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Sexy Pecs And Abs

by on May.17, 2013, under General, Photos

What is it about the male body that does it for you? I guess for a lot of guys it’s the pecs and abs, like it is for me. I have a thing about guys shoulders too though, and seeing a guy with real broad and sloping shoulders does something to me. You can imagine my sessions at the gym can be pretty distracting lol

I was taking a look out there on the net this afternoon and looking around some of those forums and dating sites I’m a member of, and thought I’d get some of the sexy pics I was checking out on the blog here for you guys to enjoy too.

So, although not all of these pics are self shots, with phones or webcams, I had to throw in the first guy just because of his sexy and smooth tight body. The dude might be posing for a friend to take his picture, but the guy is sexy as hell and deserves to be shared with you guys on here! 😉

I don’t know who any of these guys are, of course, I just know they have hot bods and that they like showing them off. I think we’ll all gladly sit back and appreciate them too, right? lol

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Modeling With Johnny V

by on May.14, 2013, under General, Photos

You know I’ve been really into the men over on the Cam With Him site in the last couple of months, and if you’re as into the guys they have there as much as I am then you will totally get why I want to big them up in as many ways as I can! lol

But, you should know that a lot of their guys have lives outside of the camming world. It’s probably no surprise to most of you to know that a lot of these guys are bodybuilders and go to all kinds of contests and competitions all over the world every year. But some of them do more than that too. Some are specialists in training and diet, some are DJ’s and promoters, some are working in medicine… there are all kinds of things these guys do away from their cams.

So, I found out this week that Johnny V has been doing some modeling recently and posing for a photographer friend of his, and I have to say that I am definitely loving the results! He’s posted these sexy pics on the forum there for the fans to check out, and I had to share them with you guys on here too 😉

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Most Ripped Cam Hunk At Cam With Him?

by on May.10, 2013, under General, Photos

I’ve been checking out a lot of the massively muscled and ripped men over on the Cam With Him site over the last few days and when I saw this pretty awesome shot of the hunky Carter on the forums, showing off him immense abs and that massively muscled chest I knew he would be one of those guys worth sharing on here with you guys.

It’s quite amazing to see that we haven’t had any of this hunks photos on here yet, but I’m definitely fixing that with this post. There are a few in his free profile gallery worth checking out, but I think I have chosen a nice little selection that should have you all more than a little interested in seeing some more of him.

This straight hunk has a fan club on the site with some action going on in there too, so if you can’t get enough of him in the archives and in his live cam shows for all his fans (including private shows, that I would highly recommend lol) then you can always sign up to that special club and get more access to him than the average fan 😉

Enjoy the muscled hunk, but be careful where you drool lol

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Funny Man To Hottie – Craigery Morgan

by on May.07, 2013, under General, Photos

This post is going to be something a little different, but I know that a lot of you guys are going to love it.

You know, when someone asks me what I like in a guy, the first thing I can think of is that a guy needs to be able to make me laugh. A sense of humor is so important in the guys I like, whether they’re just friend or more. And I think a lot of other guys would agree that it’s important.

So, what do you get when you have a really funny guy, who also happens to be drop dead gorgeous, has an awesome beefy jock body, and is gay too? You end up with the star in the making that is Craigery Morgan.

This handsome stud started off making some funny videos miming some characters over hit TV shows, and then went on to doing some comedy… now he seems to have caught on to the idea that guys think he is uber hotness personified and has started sharing more of himself shirtless and showing off 😉

Will he ever appear in gay porn or on cam as a sexy performer for some viewers? That’s highly unlikely, but we can at least hope! lol

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Cam Shows From Andy

by on Apr.30, 2013, under General, Photos

You know there are a lot of guys out there that I love to see showing off on cam, and I really enjoy sharing pics of hot young guys taking photos of themselves on their phones for all the dudes out there to enjoy too. But I have something a little different for you with this post on the blog…

If you enjoy some of the British gay sites out there you might be familiar with this young man. His name is Andy, and he’s a straight muscular guy who got into porn a while ago and has done quite a lot of solo work and some fetish spanking videos too.

He’s also now a cam guy, and appears on his webcam enjoying himself, and showing off with a friend of his too.

