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Tag: arms

Muscle Cam Guy Flexing Gifs

by on Jan.13, 2015, under Photos

I’ve been out there looking at some great little gifs recently, and I thought this little collection featuring an unknown young jock showing off his bulging muscles might get the juices flowing for a lot of you.

What am I saying? Of course you guys are going to appreciate this!

We have no idea who the guy is, of course, but that doesn’t matter. Although I would love to know more about him just so I can get out there and maybe find some more great pics and gifs to appreciate and share with you all, we’re going to enjoy these in the meantime – by the way, this is your invitation to leave a comment and tell me who he is if you happen to know!

Everything about this guys body is hot. His abs are awesome, his pecs are so gropable (is that even a word? I don’t care if it’s not), but his arms have to be the most impressive thing. I love a dude with some real powerful and thick arms, the kind of arms that could really control you and direct you…

Okay, now I’m having thoughts that are entirely unacceptable for this early hour of the day… I think I better go have a cold shower.

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Sexy Jocks Pics

by on Oct.23, 2012, under Photos

I had one of my friends send me a couple of links this morning with loads of sexy jock pics, with young guys showing off their muscled bods. It still amazes me how daring some of these guys are when it comes to showing off everything they have. I’ve chosen some of the tamer pics of these sexy jocks showing their stuff for the cameras, but there are a lot of them who really don’t seem to care about their modesty when it comes to getting it all out there!

I have no doubt that some of these hot young guys are a little drunk when they’re daring to show it all. But, I’m glad! I’m not gonna lie, even if they never planned for their personal pics to make it out onto the net I am definitely happy that they have. I have no doubt that most of these guys have no idea that their awesome bods are being shared around the blogs and emailed to people all over the world.

Can you imagine what it might be like in years to come? What would these guys think if in twenty years they click on a link and end up here, looking at their own amazing body… πŸ˜‰

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Bodybuilder Sharing His Progress

by on Aug.12, 2011, under Photos

There are loads of opportunities out there to see some really gorgeous hunks as they work themselves up and show off their muscles. There are some really great forums and groups out there on the net where big guys talk about their working out, their diets, their goals… and they show plenty of pics of themselves as they progress.

This dude started out as a bit of a slob when he was younger, and one day he just woke up and knew he needed to change things. He had the determination and drive to start working out, and within just a few months he noticed his muscle building up and the fat disappearing, and of course when you have that kind of change it just drives you on to work even harder.

I don’t know what he looked like before, but he certainly has an impressive muscled body now. And it’s so hot to see in these self pics too. He’s on his way to being a serious competitive bodybuilder, and with the kind of determination and dedication he has I’m certain he’ll make it. Check out these few pics of the hunk showing off his muscles, and get some inspiration too! πŸ™‚

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Hot Young Jock On Cam

by on Jun.17, 2011, under Photos

So you know it’s a hobby of mine to cruise the tube sites and cam sites for some hot guys. I can spend hours looking through and finding really hot looking muscled guys to watch, and then to mention here. I guess it’s a bit of an addiction these days, but I’m managing to keep it under control, just about πŸ™‚

This young dude is one of those I found today after spending a few hours at the gym this morning, and I was really glad to find him.
He’s really good looking, and he has the kind of awesome wide shoulders that I love. Of course, the rest of him isn’t too bad either and he has some great abs and some pretty big and bulging arms.

I don’t know if he’s a cam pro, he certainly doesn’t seem like it, although I wish he were. It would be cool to chat to him on one of the cam sites and see if he’d flex and pose for me.

Enjoy these pics of the hot jock dude flexing and showing off his muscles. And now if you don’t mind I’m gonna go and look for some more! It’s under control, I swear! πŸ™‚

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Young Guy Working It

by on Jun.10, 2011, under Photos

I showed you a few pics from one of those instructional videos out there on the net a few days ago and now I have some more. This guy is so intensely hot words (almost) fail me. That is one seriously muscled young body, and he must only be in his very very early 20’s.

This is the kind of body that total dedication gets you, and while I love it and would really like to have a ripped and toned bod like that, I like to have fun too. I see too many guys who spend their entire week at the gym and then when you mention going for a pint at the weekend they’re all “oh no I couldn’t possibly, I’m training”.

That’s a personal gripe of mine, and real problem when most of your buddies are gym rats. πŸ™‚

Still it doesn’t bother me or affect my body. But then I’m not ripped and toned like this guy, perhaps if I were I would be more cautious about those few beers at the weekend? But I love going to the gym anyway, so if I need to work it off that’s fine. It’s not like I’m giving it up any time soon.

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Bulging Muscles On Show

by on May.31, 2011, under Photos

Okay, I have no idea who this young guys is but I would really like to know! He is so hot, and so handsome, and just look at that body! He really looks familiar, but I cannot think where I might have seen him before. I’ve checked all my favorite cam sites and I can’t see him on any of them yet, but I’m going back for another look soon. He’s really good at showing off that buff body, and I’m certain this isn’t his first time putting on a cam show.

