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Tag: chest

Sexy Hairy Guy Selfies

by on Feb.01, 2016, under Photos

I do love some handsome and hot guys with a little fur on them, and after seeing a gorgeous dude with a little scruff this morning at the gym I felt the need to get some hotties in their selfies on here for you all to check out too.

Yeah, I actually managed to get to the gym first thing on a Monday morning, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be when I initially dragged my butt out of bed. The experience was made even more enjoyable by the sight of a handsome and incredibly sexy young man in his late 20’s with a totally buff body and just the perfect amount of fur on his chest.

I only knew about that after I saw him in the showers after. Man, he had it all going on!

I’m glad to see the whole metrosexual shaving thing has finally died a much deserved death and more men are letting their masculinity show in pics like these. No doubt some men need a lot more manscaping than others, and I think keeping it in check is definitely a good thing, but there is something so sexy about seeing some fur on a guys chest.

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Some More Delicious Cam Boys

by on Sep.23, 2011, under Photos

I’ve got some really hot young muscle guys appearing in front of their mirrors for this post. I know we all love to see the older muscle hunks out there showing off their tasty bodies, but there really are so many younger guys that have some impressive muscle going on under their shirts.
These guys were found in a couple of places out on the net, and more than a few of the pics I manage to find are from cruising and dating sites. So, some of these guys are not only showing off those muscles for the ladies they text, some of them are eager to share their body with some other dudes out there.

Have you checked out any of those sites where straight guys share their self pics with other guys and girls? It can be quite funny to see how many straight guys comment on each other and show their appreciation for a guys body. I guess they’re the kind of guys who use the term “no homo” before hauling it out and watching porn together lol

I’m already selecting some hot pics for my next post, so make sure you check back. I’m also planning to ask one of my buddies to share some pics too, fingers crossed!

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Russian Muscle Jock

by on May.24, 2011, under Photos

I had an email from a gay buddy of mine today suggesting that I feature this hot muscle guy he’d spoken to on cam. He loves the dude, totally infatuated. lol

I can really see why he’d appreciate him so much, he’s pretty cute, and he has a great muscled physique. I love everything about his upper body from his big arms to his bulging chest and those incredible abs.
My buddy had sent me the link to the video, but I really wanted to see more so I’m hoping he’ll get back to me with a link to a cam site somewhere. I know he talked to him so there must be more of him out there somewhere!

I can’t say I’ve ever become so interested in one guy that I’d follow everything they do on cam, but when I take a look around some of the cam sites – like the ones we have on the right hand side – I can certainly see myself becoming hooked on watching a few of them. There’s plenty I’d love to spend some time on video with, chatting about their bodies and their gym routines. I’m just curious, of course! lol

Enjoy these pics of this Russian hunk posing on webcam, and rest assured that if I find any more of him I’ll definitely share it.

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Jock Upper Body Flexing

by on May.12, 2011, under Photos

Some of the videos out there can be really sexy when I don’t think they are always intended to me. Sure, some of these guys really are playing to the camera, and guys you see on YouTube one minute showing their progress you might see a few minutes later on a cam site showing off their muscles (and a whole lot more) to an audience of horny muscle worshipers.

This young guy has a really sexy bod, and although he’s showing his muscle off in a progress vid, you just know he’s hoping some guys out there might be turned on by it 🙂

It works though, because I certainly was interested in watching him as he flexed those muscles and showed off his development after a little bit of a workout.

He’s pretty cute too, although I have to say I think he needs a little more sun! That is some pale muscle he’s flexing there, and a little daylight does wonders for the skin and your mood too.
But, pale or not, I’m a sucker for shoulders, and this young jocks toned shoulders are a highlight for me. I could watch him flexing for days on his webcam!
I wonder if he does private shows?

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Muscle Worship for Slaves

by on Apr.12, 2011, under Photos

I’ve just seen some videos on Xtube featuring some really hot muscle dudes flexing and showing off on cam. It’s amazing how these guys have achieved such incredible bodies, and a real pleasure to be able to watch them on cam and appreciate what they’ve done.

But some take it a little further than just appreciation don’t they? And this guy is one of those men who loves to have both guys and girls truly worshipping those muscles the way they should be.

Those shoulders are so amazing, and that chest is fantastic too, so I can totally understand why guys might love to worship him. Judging by his friends on there and the comments on his profile there are more than a few people ready and willing to worship every inch of this guy.

While he only has a few pics and videos, I hope he’ll add more in the future. I’ve added him as a friend and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on his profile.

Muscle God FlexingMuscle Dude Huge Chest on CamWorshipping a Muscle GuyMassive MuscleFlexing Muscled AbsMuscle God in the Gym

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One more..Cause I like his workouts!

by on Jan.15, 2011, under Videos

We don’t know what his name is yet. Soooo we will call him “John” 🙂 .. John has a very unique workout and it seems to be working out well for him! Check out that body!!

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Warming up the chest and arms..

by on Dec.01, 2010, under Videos

hmm… looks like he was worked up and ready to go!

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Tighty Whities!

by on Nov.26, 2010, under Videos

Stud flexing in his underwear..

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Flexing before taking a bath!

by on Nov.23, 2010, under Videos

This sweaty hottie gives us a lil show before he cleans himself off.. next time show us bath part!

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Trick or Treat!

by on Oct.31, 2010, under Videos

Happy Halloween!!!

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