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Tag: Bisexual

Bisexual Jock Ray At Cam With Him

by on Jan.22, 2016, under Photos

It’s been a little while since I shared any of the horny guys from the Cam With Him site, but after seeing a new hottie at the gym this morning I was driven to check out the site and enjoy some big muscle action, and when I saw this handsome hunk I knew he had to be on the CamGuys blog for you all to check out and appreciate too.

His name is Ray, and although most of the men on there showing off for the fans on their cams are absolutely straight this guy knows he likes the best of both worlds. Yeah, think about that for a minute…

Can you imagine seeing a guy like this at the gym and thinking he was entirely straight, then discovering he’s into dudes too? It gives me hope and makes me wonder how many of the totally muscled hunks I see at the gym every day might actually be into some man on man action.

Check out some of the pics of this handsome hunk and his amazing body, and make sure you click through to check out some more pics of him on his cam guy profile. He’s one to check out on video when you get the chance!

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Hunky Bisexual Cam Guy MarkFlexberg

by on Jan.02, 2015, under Photos

I hope you guys and girls have all had an excellent New Year, and I hope that some of you are in the process of enjoying a long weekend off work too. If you are, you might want to spend some of that time on the Cam With Him site checking out their new look and some of their gorgeous guys.

For instance, you might want to enjoy the sight of hunky bisexual cam guy MarkFlexberg, a model I have just discovered on there and one that I think plenty of you guys are going to want to check out too.

There’s a lot to love about this handsome and buff guy, not least of all his impressive bulge.

Come on, you noticed it too, in fact it was probably one of the first things you picked up on when you clicked for a bigger pic. It’s certainly delicious looking, very tempting indeed, and we want to see a whole lot more!

I think he’s pretty new on the site, so he deserves a good welcome. I think he’s going to get that from all the adoring fans on there, he’s just the type of dude we love to see flexing his stuff 😉

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Really Hot Muscle on Cam: Austin

by on Jun.24, 2011, under Photos

So how do you spend you time? I tend to split my day between the gym, surfing the net for hot guys, and socializing in the evening. That’s a pretty nice life right? I’m not even sure which part of my average day I enjoy the most, but today I’ve spent quite a lot of time at my desk.
And that’s how I found hot hunky Austin over on LiveGods. And boy am I glad I did.

Austin is one of those guys with a truly immense muscled body. The 22 year old American dude appears on cam over there and he’s built up a really sexy collection of pics too. You can tell from some of these that he’s a model on the side, or maybe he’s a model while being a cam guy on the side, who knows?

Either way, he’s obviously pretty successful in both endeavors, and with a muscle bod like that It’s no surprise to me. And I’m very glad to say that the dude is bisexual too. Yay for all the hot bisexual studs out there!

Now, whenever I see a really hot guy on cam I always have to consider what their most impressive feature is, I don’t know why I do that, I guess it’s like a tick or something lol. But for Austin that was really difficult. He’s really cute, has great shoulders (I love shoulders!), excellent pecs and pretty hot abs. I still haven’t decided what I like the most about him. 🙂

Check out more of his muscle jock cam gallery if you’re into his hot cam pics below.

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Hot Muscle Guy Harderon

by on Apr.21, 2011, under Photos

I don’t know where some guys get their cam names from, but some just really suit their titles don’t they? Harderon (I would imagine) really does suit his title if these images are anything to go by. He’s one of the hottest guys I have ever seen over at HotCamGuys.

Harderon is a really muscled and sexy dude who also happens to be bisexual. I love bisexual guys, they retain that masculinity while being open to almost anything. Some people think bisexuals are just greedy, but if that’s the case surely they are just jealous that they can’t open their mind enough to enjoy all that sex too? lol

This sporty dude is Bulgarian, and I have to say that almost every Bulgarian guy I’ve seen on the net is hot as hell. What do they put in the water there? Maybe it’s just the perfect mix of physical labor, perfect genes and healthy eating, who knows?

Now, I might be a little off here, but at least one of these images reminds me of a young Jon Bon Jovi. I think it’s the hair. I remember him in his glory days (and he’s still pretty hot now!) and without all that really long hair and those skin tight pants he was actually really sexy.

You can see more pics on Harderon’s profile over at HotCamGuys. You’re very welcome!

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by on Apr.17, 2011, under General

Some guys really don’t need to add their name or identity to a profile on a cam site, especially if they say something as attention-grabbing as that!
This is “iGETnaked”, and I have no idea what his real name is. But don’t you think he looks a little like a certain pop-rap artist? I’m sure it isn’t him though, unless he’s doing it for the kicks. It’s nice to fantasise I guess, but I’m pretty sure the artist I’m thinking about doesn’t have a body like this!

And I’m pretty sure this guy is anything but a limp biscuit (you see what I did there? Aren’t I sneaky!)

IGN (which is how I will refer to him from now on) is a 27 year old bisexual stud from the USA, with some great ink and an even greater muscled body to go with it. This sporty dude is not shy about getting it all out on cam, obviously. Wouldn’t it be false advertising otherwise? But either way, the images below show what a fun time is to be had chatting to this handsome young man on cam.

I think IGN must be pretty popular over at ICGuys with a gallery like this. What do you think?

Handsome Cam Guy IGetNakedHot Cam Guy IGetNakedSexy Muscle On CamNaked Muscle Guy On Webcam

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