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Tag: bodybuilders

Johnny V And Joey D Modeling For Timoteo

by on Jan.08, 2016, under Photos

I have something a little different for you guys in this post. I know we usually check out some hot guys taking selfies and showing off their hot bods for the world, but when I saw this shoot with renowned cam guys Joey D and Johnny V for the Timoteo brand I had to get these photos on here for you all to check out and enjoy.

If you don’t know who these two guys are then I need to advise that you get someone to slap you with something wet and heavy immediately. There is no excuse for not knowing about these two guys if you claim to be into cam guys.

Joey D and Johnny V have been regular features on the Cam With Him site for years, each delivering some amazing shows and building massive followings. They then got together and became more than just muscle buddies, before going into the adult business together and performing for some of the biggest names in gay adult entertainment.

Since then they’ve been doing it all, making movies, performing their cam shows and being totally hot male models too, like in this example. Check out the pics and make sure you go and check them out on the Cam With Him site when you get the chance. You can thank me later 🙂

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Muscle Boyfriend Selfies

by on Mar.21, 2015, under Photos

You know when you go to the gym or you’re out at a bar and you see some massively muscled guy and you think there is no possible way they are into dudes? I know, I’m guilty of making those stereotypical judgments too, and although sometimes my Gaydar pings for the most unlikely targets, I do often make assumptions that guys who are real big and muscled, showing off some ink and looking totally masculine, couldn’t possibly be into other guys.

That’s why I had to share this shoot with you guys and show off this couple of real big guys who are obviously very into each other.

I don’t know anything about this selfie shoot (is it really a selfie shoot?) and it could be that the two guys in it are actually straight and playing for the cameras, but I highly doubt that. These two massively muscled hunks really do look totally into each other, and it’s both incredibly sweet and incredibly sexy too.

I don’t know what the conclusion is here, but maybe it’s that when you see a bug masculine muscle man at the gym pumping weights you can only ever dream of being able to lift (with a crane) maybe don’t assume that the dude is also entirely straight 🙂

Imagine all those missed opportunities!

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Bodybuilder Self Pics

by on May.25, 2012, under Photos

Time for some muscle for you guys I think, and when I was looking through some of the pics I’ve collected over the years I realized I had quite a few guys in there that would be considered bodybuilders.

I’ve had a few hot guys with a whole lot of muscle cross my path and totally distract me from what I was doing this week in the gym. It seems we had a professional in town and word got around, and before I knew what was happening we had an extra twenty or so really massive bodybuilder hunks walking around the place and distracting everyone.

We normally have one or two using the weight room, and the sight of those massive men really gets a lot of interest from horny guys like me. But this week it was just amazing to see so much huge muscle all in one place!

I have no idea who the professional was, but talking to Sally on reception it seems some promo thing was arranged with this guy. It definitely did the trick, they had a load of teens sign up and a lot of the regular guys coming in every day to talk to the guy.

I never ever saw him once, or at least I don’t think I did. Maybe he was one of the guys who distracted me? lol

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Musclebound Self Pics!

by on Dec.23, 2011, under Photos

I’m not sure if I’ve told you before that a friend of mine is a bodybuilder in training. If I have, sorry for repeating myself, if not, now you know. Why is that worth sharing? Because I know that he used to track his progress on his phone and share pics with his buddies too.
The guy is straight (or so he says, he’s said a few things when he’s drunk that would go against that!) but he seems to have that narcissism and ego and he loves to show off his bod and openly appreciates the bods of other guys too. It’s quite funny to see him say something about another guys body, and then get all butch and try to cover it up and make it all about appreciating the muscle and the work that goes into it lol

Still, it’s really hot to hear him commenting on other guys when we’re at the gym, and although he would deny it all I’m pretty sure there are some more daring shots on his phone that he’s shared with other guys.

I definitely think it’s an ego thing, but when a guy like him knows that there are plenty of other guys out there appreciating his body I’m sure he’s more than willing to share 😉
I’m lucky to be his buddy, and he knows I love to appreciate his bod!

Check out these really musclebound self pics, they’re totally hot!

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