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Tag: cam guy

Muscle Flexing Straight Hunk

by on Mar.31, 2015, under Photos

I have no idea who this hunk is but I really want to know!

He’s a hot guy with some real impressive muscle showing off in some selfies and on his webcam, and I don’t think I’m the only one here who wants to see a whole lot more of him too.

This guy is one of those dudes who always gets my attention, either out on the street, or in a club, or at the gym. When a dude this big walks in all eyes are probably on him instantly, and I think this guy probably enjoy being the center of attention too.

Can you imagine the kind of power this guy has in his tight and bulging body? Yeah, you have a think about that for a little while and imagine what it might be like to spend a little “quality time” with him lol

If you know anything about him, like where we might see more of the guys body, please let me know. I would love to see this guy totally shirtless, or perhaps even more than that! You never know, he might be a cam performer I haven’t had the opportunity to check out yet.

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Catching Up With Hunky Cam Guy Drake

by on Mar.10, 2015, under Photos

I was talking to a friend of mine last night and we got to chatting about some of the guys on the Cam With Him site and the new careers in gay porn a couple of the guys there now have too. I asked my friend which of the Cam Guys was his favorite, expecting him to say Johnny V or Joey D (because of the porn they’ve been appearing in for the last few months) but he told me that Drake was his top guy.

I can understand that, we’ve had some of his pics on the blog before and I know a lot of the fans of the site love him as much as I do. If there was anyone else on the Cam With Him site I would love to see appearing in hardcore porn it would be Drake!

I thought it was about time I shared some more of the sexy pics from his profile on there and got you guys checking him out. You can go and see more pics on his cam guy profile page too, so make sure you go and take a look at that when you get the chance.

This handsome and buff man is gorgeous, and he has a truly great body. Who out there would not want to see him in porn?! lol

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Cute Taylor Childs at CWH

by on Feb.03, 2015, under Photos

It’s been a little while since we last shared some of the hotties from the Cam With Him site, so I thought you might like to check out this stunning young man and go and take a look at his free cam guy profile page on there too – there’s some more pics, I just wanted to give you a little teasing taste of him :)

He’s a very cute young man, and he has a great defined and tight body. Then again, you might expect that from their guys, right? They have a habit of getting some of the most impressive young men and muscle hunks on there showing off their bods for the fans, and quite often those guys go on to become famous in other areas of life too. If you haven’t checked out Johnny V and Joey D on there, they are perfect examples of how being a cam hunk can take you into the adult entertainment business!

I’m sure when you check out Taylor Childs you’ll be hoping to see him making the same transition into the adult entertainment business too – assuming he hasn’t done that already of course lol

He’s a real nice guy, straight, and only 25, but with a lot going for him and plenty more to offer in the future too.

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Hunky Bisexual Cam Guy MarkFlexberg

by on Jan.02, 2015, under Photos

I hope you guys and girls have all had an excellent New Year, and I hope that some of you are in the process of enjoying a long weekend off work too. If you are, you might want to spend some of that time on the Cam With Him site checking out their new look and some of their gorgeous guys.

For instance, you might want to enjoy the sight of hunky bisexual cam guy MarkFlexberg, a model I have just discovered on there and one that I think plenty of you guys are going to want to check out too.

There’s a lot to love about this handsome and buff guy, not least of all his impressive bulge.

Come on, you noticed it too, in fact it was probably one of the first things you picked up on when you clicked for a bigger pic. It’s certainly delicious looking, very tempting indeed, and we want to see a whole lot more!

I think he’s pretty new on the site, so he deserves a good welcome. I think he’s going to get that from all the adoring fans on there, he’s just the type of dude we love to see flexing his stuff ;)

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Inked British Dude Andy Lee

by on Nov.25, 2014, under Photos

I have something a little special for you guys today, and I think plenty of you will want to be checking him out and looking for more when you see this post.

As you might know, I chat to a lot of guys in the adult business and guys who like to show off on their cams for their fans, taking selfies and all that kind of stuff. One of my faves of all time is British guy Andy Lee. As I understand it he’s done some adult work for a few sites in the past, and he’s been a cam performer too. He went missing from the business a while back but recently returned to share some personal pics with fans who were eager to see more of him.

Apart from being a totally nice, friendly and funny guy, and a playful scamp too, he’s a really fit guy and has a lot of “special talents” that have gained him a lot of followers and fans. It might not be clear from these pics, but the guy has a rather big appendage, and being a Brit he’s also uncut. But there’s more he’s got going on too, like his massively impressive “finales”.

I thought I’d grab some of his selfies together so you can check out his muscled and inked bod, isn’t he adorable?

