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Tag: arms

Appreciating That Muscle

by on May.14, 2011, under Photos

How turned on do you get by watching a hot muscled jock dude working out? I have to admit that every now and then I see a guy in a video or at the gym and I just imagine what it would feel like to oil up those mounds of muscle and run my hands all over them.

I’ve actually had this opportunity only once (outside of a relationship) and it really was a highly erotic experience. It was for both of us actually – you know a guy can’t really hide that kind of response 😉

It started off quite innocently with me offering a massage (I studied it a little when I was in my early 20’s) to a friend. Yes he was straight, and no it didn’t go any further than a massage. But I did get to enjoy working over all that muscle and see that appreciative bulge growing in his shorts. Both our bulges were ignored, although I have a feeling he went and sorted himself out in the bathroom right after, with me doing the same shortly after too.

This young guy appeared on cam with one of his buddies as he received a good groping, and it immediately reminded me of that day. I think I might have to refresh my skills and start offering this service to others again, I do miss the feel of some flexing muscle – other than my own, of course! lol

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Insane Vein Throbbing

by on May.13, 2011, under Photos

I went off to the gym again yesterday after one of my buddies called me up and invited me along. There’s more than one I go to, but I wanted to try out a new one and he was raving about the place for a few weeks.
It’s a little further away, but it’s a really nice place. And it seems that in the evenings they have some of the older guys there. What my buddy calls the “MD Muscle” (Managing Director) crowd.
You know how older business men meet up on the golf course to talk money? Well it seems there’s a whole new breed of MD’s who work late, leave the office and hook up with their business buddies at the gym.

I’m not used to it, we don’t get that at my usual gym. But this place was very high class with a large sauna, jacuzzi, pool, massage therapy and all that jazz. I guess there’s a lot of cruising and sneaky handjobs going on or something lol

So anyway, it was cool, the guys I met were really down to earth (mostly) and this one guy had the most insane body. He was in his late 50’s, and seriously well built. I was fascinated by all the veiny muscle all over his bod as we all got changed in the locker room after, and his body was so pumped I had to stop myself from staring.
I was looking for some pics today and thought I’d see if I could find someone like that dude, and here he is.

Check out the seriously pumped bod. And yes, I will be going back to that new gym pretty soon. Even if it’s just to get on the massage table after checking out the MD muscle. 🙂

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Gym Teasing On Cam

by on May.09, 2011, under Photos

I went to the gym with another buddy today, one I haven’t seen for a while. It was great to catch up and I’m glad he’s come back to the city to work out. He had moved to another gym a few miles away to chase a girl lol

He knows I love watching guys working out, but he’s cool with it. As he says, whatever gets you going is good! And the chance to watch muscled guys at the gym definitely gets me going!

He caught me checking out this hot guy today and then spent an hour trying to convince me to go over to the dude and talk to him. Apparently, the guy was checking me out every time I wasn’t watching. Of course, I didn’t believe my buddy.
But that makes me think, do you ever know when dude at the gym is interested in you? Maybe he’s not looking at himself when he’s flexing in the mirror and actually checking you out?

This guy below is deliberately showing off for the camera, working out and then flexing his muscles to show off what he’s got. I love to see a confident guy with a great body flexing it on cam, and this curly haired jock is definitely cute!

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Sexy Young Muscle on Cam

by on May.05, 2011, under Photos

Okay, so I went searching myself again today as my buddy didn’t email me anything of interest. And I’m glad I did because I found this hot young guy showing off his bulging arms on cam for an audience. And we’ve actually shown him before as a cam guy over at CamWithHim. I love it when I find hot cam guys on mainstream sites!
You remember Delro?

I guess he’s working on his diet at the moment, and becoming more bulky too. He’s a college jock, and it always amazes me how some college guys can afford to do all of this. Aren’t college guys supposed to be poor? All the ones I’ve met have been and none of them can afford a gym membership, the high-protein diet or the supplements. In fact, they can’t even afford to socialize much either; it’s always me buying them a beer at the bar. But maybe that says more about me than it does them! lol

So apart from the great body, he’s really cute too. And he’s pretty into the whole thing, showing off his bulges. It should also be mentioned that he’s tagged it with “dominant” and “cocky”.

