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Tag: guys self pics

Sexy Guys Self Pics

by on Apr.09, 2013, under Photos

Yep, we have more sexy guys and their sexy self pics to share in this post, and it’s a nice little collection of guys that one of my buddies sent me – he has quite the collection going these days.

I have to say that I don’t really know if these are guys he’s hooked up with, guys who have sent him their pics, or just guys that he’s liked to the look of and saved for some personal appreciation, but whatever the reason I’m glad to have the opportunity to share them on here with you guys too.

My bud is one of those guys who is always hooking up with someone. He has so many profiles out there that every time I check out a site and look for anyone who might be in my area he appears! I thought once that the universe might be trying to tell me something. But after some consideration I just came to the conclusion that he’s just a little bit of a man whore lol

Not that I would say no, in fact I haven’t said no to him before 😉

Anyway, check out these sexy young guys self pics and appreciate them as I have, they are definitely worth checking out with those sexy pecs and delicious abs!

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Guys Showing Some Muscle On iPhone

by on Dec.18, 2012, under Photos

Are you guys ready for some muscle? Okay, I know that was a stupid question, when are we not ready for some hot muscle guys showing off their physiques on their iPhones? These are some of the hottest I’ve found recently after spending far too many hours trawling through the net and checking out profiles and galleries. There are a lot of these kinds of pics out there to choose from, but although I could add a post with a hundred pics right now, I think I’ll be sensible and give you four for the time being.

Don’t worry though, there will be more in the future. Like I said there are so many hot and handsome young men out there sharing their muscled bods on their iPhones I could keep posting here every hour of the day and never run out of sexy hunks to share with you all.

I can’t say I have a favourite out of these guys, but you know I like a guy who is really ripped and has a tight bod. I wouldn’t be turning any of these dudes away if they made a move on me. Would you? No, I didn’t think you would either lol

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Cam Guys With Tight Abs

by on Dec.14, 2012, under Photos

I’ve been out there on the net and checking out some of the profiles of hot young guys showing off their tight and ripped bods today, and I’ve gathered some of them together for this post to give you something sexy to check out. This is the kind of hotness I love to browse through when I’m checking out some of the profile and dating sites, and if a guy in my area has a pic on a profile like any of these guys do you can bet I would be sending them a message and seeing if we can hook up! lol

I can normally pick one of the guys I show off and say why I think they’re a favourite, but in this case I just can’t. Although I don’t know anything about any of these guys, I wouldn’t hesitate to hook up with any of them if I had the chance. It’s all about the hot bods and handsome faces with these boys, and although they could all be assholes, I don’t care (I’m sure they’re all as sweet as they are sexy though!)

Enjoy these sexy ripped boys showing off in their pics, there’ll be more coming soon so stay tuned! 😉

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College Guys Self Pics

by on Nov.09, 2012, under Photos

I went on a kind of archaeological adventure this week. I know that sounds fascinating (lol) but what I mean is I discovered a couple of old phones in a drawer and decided to pull them out to check out what was on them. I guess we all have them, right? It seems that they are pretty hard to throw away, and we just keep them in a box somewhere or bury them to be discovered again at some later date.

One of the phones I couldn’t even get to light up, and then I remembered that I’d dropped it in a toilet in a bar about five years ago – yes, that is now thrown out and is gone for good!

But the other, an even older one, worked, played a little tune and seemed to be working fine! I spent about an hour going through it all, seeing old text messages and people I’d completely forgotten. And then I got to the old grainy photos, and they brought back so many memories!

I got up to so much horny action back then, and it seems I was into recording it for my own amusement later on, then obviously forgot they were on there.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share that little story with you. Enjoy these self pic of some really hot young guys, and think back to your old phones… is there anything incriminating on them that you might want to delete, or rescue? lol

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Twink Self Pics

by on Nov.02, 2012, under Photos

I was talking to one of my friends today and he was asking me why I never have any real twinks on the blog. I had to think about that for a while, and it really is true. I guess I focus a lot on the jock boys self pics and the real muscled cam guys a lot more than I used to. So I asked him if he had any suggestions, and then I got a whole load of twink self pics in the email in-box from him! Apparently these are from his own personal collection, built from years of searching on line and blogging about them too (like I do).

I also have a feeling that at least one of these twink self pics is by a boy he’s hooked up with before.

I guess I should say that my bud is a little bit of a slut. He’s not gonna mind me saying that, because he would totally agree. He’s one of those guys who is always on line, always got two or three horny guys on the go with text messages and calls, photo swapping and then meeting up for some fun.

