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Tag: flexing on cam

Handsome Muscle Man Flexing On Cam

by on Jun.28, 2013, under General

This is another gym-inspired post for you guys. I was working out this morning and I had a great view of this really handsome guys with an immense bod, flexing and posing in the mirror of the weight room. There are a few guys I see there who I know do that, and some of them have even had contests with each other while the rest of us subtly spy through the glass, but this guy was new to me, and I have to admit that I was more than a little impressed.

So, with that inspiration in my mind I came home and started my afternoon of browsing through the videos out there of guys doing the same, and this guy looks a lot like the guy I was spying on flexing in the mirror today. It’s not him, of course, but their builds are the same, and the guy I was watching was as handsome as this guy too.

I could have stayed there all day, just watching him flexing his big arms and bunching up his abs. But of course I couldn’t, that would have been a little too obvious. I didn’t even get to see him in the locker room after his weight session either! Maybe next time 😉

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Muscle Flexing On Cam

by on Apr.23, 2011, under Photos

Today we have another competitor in the bulge contest. In more ways than one. I think my friend won his argument about guys with muscle having bulges in the right places like every other guy, but these pics I found today of a really muscular guy flexing on cam back that up again I think.

I don’t know who this guy is, but I think the stills are from a YouTube video. I guess he must be in his early 30’s, but he has an amazing body with so much muscle. He has to be a professional doesn’t he? I love the lower body on this guy. He’s not totally ripped, but he’s a pretty big guy.

I’m always surprised when some videos survive on YT, because they can be a little close to the mark. That last pic of this guy is quite risky for the likes of YouTube isn’t it?

My favorite thing about this guy has to be those thick legs. There’s a guy I admire at the gym, and he really works his legs. He has so much muscle but his thighs are incredible to see when he’s working out. I can’t say I’d want legs like that, but my friend at the gym really is mesmerizing to watch.

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