Clearly, with this flexing show on a mainstream site and his appearances over at CamWithHim, he’s really into showing off that bod for the boys. Yum!

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Inspirational Videos?

by on May.03, 2011, under Photos

I was having a chat with one of my gym buddies and asked about what keeps him motivated to get out of bed and get to the gym every day. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t miss it. If his usual gym is closed he’ll drive thirty miles to find one that’s open.

When we had all the snow here, he still went every day. And when the gym shut because numbers were so low he drove through that snow to get to another gym, signing up for a month membership if they promised they’d be open for him every single day!

So I wondered what drives him, and he says he writes a blog and posts pics and vids of his progress. He has a lot of followers and now he feels like he has a responsibility to show them the work and not just do it for himself.
I don’t know where the blog is, he wouldn’t tell me. It has loads of more personal stuff on there too I guess.

This young guy does the same, creating images and vids for others to follow his progress. He really has developed quite a lot and he has such a tight and toned bod. I don’t know how old he is, but he can’t be more than 25 maybe. And he has the body of a guy who’s been training all his life.

I think it’s quite impressive to be able to see how others progress, it’s definitely motivating!

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Young Gym Buddies on Cam

by on Apr.26, 2011, under Photos

I’m not sure why this guy was measuring his buddy in the gym and on cam, but he was. I’ve seen something similar, a few years ago. But I think the guys were competing. I did wonder just how far they would go before they stopped! lol

A colleague I was with at the time assured me they were both gay and that neither of them knew about the other. I laughed, but he was certain of it.
I don’t think these guys are gay, but then who cares. They’re both pretty hot and well-built, and if either needed anything measuring at my gym I think I’d oblige.

I do think it’s quite amusing. One of my buddies is a bodybuilder in training, and he never measures his muscles. I asked him about it and he said that some guys do, to encourage them on to reach their goals, but most don’t because the gains are so minimal unless you only do it every few months. I can imagine it could get quite addictive, and quite disappointing seeing everything grow so slowly.

And it has to be said the guys choice of gym-wear is interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy in the gym in a skimpy little number like that. Tight shorts that show off your bulges I’ve seen, but nothing like this. I think I’d go every single day if there were young guys walking around like this! lol

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18 Year Old Teen Bodybuilder Justen

by on Apr.04, 2011, under Photos

Meet Justen, a 18 year old student and teen bodybuilder who started lifting about five years ago. Can you imagine he started out at 90 pounds? Now, he’s nearly double that weight.

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Geek to FREAK Joey B.

by on Mar.28, 2011, under Photos

In just a few years Joey went from a 110 pound twerp to a ripped up machine. He used to get teased due to his size, and now…well now I highly doubt that’s the case. Joey is competing in teen bodybuilding. His arms are probably his best asset. He’s well on his way to make a name for himself.

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Many good things to come!

by on Mar.15, 2011, under Photos

This young stud started lifting weights for football and has slowly migrated over to bodybuilding. This student studies nutrition and it shows! Focused on becoming a personal trainer.. I don’t think he is going to have any problems. Future goals is to be in a variety of publications (magazine, books, and online) .. Good start so far!

Sticking to the basics right now, he focuses on squats, chin-ups, bench press, curls. But wants to focus on mixing in power and strength training.

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Bucking Cowboy

by on Mar.13, 2011, under Photos

Texas is known for a few things.. their football, BBQ, Chili and their cowboys! Andrew started lifting to get ahead of the rest of the rodeo riders. This student slash rodeo rider loves to hit the gym to let out his stress, as if riding an angry bull was enough of a stress reliever. Hopefully he makes it big in the circuit and then maybe I will become a fan of the sport.

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