Am I jealous? Well, if any of these twink self pics are boys he’s hooked up with before, then yes, I am jealous! lol

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Tight Abs And Pierced Nips – Hot Self Shot Guys

by on Oct.09, 2012, under Photos

I had another one of those experiences this morning with a really hot young guy taking some self shots in the locker room at my gym. It was really quiet there today, and when I walked in to get started there was this really hot young guy standing there in front of the full length mirrors completely naked and taking pics of himself on his phone. I could tell he was getting a little into it too, and I guess he has a girlfriend (or maybe a boyfriend) who wanted a couple of pics of him right after his workout.

It’s amazing how confident guys are like that. Some guys will jump and make out they’re not doing anything, and others – like this guy – will just carry on posing and taking pics of himself like you’re not even there. It did make me think about asking him if he wanted me to take some pics for him, but you never know how guys are gonna react to an offer like that! lol

I’ve been out on the net today looking for some more really hot self shot guys for you to check out, and I think I have a nice collection here for you to enjoy 😉

Check out the guy with the amazing rings through his nips. I know we’re not all into that, but you have to admit you’d love to tug on those a little, right? lol

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Ripped And Bulging Guys Self Pics

by on Sep.22, 2012, under Photos

I think I might have decided that I love ripped guys with tight abs more than I like big muscled guys with bulging pecs. I was out there looking through some really sexy guys and their self pics on profiles and I gathered these together, and it kind of struck me that I had more interest in the leaner dudes with some tight abs and defined pect, more than the guys with loads of muscle bulging out everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong though, a hot guy is a hot guy, and I probably wouldn’t be turning any of these guys down if they offered me a drink in bar. But I guess it comes back to that instant attraction thing and the preferences we have.

I guess it’s just like some guys preferring hairy men, or daddies, and others preferring hung guys, or twinks. We might not turn down other offers, but we know we have some specific things that make us attracted to someone.

I’d better not share this little insight with some of my buddies, they have the impression that I lust after all of them for their big bulging muscles, and I really wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings lol

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Handsome Guys Self Pics

by on Sep.14, 2012, under Photos

I’m all about the muscle boys for this post. I was checking out some profiles out on the net today and came across a couple more pics of one of the hottest muscle guys in the last post, so I had to get some more of him on here.

He’s the handsome hunk with the Superman tattoo, and I would like to confess that I would love a close-up inspection of the skill used to create that – if you catch my drift lol

I always wonder about guys like him. He looks like he might be a stripper, or at least a dancer. I wonder if he’s into guys or chicks?

With a body like that, I think we can all agree that he can probably take his pick of whoever he wants to sleep with. I’ll bet the list of people who would love to get it on with that hot guy is pretty long!

I’ve thrown in some pics of some other hot guys I found out there too, because I don’t have enough of the hot Superman guy, unfortunately.

If you know anything about him, please let me know. A part of me really hopes that the guy is a gay porn star that I might have overlooked! lol

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Hot Inked Guys

by on Sep.07, 2012, under Photos

I know I’m not alone when it comes to loving some sexy inked men. I have quite a few friends who agree that some ink on a muscled young man is really hot, and I actually managed to convince a guy I know to get some ink after a long debate about it today.

He’s been looking at the idea of getting some ink on his pecs for a while now but he’s been uncertain about what to have done, and after I showed him some of mine he was actually really into the idea. He’s just worried about getting something that he might regret in the future.

So, since that chat today I’ve been looking through the hot guys out there on the net rocking some inked muscle and I thought I’d get some of those hot young men on the site here for you to check out too.

Even though a couple of these guys have very little ink on them, it’s still sexy with the right amount of muscle too. I would definitely call all of these guys hot because of the tattoos they’re showing off in their pics 😉

Remember guys, tattoos are only worth getting if they mean something to you, they’re not “space fillers” lol

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iPhone Muscle Pics

by on Aug.29, 2012, under Photos

I have another hot collection of stunning guys sharing some iPhone muscle pics with the world in this post. I know a lot of these guys might not have intended for their pics to be out there on the net and being shared around with horny guys appreciating them, but at least they’ve contributed to the hotness of the internet, and for that they can be proud!

It always makes me wonder what else these guys have out there in the wild. I mean, how often does a guy stop at taking pics of his muscled chest and abs? I’m pretty sure all of these guys have gone a lot further than just showing off their torso, and I have to confess that I would love to see the results of those extended personal photo shoots too! lol

I cant pick a favorite out of these iPhone muscle pics, they all have something hot about them. The abs are sexy in one, the ink on another is hot, the perky nipples of one is really sexy…

It kind of makes me want to get clicking and sharing myself too, and perhaps I will. But I know I won’t be able to stop at just some muscle 😉

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