to share some of the guys that I think are really handsome.

These guys all have something about them that I really love. They’re so good looking, and it’s not all about the body. I know a few guys who are handsome enough to be male models, and I’m always telling them they should go for it and see where it takes them. And I know a few of them have been told by guys on the net that they could do it too. I have yet to find any of those self pics out there, but I’m determined to!

Check out some from my collection. These guys are all really good looking in my opinion, and while I’d love to find more pics of each of these guys (who knows, maybe there are some nude shots out there too?) I’m happy just to have these gorgeous guys to look at showing off in their mirrors!

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Young Guys Self iPhone Pics

by on Nov.11, 2011, under Photos

I know I add a whole lot of really hunky older dudes here and plenty of muscle jocks, but that’s what we all like, right? But I guess it’s true that a lot more guys in their 20’s take hot pics of themselves in from of the mirror, because more of them are on dating sites and have an audience. Or maybe they’ve just had more time to build up that muscle and have more to show off than the younger guys?

But I was checking out a few new sites in my list today and I discovered a lot more young guys, with slim athletic bodies, showing off with some iPhone self pics too. So you know I had to share some of the hottest ones with you guys 😉

While they’re not as muscled and beefy as a lot of the other guys I post here, these self iPhone pics are still really hot, and the young guys are really sexy to see. I’ve got a few leads on some sites where guys share their progress as they get bigger and beefier, so I think I might have to take a look around and share some of those soon too.
I love seeing guys going from slim twink to hunky jock 😉

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