I wanted to share some pics of him and let you know about his FaceBook page, because he is a hot guy, really nice, and really hung too! 😉

These are just some of the photos I’ve seen him put out there that I think you’ll enjoy checking out. There are more of course, and he’s not really shy about showing off what he’s got! Check him out on his cam when you get the chance! 😉

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Hot Guys Self Pics

by on Jun.05, 2012, under General, Photos

Okay boys, I have something really special for you guys today. I spent the weekend hanging out with a friend of mine, and we got onto the subject of blogging. It turns out he has a blog too, but it’s a hardcore straight porn blog where he talks about the movies he’s watched recently, he didn’t give me the link because he says he’s too embarrassed, and he doesn’t want any of his buddies to know what he’s thinking – yeah, that’s had me totally curious and determined to find it one day! lol

When he found out about the posting I add here, he asked me if I wanted a self pic of him to share too. So, of course, hoping for something really special, he sent a few to my phone.

I definitely got more than a was hoping for, and I actually told him they were too full-on to share here. Of course, I’ll keep those pics for my own entertainment!

But one of these hot guys is my buddy, showing off his hot bod for you guys to check out. I know he won’t mind me sharing it, or calling him hot either. He knows my deal lol

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Hot Self Pic Guys

by on May.22, 2012, under General, Photos

I know how you’re feeling, it’s only Tuesday, and I guess a lot of you are the same as me and thinking ahead to the weekend. It seems too far away doesn’t it? lol

We all have those things that we use to distract and entertain us on days like this, and for me it’s the trip to the gym in the morning, followed by some internet browsing in the afternoon. I sometimes even spend some time during the day when there’s nothing going on surfing for some hot self pics like these on my phone.

Then of course I have some buddies I like to trade pics with by email and text, and these are a few I’ve gathered over the last week.

I don’t think I have a favorite out of these hot self pic guys, but that final one of the beefy young muscular dude teasing with his bulging underwear is possibly the sexiest for me. You guys know I love to see some hot guy teasing with his underwear bulge! 😉

I have to thank my buddy James for these ones. He has good taste in men, and he always shares the hot self pic guys with me!

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Reichen Lehmkuhl Likes A Good Cam Show!

by on May.04, 2012, under General, Photos, Videos

I have to state for the record first of all that I never knew Reichen Lehmkuhl was a celeb. I knew about him as a male model first and foremost, mainly because he’s so damn sexy!

But recently I was talking to someone about self pics and cam shows and they got onto the subject of celebrities being “caught” doing something they might prefer they hadn’t.

So, obviously, it’s not just us mere mortals who love to get on cam and show off, or take some self pics to share around. Some celebs and male models have been somewhat outed in recent years too for their own special solo shows.

Reichen Lehmkuhl is one of those guys who you kind of wonder about – did he do it deliberately? He seems to be one of those guys who loves the attention, good or bad. It does make me think that perhaps there was some deliberate publicity motive for this.

But anyway, I thought I’d grab some pics of the hot guy, and show you some of the cam stills along with a couple of his hot modeling shots too. I’ve had to censor these just a little, I don’t want you falling off your chair and injuring yourself! lol

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Sexy Twink Boys Self Shots

by on May.01, 2012, under General, Photos

I know I often show some really handsome and hot muscled guys and jock boys on the blog here, but we can’t forget the sexy twink boys self shots either. There are all kinds of sexy guys out there that love to take their own pics and share them with the internet world, and when one of my buddies sent me some pics in an email today I just had to get them up on the blog.

I don’t often have a favorite in any collection of pics I share with you guys, but in this instance I have to confess that I really love the teasing naked boy with the ink. Man, that guy is sexy as hell!

I have to say that I do wish there was more of this twink boys self shots out there, with a little more on show too, but I haven’t found any with this one. He certainly knows how to tease though, right? lol

Enjoy the pics, and maybe feel inclined to make some of your own too. Hit me up if you do, I’d love to feature some of the readers here some time, if you have the balls for it – so to speak 😉

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Muscle Cam Boys

by on Apr.27, 2012, under General, Photos

Wow, have I got some really hot muscle cam boys for you in this post!

I have to say that finding these pics in my in box this morning has inspired me just a little. I’m planning to go and meet up with one of my buddies tomorrow (that guy who had some self pics on his phone) and I’m thinking I might spend some time later trying to work out a few things to ask him. I’m definitely gonna try and get some permission for adding his pics on here too! lol

He’s one of those bodybuilder guys, and I know he has some pretty hot pics on his phone. And while he used to say that he didn’t get why guys do that, he now admits that it’s a little sexy, as well as being a good way to keep track of his muscle and size.

I think it’s just that a lot of these guys find it horny to do.

I can almost guarantee that if a guy you know has pics of himself flexing and showing off his bod like these muscle cam boys, they have some more “interesting” pics on that phone too.

Rule number one – always try to get a peek at those pics. Get them drunk if you have to! lol

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