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Tag: camguys

Delicious Delro’s Big Bulge

by on Oct.14, 2011, under Photos

One of my favorite guys out there in the male cam world is no doubt gonna be Delro. He’s over on the Cam With Him site and makes his presence known in all sorts of other places too. In fact, he got one of my buddies addicted to the cam shows on the site there when I showed him some pics of one of Delro’s cam shows.
My friend initially got into the whole thing on one of the pay adult sites where guys record themselves on their cams and then upload them for the members to watch, but since then he’s moved on to watching the live shows from guys like Delro.
I have to admit that while some of the recorded videos on other sites are good, it doesn’t come close to the interaction with a guy putting on a live show from his own home in real-time.
You guys probably know I have a thing for the guys who show off in their underwear right? So I was looking through the free gallery on Delro’s profile and I decided to get some of his bulge pics together to share with you guys.
Make sure you check out his cam profile though, because there is a lot more there to enjoy if you haven’t checked it out already!

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Beefy Muscle Dude Self Pics

by on Jul.29, 2011, under Photos

How many of us have those pics on our phones? I know I have a few, and you can always tell that someone has something to hide on theirs if they get paranoid about losing it or having someone else use it lol
Now, although these ones are not as, shall we say “intense” as some of the pics on my phone, they’re pretty hot.
The 28 year old hunk is just a little handsome, and that body is so sexy! He’s obviously a bit of a gym rat, and he actually wants to open his own gym too when he finally gets out of Ohio, which he apparently wants to do. And sorry lads, the guy is straight, and he’s looking for sexy ladies to go out with.
Although, what makes “sexy”? It’s a little vague isn’t it.

One of my favorite things about a muscle guy is his “Adonis Belt”, and this guy has some seriously sexy curves there (for those less in the know, they’re the mounds and the ridges that lead down to the pubic area from the waist).
There’s just something really hot about a guy with muscle there, and man, this dude has plenty!

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Live Muscle Duo Cam Show – Tonight!

by on Jul.22, 2011, under General, Photos, Promos, Videos

You guys know that I love cruising the cam sites and checking out some of the hot guys there. One of my favorites is Cam With Him, because they have some of the hottest young muscle guys on that site. Two of my favorites are Joey D and Johnny V. These guys are buddies, and both work out all the time. They’re far more dedicated to the gym than I am, but it certainly shows!

So, they had a photo session a short time ago, perhaps getting ready for their live cam show. You can check out some of the hot images from the shoot below, they posted them on the forum over on the CamWithHim site to give the guys there a little taster of might be on the way tonight.

That brings me to the live cam show. It’s tonight guys, with two hot muscle boys on cam, one gay and one bi. I’ve booked it into my diary and I cannot freakin’ wait!
Head over to Cam With Him to check out more, and I’ll probably see you in there later, watching the muscle boy duo show. Who knows, if it goes as well as I think it’s gonna, maybe they’ll make their duo shows a regular feature on the site?

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Young Gym Bod on Cam

by on Jul.15, 2011, under General, Photos

You know I go through the cam sites and check out the boys right? Of course, why else would I be writing here and offering you some of those sexy guys on video?

This guy was one who caught my eye over on Hot Cam Guys. I think he’s pretty new, but when I saw his profile I thought of someone I knew a while ago. He was gorgeous, only 19, and he had always been a skinny young lad. But when he started going to the gym he really changed. And I mean he REALLY changed! It was quite remarkable really, he went from skinny tall guy to athletic hunk in about six months. He’d always been handsome, and the girls always loved him, but when he started to work out and his body responded to it so well he just became incredibly hot!

Unfortunately, he went a little too into it, and instead of stopping there he’s now like a bouncer, with a gut. He wants to be some kind of “strong man” rather than a fit muscled guy and it doesn’t work well for him.

This guy reminds me of when my friend started out though. Just sexy, lean, toned, whatever word you want to use. You can check out more from him and others over on Hot Cam Guys.

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Hot Young Jock Doing Box Jumps

by on Jun.28, 2011, under General

I’ve posted some pics of this hot young jock dude before, but there’s another of this young hunk doing some box jumps and showing how do it and how not to do it! Lesson one (I would guess) is make sure you have the right “support”. And he certainly does. Those really are some tight fitting shorts the dude is wearing, so I don’t know how many viewers are watching him because of that, or to learn some tips!

Now, I could go on and on about exercise and how it has obviously worked for him, or I could just talk about the fact that he’s incredibly hot to watch. You know, I think I’ll do the latter!
He does have a great body, and I have to say that although there are loads of guys at my gym who come close, most guys there wear t-shirts or vests unfortunately. So while they might have awesome muscled bodies like this dude, I don’t get to see them all too often other than in the showers and locker room. There are a few more brave guys though.
I don’t understand the shyness of a lot of them. If you have a great body like that, show it off in the gym! Show all the other guys what they’re working toward! And give me something to watch and drool over while I sweat lol

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Hot Young Jock On Cam

by on Jun.17, 2011, under Photos

So you know it’s a hobby of mine to cruise the tube sites and cam sites for some hot guys. I can spend hours looking through and finding really hot looking muscled guys to watch, and then to mention here. I guess it’s a bit of an addiction these days, but I’m managing to keep it under control, just about 🙂

This young dude is one of those I found today after spending a few hours at the gym this morning, and I was really glad to find him.
He’s really good looking, and he has the kind of awesome wide shoulders that I love. Of course, the rest of him isn’t too bad either and he has some great abs and some pretty big and bulging arms.