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New Muscled Cam Guy Raul At Cam With Him

by on Sep.10, 2013, under General, Photos

As you might have already noticed, I like to share news of a new cam hunk appearing on the Cam With Him site and get some pics and info on here for you guys to check out. I think this new dude on the site is definitely worthy of sharing too, hopefully you’ll agree and check him out over there when he starts camming for the members.

I don’t know if you are aware, but they’ve started sharing introduction videos of some of the guys when new ones appear to become a star on the site. It’s basically just an interview, where the new guys get to show all the members there what they’re about. Raul is one of the latest, and with his good looks and that beefy muscled body I think he’s going to be a real hit there too.

He has a great attitude, and he’s confident too. I guess if you’re a male fitness model and a personal trainer these things come as part of the job though, right?

You can check out some of the pics I took from his intro video, but you should check out the site to see when he arrives and find out some more about him ;)

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New Sexy Cam Guy Arcangelo

by on Jun.18, 2013, under Photos

If you’ve been checking out the posts on here for any good length of time you know that the Cam With Him site is one of my favorite places to hang out. They have some of the sexiest men on there showing off for their fans, and there are a lot of fans there to enjoy the shows too. They’re always adding new guys to the site, and although some might come and go and some members have their favorites that they follow around on the site, it’s always exciting when a new guy comes along.

They’ve had a few new arrivals recently, but I decided that Arcangelo is probably one that needs to be shared with you guys as a matter of urgency! lol

You just need to see the pics below to see why I think he might be the “next big cam guy” to arrive there. He has the whole package as far as I can tell. He’s handsome to a stupid degree, he has an insanely hot jock body, and he has the kind of confidence a guy needs to really put on the kinds of shows the fans there expect of their men.

Although a lot of their guys are straight, Arcangelo is bisexual and proud. And he’s Italian too! I know, a bisexual Italian jock… hubba hubba! Check out some more pics in his free cam guy gallery on the site and make sure you sign up there to say hi to him and watch his shows ;)

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Modeling With Johnny V

by on May.14, 2013, under General, Photos

You know I’ve been really into the men over on the Cam With Him site in the last couple of months, and if you’re as into the guys they have there as much as I am then you will totally get why I want to big them up in as many ways as I can! lol

But, you should know that a lot of their guys have lives outside of the camming world. It’s probably no surprise to most of you to know that a lot of these guys are bodybuilders and go to all kinds of contests and competitions all over the world every year. But some of them do more than that too. Some are specialists in training and diet, some are DJ’s and promoters, some are working in medicine… there are all kinds of things these guys do away from their cams.

So, I found out this week that Johnny V has been doing some modeling recently and posing for a photographer friend of his, and I have to say that I am definitely loving the results! He’s posted these sexy pics on the forum there for the fans to check out, and I had to share them with you guys on here too ;)

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Cam Guy Delro Flexing His Muscles

by on May.03, 2013, under Photos

I was on the Cam With Him site this morning and checking out some of the videos and the galleries of some of their sexiest guys flexing and showing off, and when I realized I hadn’t shared any pics of the gorgeous and muscled hunk Delro on the blog here for a while I had to fix that straight away.

You know I’m often inspired by guys I see at the gym, and when I see some real buff hunk working out I often get the urge to get on the Cam With Him site to see what some of their big guys have been up to. That’s what happened with this post too. I was checking out this real hot young man at the gym this morning and the moment I got home I was looking through the profiles and the free galleries of some of their dudes.

Delro is definitely one of the hottest cam guys out there on the net, and I think you can tell from these pics exactly why he’s so popular with the members on the site too. The dude is immense, and looking bigger and more buff than he was just a few months ago too.

If you saw this hunk working out at your gym you would be paying a lot of attention to him too, right? Damn, I would be following this guy around like a lost puppy! lol

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Twink Self Pics

by on Nov.02, 2012, under Photos

I was talking to one of my friends today and he was asking me why I never have any real twinks on the blog. I had to think about that for a while, and it really is true. I guess I focus a lot on the jock boys self pics and the real muscled cam guys a lot more than I used to. So I asked him if he had any suggestions, and then I got a whole load of twink self pics in the email in-box from him! Apparently these are from his own personal collection, built from years of searching on line and blogging about them too (like I do).

I also have a feeling that at least one of these twink self pics is by a boy he’s hooked up with before.

I guess I should say that my bud is a little bit of a slut. He’s not gonna mind me saying that, because he would totally agree. He’s one of those guys who is always on line, always got two or three horny guys on the go with text messages and calls, photo swapping and then meeting up for some fun.

Am I jealous? Well, if any of these twink self pics are boys he’s hooked up with before, then yes, I am jealous! lol

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