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Tag: Fit Guys

Fit Young Guys Taking Selfies

by on Aug.28, 2015, under Photos

You probably noticed that I am a little biased when it comes to the guys I share on here taking selfies in mirrors, but I plan to change that. A lot of the guys getting my attention are the more muscled and buff, the muscle daddies and the ripped jocks, but there are a lot of really hot younger guys guys out there too and I need to share more of those with you guys on the blog.

I was out taking the dog for a walk at lunch time and I walked through the park where there was a group of guys having a kick about, all wearing jeans and shirtless but for one of them. Believe me when I say I wanted to either stop and enjoy the show for a while or join in and invite myself to the game, but I kept on walking I admit.

It got me thinking about the hot young athletic types out there showing off their bods though, and so this post is the result of that. I got out there and had a look around at some of the hot young guys with their shirts off and showing a little definition and got them together for you guys to enjoy. I hope you appreciate all this terribly arduous work I do! lol

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Muscled Guys Gym Selfies

by on Jan.30, 2015, under Photos

I was out at the gym again this morning and had another hot experience seeing a guy totally butt naked in the locker room taking some selfies. You guys probably know this happens quite a lot these days, but while some guys wait until they’re alone to take their selfies some are really totally brazen and don’t give a damn if someone sees them.

It was a busy time too, there was at least another three guys in there that I could see, and I imagined a couple of them were probably thinking how arrogant and cocky he as (and its true to say he was very cocky, in certain regards! lol)

I don’t know how guys do it. Even though I’m pretty fit and in good shape, I wouldn’t want to stand there butt naked where everyone can see, taking pics of myself in the big mirrors.

Having said that, certainly appreciate it when I see a guy doing exactly that. Needless to say I watched pretty closely before he finished up and went to get dressed again. He had a great body, and a great butt too. And I was in the perfect position to see his reflection in the most perfect way.

Anyway, I was inspired to check out some other gym guys selfies, and I got this little collection together for you guys to appreciate, none of them ful on but all of them buff and sexy 🙂

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Sexy Guy Selfies

by on Dec.12, 2014, under Photos

Happy Friday everyone. I hope you’ve had a nice week and that you have something planned for the weekend too, I have to go Christmas shopping, and I’m not looking forward to it in the least. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping, just not with all those crowds and the stress of it all. I usually end up at a bar enjoying a few drinks after a couple of hours lol

If you’re feeling a little stressed about it like I am, I hope this little post of a few hotties showing off their tight and fit bods on their phones might make you feel a little better. There’s a nice little mix of guys in this one, some fit jocks and a couple of slim twinks, all eager to pose and show off for the internet.

I have a fave of course, and although he’s a tease and we can’t see everything, it’s the jock dude with the swimmers bod cupping his junk seductively. You just know there were a lot more pics after that, and I would love to see them too! lol

I hope you guys all have a great weekend and if you’re shopping and get a little stressed, know that I’m probably at a bar somewhere recovering too. Treat yourself.

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Cute Dude With Sexy Selfies

by on Dec.02, 2014, under Photos

I know I’m not the only one who sees a hot guy in some sexy selfies and thinks they should be a performer. I was thinking that this morning when I found these pics of a gorgeous young man showing off his rather lovely body and that handsome face – he should be doing something to make some money from that body and his willingness to show off, right?

I don’t mind whether it’s porn or some sexy cam shows where he teases the audience, but he should be doing something to capitalize on his handsome face and his tight sexy bod.

There are even guys I know who I’ve tried to push in that direction too, I have to confess. One of my friends from the gym did eventually appear in a solo for one site out there, but he lacked the confidence to carry on and do more.

I don’t know who this dude is, but I have a feeling a lot of you would agree that he should be showing off a lot more and putting on some performances. Maybe he is a cam guy or something and I just don’t know it? This is your opportunity to tell me if that’s the case! lol

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Fit Bod Show Off

by on Aug.22, 2014, under Photos

I have a new friend, one who I think I might become a little infatuated with in the coming months. I met this dude through a friend and although I didn’t think we would have the chance to meet up again without our mutual buddy there it turns out we have a favorite band in common and we’ve been thrown together to go. I’m really looking forward to it, he’s a really fit guy of “curious” sexual interests, or at least that’s what my friend says.

He showed me some pics he has of his buddy on his phone, and I have to admit I am impressed with what he’s packing under that shirt – and in his shorts. Don’t ask me how my buddy got those shots of the guy, but lets just say it was the result of a drunken night and some texting of ex-girlfriends. It seems girls can get guys to do all kinds of things with their phones when some booze and a little tit flashing is going on! lol

Enjoy some of my recent finds out there on the big WWW, and wish me luck on our night out this weekend. I’m so looking forward to it I almost feel giddy! lol

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