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Tag: boys iPhone pics

Hot Boys Self Pics – Cuties In The Mirror

by on Apr.20, 2012, under General, Photos

I had to share this collection of twink boys self pics when one of my friends sent me some in an email this morning. I love how even young guys are out there on the net like this, showing it all of for plenty of other people to appreciate.

But again I’m wondering who these hot pics are intended for. It might be wrong, but I imagine some of them might have sent their pics to a girlfriend, and they somehow ended up being shared around. What do you do when a pic of you ends up out there on all the blogs?

I’m not sure how I’d feel about that if I’m totally honest, but then again, I’m not sure I’d be putting any pics out there that I would ever be ashamed of people seeing.

What are the chances of any of these hot boys self pics being seen by someone they know anyway? I guess that chance must be pretty slim.

These boys are definitely now in my personal collection. They’re all really sexy, and I can totally understand why they felt the need to share. I have to say that I have cropped a few of these too 😉

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Cam Boys Self Pics

by on Jan.24, 2012, under Photos

I know I add quite a few cam shots and iPhone self pics on here with some really hot and hunky muscled dudes, but today I had a pic sent to me by a friend from the gym who’s about to hook up tonight with a young guy he’s been camming and sexting with for a couple of weeks now. I’ve seen some of the really hot pics the young lad sends him (hey, what are friends for? lol) but one of the most recent ones was a really sexy shirtless pic that he’d obviously taken at work in the mens room.
It got me looking through some of my folders and I thought I’d share a few of my hottest boys self pics with you guys. These are some of the ones I keep for sharing with some other guys out there on the forums and in the groups. I guess they’re mostly profile photos that boys take of themselves when they’re looking for someone to hook up with.

I have to admit that after seeing some of the self pics of the boy my buddy is hooking up with tonight I can’t wait for some of the details. I might not get any pics from it, but it’s nice to live vicariously once in a while! And besides, I share my stories with him, so it’s the least he could do! 😉

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