What an awesome build, bulging in all the right places, and a little extra too πŸ™‚

I have to admit, I love to see a guy in tight underwear, especially when he has such a pert and perfect muscle butt too. And do I need to say anything about the other bulge there? Nope, I probably don’t, but I’ll just suggest that he obviously likes to show himself off in every way possible.

Yeah, it certainly sounds like he should be on some of the muscle cam sites inviting viewers to see a lot more, so if you happen to find the dude on any other cam site please let me know and I’ll be there to get some alone time with him immediately!

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Down to Business With Steve at LiveGods

by on May.25, 2011, under Photos

I mentioned before how a friend of mine dragged me to a new gym, and how they have a large clientèle of hot professional guys there in the evenings. They use it like a club, instead of talking business on the golf course or the tennis court. While I thought they might just like the spa and steam rooms, it turns out they actually get really into the whole thing, having a proper work out with some of the highly paid personal trainers there.

This guy reminded me of seeing them. His name is Steve, and he’s one of those sexy professional business types. But as you’ll see from these pics, he doesn’t just sit at a desk all day munching through snacks before going to the bar after work, he puts his time in at the gym!

It’s sexy to see a guy in a suit when you know there’s a hot muscled body underneath it, and you’ll notice that he’s happy to show it off for some guys on cam too. He’s a handsome guy, and that body is ripped! Check out those abs and those arms, there are definitely some hours of work there, and a lot more than the clicking of a mouse over and over too!

Although he’s straight, this 32 year old American dude obviously likes to show off on cam, and I would guess he has a lot of guys interested in watching him too. Check out more of his profile over on LiveGods and then try to tell me you don’t want to spend some time watching him flexing on webcam! πŸ™‚

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Italian Muscle Jock Flexing on Webcam

by on May.23, 2011, under Photos

I love the guys who appear to show off on webcam for someone else, like the dudes at HotCamGuys or LiveGods. But I really love the videos and pics guys add to blogs and sharing sites showing off their great physiques.
But it does make me wonder who they think it watching and enjoying their show? They surely know that other muscle guys are out there enjoying it, right?

I know a few guys who are straight, but they love to see a guy flexing. I know, It’s a little odd, but I guess it’s about appreciation rather than sexuality.

None of it really matters, as long as guys like this hot Italian dude continue to show off their amazing bodies for us all to appreciate. I certainly appreciate it!
This guy is showing off for a large audience, flexing his big arms and posing in some professional moves. I love his chest, it’s just perfect. He has just the right amount of muscle for me, not too much to make him look out of proportion and just enough to really enjoy the show.

I have no idea who he is, but I’m pretty sure he has a big group of people watching his moves and loving every second of it.

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Recording Hunks On Webcam

by on May.22, 2011, under Photos

So, picture the scene, you’re in chat with some really hunky guy and his muscled body is so hot and built you want to record it. Is it right to do that without them knowing you’re recording them?
There’s a lot of talk at the moment about Internet privacy and your rights to secure your information, so surely when you’re on webcam you should consider that it could be being recorded and then used against you. Indeed, we’ve seen examples of celebrities being caught literally with their pants down while a fan watched them and recorded it.
In my opinion, if you’re sharing your image over the Internet, you have to assume that those images are beyond your control. If you’re not happy to have those images shared, you shouldn’t be broadcasting. But at the same time, there is a moral question about it too. I wouldn’t record someone without them knowing.

This conversation came up with a friend who likes to get on cam with girls and show off his gym trained body. He didn’t see any problem with the girls recording him, if any of them ever do. But when I raised the prospect of someone he knows seeing him on cam and recording it, then using it against him, he actually had to stop and think for a few minutes. He still didn’t care though, and even told me the sites he uses. Yeah, I’m gonna be on the lookout for him! lol

This guy was filmed by someone as he flexed his oiled up muscle and posed, and when he was told about it by the guy watching him he said he didn’t mind. I’m glad, because I get to watch him flexing and showing off on cam too. And he is hot!

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Muscle Domination On Cam

by on May.16, 2011, under Photos

I once knew a guy who really got off on the idea of another big muscle guy dominating him completely. It was quite interesting, and I was fascinated by his relationship with one guy who told me all about it. Funny thing was, the guy was huge himself, much bigger than the dude he was seeing, but he loved to have the smaller guy giving him orders and telling him what to do.

I have to admit, I have had the experience of being told what to do by a partner in the bedroom (and the shower, and the lounge, and the garden… lol) and it was incredibly hot. I think most guys want something different occasionally, and we sometimes like it a little rough too don’t we?

I’ve not yet had the experience of doing anything like that on cam, unlike this guy, but I might look into it. I know there are some guys into it on LiveGods, so I think I’ll have to have a look and see what they can instruct me to do! πŸ™‚

This dude is putting on a show on his webcam for a load of guys who love to have a big muscle man dominating them. He has a really impressive body, really veiny shoulders and a big muscled chest. He could dominate me any day!

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