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Tag: cam guys

Construction Hunk Shows Off

by on May.20, 2014, under Photos

There are so many things to appreciate about the internet, from the masses of information there is now at our fingertips to the ability to talk to someone thousands of miles away and share information within seconds. But one of the best things about the internet for me is the simply ability for men to share pics of themselves with complete strangers and even develop a whole following of adoring fans simply through showing off.

Check out this handsome and hunky American construction worker, showing off his gorgeous body and taking some pics of himself. I don’t know how they ended up out there, or what he was hoping for as a result, but I think we all agree that we appreciate his efforts and if he wants a dedicated following of eager fans all he has to do is ask!

The thing is, he probably doesn’t know how hot so many people think he is, nor that there are plenty of guys out there like you and me willing to follow him and share in his exhibitionism.

Anyway, enjoy the pics he’s shared, and if you know more about him or where I can see more then please let me know!

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Buff Bodied Boys Self Pics

by on Aug.02, 2013, under Photos

Have you ever seen those guys at the gym showing off their muscles in the mirrors? I see that quite a lot at the gym I go to because they have a specialist weight lifting department where loads of bodybuilders come in. It’s not one of those places packed with office workers and women trying desperately to rid themselves of the evidence of their last child. lol

A couple of days ago I saw two friends comparing their abs, and it made me think about how many of those buff guys I see there have photo galleries out there on the internet and get off on sharing their self pics on sites. I’m thinking that a lot of them do, judging by how many I can find out there of guys flexing their muscles and taking their own photos.

I have a good collection of them now, and I’m always adding more too. You’ve seen some of my best ones on the blog over the last few months, but I have a few fresh hotties with hot bods to share with you in this post…

I wonder if these guys mind at all that other guys are checking them out? Considering how many straight guys I see comparing muscles and showing off to each other at the gym, a lot of them seem to like it icon wink Buff Bodied Boys Self Pics

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Introducing New Cam Guy Bammbamm

by on Jul.09, 2013, under General, Photos

You know I love to share some pics when a new gorgeous cam hunk arrives on the Cam With Him site, and I just had to get some of the shots from BammBamm on here for you guys to check out. The dude is immense, and I know already that he’s going to be a popular man with the members there.

You can of course see more of him in his cam guy gallery on the site, but I had to get some of the best pics on here for you guys too, you know, just to draw you in and get you wanting more! lol

As you can see, he has a great body, really defined and muscled, which is something all the members there love in their guys. That’s what keeps the viewers clicking on cams and getting to know the guys, but it’s more than that too. These guys have personalities to go with all their flexing and showing off, and that’s definitely something that makes their site more popular than a lot of others out there.

So, what else can I tell you about BammBamm? Well, he’s a straight pro football player who recently had to head back to his home state of Illinois to take a break after breaking his leg. I guess that means that a temporary career change is in order, and he’s sure to make some money showing off that hot bod for the members.

However long he’s in the camming business, I think he’s going to be very successful, just check out that bod! icon wink Introducing New Cam Guy Bammbamm

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New Sexy Cam Guy Arcangelo

by on Jun.18, 2013, under Photos

If you’ve been checking out the posts on here for any good length of time you know that the Cam With Him site is one of my favorite places to hang out. They have some of the sexiest men on there showing off for their fans, and there are a lot of fans there to enjoy the shows too. They’re always adding new guys to the site, and although some might come and go and some members have their favorites that they follow around on the site, it’s always exciting when a new guy comes along.

They’ve had a few new arrivals recently, but I decided that Arcangelo is probably one that needs to be shared with you guys as a matter of urgency! lol

You just need to see the pics below to see why I think he might be the “next big cam guy” to arrive there. He has the whole package as far as I can tell. He’s handsome to a stupid degree, he has an insanely hot jock body, and he has the kind of confidence a guy needs to really put on the kinds of shows the fans there expect of their men.

Although a lot of their guys are straight, Arcangelo is bisexual and proud. And he’s Italian too! I know, a bisexual Italian jock… hubba hubba! Check out some more pics in his free cam guy gallery on the site and make sure you sign up there to say hi to him and watch his shows icon wink New Sexy Cam Guy Arcangelo

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Competing Muscle Boys

by on Jun.14, 2013, under General, Photos

Do you ever see those guys in the gym flexing their pecs and showing off in the mirrors? Come on, I think we’ve all seen them, haven’t we? The gym I go to hasĀ  a pretty big group of proper muscled bodybuilder types, and they are always watching themselves in the mirror. A few times I’ve seen some real muscle appreciation going on between some of them too, and although I have no doubt they are straight – or consider themselves to be straight – they have that sense of loving the muscle worship between them. I kind of wondered a few times what those guys get up to when they’re not at the gym! lol

These young guys are like that, competing and showing off for each other. I don’t know if there’s more to these pics than that though, because one of my buddies sent them to me and told me there’s a video out there. He likes to do that, teasing me.

