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Gym-Buff Show-Off

by on Aug.15, 2014, under General, Photos

I’ve mentioned on the blog before that it’s always hot to walk into the gym locker room and see some naked buff guy taking pics of himself in the mirror on his phone, and this has happened to me at least ten times now over the course of a couple of years (I have refrained from doing this myself knowing the disdain some other gym members express, while secretly stealing glimpses of these guys lol)

But this week I had a second-hand experience from someone I know who told me about a guy he sees doing this at his gym every single week. It’s obvious that the guy is either keeping a record of his muscle gaining for personal use, or taking these pics to share with someone.

My friend hasn’t had the balls to ask him about why he’s always there every Thursday taking pics of himself, although he says from regular experience that the naked guy in question most certainly has the balls to be taking such publicly naked pics lol

I know I’m not the only one who finds this phenomenon extremely hot. There are a lot of guys out there who take pics of themselves to share around it seems, and I have another few for you today. Although these guys are showing off some buff muscle in the privacy of their own homes, I don’t think any of us would be complaining if they were doing so in the locker room.

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Some Tumblr Selfie Action

by on Jan.07, 2014, under General, Photos

So I recently really got into Tumblr, thanks to one of the hot hunks on the Cam With Him site, and I thought you guys might want to see a little taster of some of the great jock selfie pics I’ve been checking out on there today. There are so many I could create the biggest pic post ever seen on any blog, but I think I’ll have to keep things nice and minimal and just give you a little taste if them – for now at least 😉

So, here are some of the best selfie jock pics I’ve found, and I think many of you will agree that I got a good collection together for you guys.

There’s some handsome young men in their bathrooms, some horny guys showing off a little bulge, and some real muscled hunks flexing their pecs and biceps for all the adoring guys out there to enjoy.

I have to wonder again though, how many of these guys intend for chicks to enjoy their photos but then find that there are thousands of guys more interested in them? I have to wonder if they would be inclined to experiment a little when they see how adored they are by the same sex lol

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New Muscled Cam Guy Raul At Cam With Him

by on Sep.10, 2013, under General, Photos

As you might have already noticed, I like to share news of a new cam hunk appearing on the Cam With Him site and get some pics and info on here for you guys to check out. I think this new dude on the site is definitely worthy of sharing too, hopefully you’ll agree and check him out over there when he starts camming for the members.

I don’t know if you are aware, but they’ve started sharing introduction videos of some of the guys when new ones appear to become a star on the site. It’s basically just an interview, where the new guys get to show all the members there what they’re about. Raul is one of the latest, and with his good looks and that beefy muscled body I think he’s going to be a real hit there too.

He has a great attitude, and he’s confident too. I guess if you’re a male fitness model and a personal trainer these things come as part of the job though, right?

You can check out some of the pics I took from his intro video, but you should check out the site to see when he arrives and find out some more about him 😉

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Random Buff Gay Guys

by on Sep.03, 2013, under General, Photos

It’s no secret to any of you that I have a lot of profiles out there on all kinds of sites, whether it’s for dating, hooking up, hobbies, or anything else. There are a lot of pretty hot guys out there on those sites too, and many of them are really not shy about coming forward and showing off some muscle (and other things) to get some attention. It works for me I have to say, and a pic of a hot guy can certainly get my interest and have me checking out more about them.

I’ve been out there on a couple of the top sites today, checking out some of the hotness, and I thought I would share with you guys a few of my finds. They might not all be to your liking, but they all have some hot body pics on their profiles that I was sure you wouldn’t mind checking out and enjoying yourselves 😉

I have to say that I haven’t contacted any of these guys yet, but I think I might be inclined to after seeing some of their photos and the way they describe themselves. You can never have too many hot and sexy male friends, right?

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Introducing New Cam Guy Bammbamm

by on Jul.09, 2013, under General, Photos

You know I love to share some pics when a new gorgeous cam hunk arrives on the Cam With Him site, and I just had to get some of the shots from BammBamm on here for you guys to check out. The dude is immense, and I know already that he’s going to be a popular man with the members there.

