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Tag: guys iPhone Pics

Muscle Man Selfies And A Warning For Gym Pics

by on May.15, 2015, under Photos

For those of you out there who might be regular selfie takers at the gym, let this little post serve as something of a warning for you to perhaps pay a little more attention. Although I can’t share the pic on here with you guys, one of my gym buddies sent me one of his selfie pics from the gym today to show off his abs (we have a long-running joke about his dedication to getting that 8-pack) and I was given a little surprise.

He obviously wasn’t paying attention while he took his photo, because ten feet behind him was one of the personal trainers getting ready for his shift, caught at the perfect moment as he was stepping out of his underwear.

What makes it even funnier is that in the top of the pic is the bottom half of the sign on the mirror which clearly states “Please consider those behind you while taking selfies” lol

Yes, needless to say he has no deleted the photo from his Facebook page also, thankfully no one there saw it before I pointed out the problem, and a rather large and obvious problem it was too 🙂

So, now that I’ve got that public service post out of the way, enjoy some hunks showing off their own muscled bods in some selfies, I think you’ll enjoy each and every one of them.

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Hot Guys In Underwear – Selfies

by on Sep.05, 2014, under Photos

I had another amazing experience this morning at the gym and it inspired me once again to get out there and hunt down some stunning guys in bulging undies. These are some of the hottest underwear selfies I could find, and I think you’re all gonna love them as much as I do.

So this morning I went to the gym like I usually do and I was getting changed ready for a workout when this really hot jock walked in, sweat dripping from him, wearing the sexiest bulging shorts.

I tried not to stare (or do anything else obvious) while I carried on getting changed and watched him in front of me stripping down for a shower.

The shorts slid down and I saw he was wearing a white netting jock, completely on show and almost spilling out of it 😉

Yes, right then I wanted to follow him into the shower, but that would definitely have been far too obvious, so instead I made a note to go back an hour earlier next week and hopefully finish my workout at the same time as him lol

Yeah, I’m a pervy guy and I don’t really care who knows it.

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Random Hot Hunk Selfies

by on Aug.12, 2014, under Photos

There are a lot of things I absolutely love about modern technology and the internet in particular, but one of the best things is the ability to just take a photo and send it to some random stranger you don’t even know. I’m on a few sites out there where it’s basically all about sharing pics and showing off, and there are some real hot hunks out there willing to show off for anyone who wants to see.

These are a few of my latest finds, just some gorgeous and muscled fit hunks who like taking selfies and showing off their totally hot bods. Without these guys the internet would be a little less interesting and exciting than it is, so I feel we should probably show these guys some love and express our appreciation for their voluntary muscle displays 😉

I can’t pic a favorite out of this small collection of hot hunks, but I don’t think most of you will be able to either. They all have something about them that really does it for me, and I’m guessing you’ll think the same.

Enjoy these completely unknown hot young hunks, and please share your own photos out there if you have some muscle to show off! Maybe I’ll find you and share you too 😉

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More Yummy Guys iPhone Pics!

by on Mar.20, 2012, under Photos

I had a little bit of a disappointing day today. I went to the gym with a gay friend of mine and we were expecting to have the usual hot gathering of yummy guys working out, distracting us, getting us horny… But I guess we might have got our timing wrong because it seemed like the place was packed with yummy mummies instead of yummy dudes!

So, while we had a bit of a boring afternoon there, we did actually get a more focused workout than we would have done otherwise I guess. We didn’t really have any distractions other than each other, and my buddy doesn’t do anything for me I’m afraid lol

So when I got home I spent a while on the net checking out some hot guys, and my friend sent me an email with some more pics to enjoy of yummy guys too. He knows I collect self shots of sexy guys on their iPhones.

So I had to get some up on the blog for you guys to enjoy, especially the first one. I actually think I recognize at least one of the guys in that first pic, but I have no idea where from!?

If you know, please tell me, because it’s driving me mad. lol

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