That’ll teach me for telling him about the hot muscle guys at my gym that get me all worked up with their muscle flexing shows, I really should learn to keep my mouth shut around him about what gets me horny lol

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Sexy Pecs And Abs

by on May.17, 2013, under General, Photos

What is it about the male body that does it for you? I guess for a lot of guys it’s the pecs and abs, like it is for me. I have a thing about guys shoulders too though, and seeing a guy with real broad and sloping shoulders does something to me. You can imagine my sessions at the gym can be pretty distracting lol

I was taking a look out there on the net this afternoon and looking around some of those forums and dating sites I’m a member of, and thought I’d get some of the sexy pics I was checking out on the blog here for you guys to enjoy too.

So, although not all of these pics are self shots, with phones or webcams, I had to throw in the first guy just because of his sexy and smooth tight body. The dude might be posing for a friend to take his picture, but the guy is sexy as hell and deserves to be shared with you guys on here! icon wink Sexy Pecs And Abs

I don’t know who any of these guys are, of course, I just know they have hot bods and that they like showing them off. I think we’ll all gladly sit back and appreciate them too, right? lol

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Most Ripped Cam Hunk At Cam With Him?

by on May.10, 2013, under General, Photos

I’ve been checking out a lot of the massively muscled and ripped men over on the Cam With Him site over the last few days and when I saw this pretty awesome shot of the hunky Carter on the forums, showing off him immense abs and that massively muscled chest I knew he would be one of those guys worth sharing on here with you guys.

It’s quite amazing to see that we haven’t had any of this hunks photos on here yet, but I’m definitely fixing that with this post. There are a few in his free profile gallery worth checking out, but I think I have chosen a nice little selection that should have you all more than a little interested in seeing some more of him.

This straight hunk has a fan club on the site with some action going on in there too, so if you can’t get enough of him in the archives and in his live cam shows for all his fans (including private shows, that I would highly recommend lol) then you can always sign up to that special club and get more access to him than the average fan icon wink Most Ripped Cam Hunk At Cam With Him?

Enjoy the muscled hunk, but be careful where you drool lol

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Cam Guy Delro Flexing His Muscles

by on May.03, 2013, under Photos

I was on the Cam With Him site this morning and checking out some of the videos and the galleries of some of their sexiest guys flexing and showing off, and when I realized I hadn’t shared any pics of the gorgeous and muscled hunk Delro on the blog here for a while I had to fix that straight away.

You know I’m often inspired by guys I see at the gym, and when I see some real buff hunk working out I often get the urge to get on the Cam With Him site to see what some of their big guys have been up to. That’s what happened with this post too. I was checking out this real hot young man at the gym this morning and the moment I got home I was looking through the profiles and the free galleries of some of their dudes.

Delro is definitely one of the hottest cam guys out there on the net, and I think you can tell from these pics exactly why he’s so popular with the members on the site too. The dude is immense, and looking bigger and more buff than he was just a few months ago too.

If you saw this hunk working out at your gym you would be paying a lot of attention to him too, right? Damn, I would be following this guy around like a lost puppy! lol

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Cam Shows From Andy

by on Apr.30, 2013, under General, Photos

You know there are a lot of guys out there that I love to see showing off on cam, and I really enjoy sharing pics of hot young guys taking photos of themselves on their phones for all the dudes out there to enjoy too. But I have something a little different for you with this post on the blog…

If you enjoy some of the British gay sites out there you might be familiar with this young man. His name is Andy, and he’s a straight muscular guy who got into porn a while ago and has done quite a lot of solo work and some fetish spanking videos too.

He’s also now a cam guy, and appears on his webcam enjoying himself, and showing off with a friend of his too.

I wanted to share some pics of him and let you know about his FaceBook page, because he is a hot guy, really nice, and really hung too! icon wink Cam Shows From Andy

These are just some of the photos I’ve seen him put out there that I think you’ll enjoy checking out. There are more of course, and he’s not really shy about showing off what he’s got! Check him out on his cam when you get the chance! icon wink Cam Shows From Andy

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Hunky Cam Guy Mr Stark

by on Apr.17, 2013, under Photos

It’s about time we had some pics from one of the cam guys on the Cam With Him site, and after checking out some of the awesome pics of new hunky cam guy MrStark I was pretty sure you would all be interested in finding out a little more about him.

I have to start this off by adding that the pics I’m sharing with you guys here and from his free profile galley and you can check out more of them on the site. But the dude has also recently started up his own fan club page too, meaning that there’s a lot more for those members to check out with galleries and videos of his shows.

So if you haven’t seen him yet, I can tell you that he’s pretty new on the site, he obviously has an amazing body, and a great smile too. The 24 year old straight hunk is clearly already becoming real popular, I think that’s obvious with him starting a fan club so soon after arriving, and I can totally understand why. He’s the whole package, he’s got everything going on, and I think some of the other cam guys on the site might want to step up their game a little because he could knock them off their top spot! lol


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