I don’t know if he’s a cam pro, he certainly doesn’t seem like it, although I wish he were. It would be cool to chat to him on one of the cam sites and see if he’d flex and pose for me.

Enjoy these pics of the hot jock dude flexing and showing off his muscles. And now if you don’t mind I’m gonna go and look for some more! It’s under control, I swear! 🙂

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Hunky Tyler – Muscle on Webcam

by on Jun.14, 2011, under Photos

I was checking out the guys over on LiveGods again today and they’ve added a really hot dude to their Featured Gods! Tyler is a really ripped and toned guy with loads of muscle, really impressive. I see guys like this at the gym and they just make me drool!

Now, although you can’t see his face, you can just see enough to know that he’s not only really built, he’s pretty good looking too. And all that ink is really hot to see. I love a guy with some body art, as long as it’s tasteful and maybe a little more original than the usual tribal stuff out there, and his looks pretty hot.

Unless it’s fake, it must be pretty new, but I’ve added the older shots before the tattoo because they really show off his muscle well.

This bodybuilder dude is from the US, and again he’s another straight guy. But they all love to show off on that site, so getting a little freaky and sharing that hot body with an audience of guys must be alright for Tyler. I’m glad he’s so open to that sort of thing, and there’s obviously a lot of interest if he’s featured.

You can check out Tyler’s Cam Profile for yourself and maybe have a nice chat with him on cam too. I’m sure he’d love to show you more.

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Young Guy Working It

by on Jun.10, 2011, under Photos

I showed you a few pics from one of those instructional videos out there on the net a few days ago and now I have some more. This guy is so intensely hot words (almost) fail me. That is one seriously muscled young body, and he must only be in his very very early 20’s.

This is the kind of body that total dedication gets you, and while I love it and would really like to have a ripped and toned bod like that, I like to have fun too. I see too many guys who spend their entire week at the gym and then when you mention going for a pint at the weekend they’re all “oh no I couldn’t possibly, I’m training”.

That’s a personal gripe of mine, and real problem when most of your buddies are gym rats. 🙂

Still it doesn’t bother me or affect my body. But then I’m not ripped and toned like this guy, perhaps if I were I would be more cautious about those few beers at the weekend? But I love going to the gym anyway, so if I need to work it off that’s fine. It’s not like I’m giving it up any time soon.

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The Office Guys

by on Jun.07, 2011, under Photos

Remember a little while ago I told you about my dedicated gym-rat buddy who would travel miles to get to the gym if he had to? When we had all the bad weather here and his usual gym closed he joined another one further away just to get his daily fix. Well, I went with him and we found that there are a lot of office types there.
I guess it’s because it’s more expensive than our usual local gym.

So I went back there with my buddy yesterday and I’m definitely glad I did. It seems he’s started going there more often and really gets on well with some of the guys. There’s one dude in particular who works upstairs in the office and comes down to train in the afternoon, and just as we arrived he was stripping out of his shirt and tie in the locker room.

My buddy gets on really well with him, and even got a discount (I have to wonder if there’s more going on there than I previously assumed!)
But the guy is seriously hot. He’s in his late 20’s, really muscled and just a little hairy. I never knew I liked watching guys stripping out of a shirt and tie before yesterday, but seeing him climbing out of his office wear while he chatted to my buddy, then the two of them standing there naked with their goods on show made me spring a boner!

This guy is smoother than Danny (the office guy), but roughly the same build. Hot no? Yeah, I think I might be permanently changing gyms soon!

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Ripped Jock Exercising

by on Jun.03, 2011, under Photos

There is nothing better when I go to the gym than when I get to watch a hot ripped Jock exercising. Okay, there are some things that are better, like the sights in the locker room and the showers. And there have been some really interesting instances in the steam room too, but I’ll keep that to myself for now 🙂

At my gym there are a few personal trainers who I love to watch working over the newbies. Some of the regulars get some help from them too, and they’re all like this guy, really happy and helpful, and incredibly well built and athletic. There are a couple really into their weights, but most seem to be into cardio.

I just love this guys build, his chest is pretty wide and his waist pretty tight, with great abs too. He’s like a gymnast or maybe a swimmer. I love guys like that, not too much and not too little, just perfect. But, I do have a feeling you might not be paying your attention only to those muscles.
I wonder why he chose tight shorts like that to work out in? Makes little sense 🙂

Anyway, enjoy these pics, I certainly am!

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