You can of course see more of him in his cam guy gallery on the site, but I had to get some of the best pics on here for you guys too, you know, just to draw you in and get you wanting more! lol

As you can see, he has a great body, really defined and muscled, which is something all the members there love in their guys. That’s what keeps the viewers clicking on cams and getting to know the guys, but it’s more than that too. These guys have personalities to go with all their flexing and showing off, and that’s definitely something that makes their site more popular than a lot of others out there.

So, what else can I tell you about BammBamm? Well, he’s a straight pro football player who recently had to head back to his home state of Illinois to take a break after breaking his leg. I guess that means that a temporary career change is in order, and he’s sure to make some money showing off that hot bod for the members.

However long he’s in the camming business, I think he’s going to be very successful, just check out that bod! 😉

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Handsome Muscle Man Flexing On Cam

by on Jun.28, 2013, under General

This is another gym-inspired post for you guys. I was working out this morning and I had a great view of this really handsome guys with an immense bod, flexing and posing in the mirror of the weight room. There are a few guys I see there who I know do that, and some of them have even had contests with each other while the rest of us subtly spy through the glass, but this guy was new to me, and I have to admit that I was more than a little impressed.

So, with that inspiration in my mind I came home and started my afternoon of browsing through the videos out there of guys doing the same, and this guy looks a lot like the guy I was spying on flexing in the mirror today. It’s not him, of course, but their builds are the same, and the guy I was watching was as handsome as this guy too.

I could have stayed there all day, just watching him flexing his big arms and bunching up his abs. But of course I couldn’t, that would have been a little too obvious. I didn’t even get to see him in the locker room after his weight session either! Maybe next time 😉

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Competing Muscle Boys

by on Jun.14, 2013, under General, Photos

Do you ever see those guys in the gym flexing their pecs and showing off in the mirrors? Come on, I think we’ve all seen them, haven’t we? The gym I go to has  a pretty big group of proper muscled bodybuilder types, and they are always watching themselves in the mirror. A few times I’ve seen some real muscle appreciation going on between some of them too, and although I have no doubt they are straight – or consider themselves to be straight – they have that sense of loving the muscle worship between them. I kind of wondered a few times what those guys get up to when they’re not at the gym! lol

These young guys are like that, competing and showing off for each other. I don’t know if there’s more to these pics than that though, because one of my buddies sent them to me and told me there’s a video out there. He likes to do that, teasing me.

That’ll teach me for telling him about the hot muscle guys at my gym that get me all worked up with their muscle flexing shows, I really should learn to keep my mouth shut around him about what gets me horny lol

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Muscle Hunk Working Out – ClarKent21

by on May.31, 2013, under General, Photos

I was on the Cam With Him forum today when I saw hat ClarKent21 had uploaded a couple of pics of him working out in the gym. I love it when the guys there share some photos of themselves outside of the site and their cam shows, and whenever they do I try to share them around a little and get people interested in them. I don’t think I need to try too hard with ClarKent21 though, because he has an awesome body.

These are the two photos he’s added to the forum there, but there are others in this profile that you might want to check out too. I can honestly say that I think you might be hooked on him when you see him.

You probably know already that I have a few cam guys on the site that I love to check out, but when this guy arrived he was joining my list of hotties within moments.

I guess I should tell you a little more about him… he’s straight (unfortunately), 26, 6’1″ and he’s done some professional modeling in the past too. I think you just need to click through and check out the rest of his gallery to get the best view of him!

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New Guys At Cam With Him – Bobby99

by on May.25, 2013, under General, Photos

You guys know I like to keep an eye on what’s happening over on the Cam With Him site, it is one of my favorite places to hang out and any excuse I can find to share some of their men around I’m gonna take it.

I have another reason to share them with this new guy over on the site. There’s actually not a lot known about him at the moment, but I can definitely tell you guys that he has a really hot muscular body and I can tell from the photos in his free gallery that he’s going to be pretty popular with the dedicated members there.

Bobby99 is actually just one of a little group of new cam guys they’ve had arrive on the site in the last few months, and although I think he could be sharing a little more information in his profile, and showing his face in one or two images too, I think these photos are going to be enough to have a lot of you clicking through to take a look.

I’ve been following a few of the guys on there in the last year and I could do with some more entertainment, so I’m hoping I’ll get to see this guy on cam soon 😉

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In The Gym With Aleksandr Schukin

by on May.21, 2013, under General, Photos

I know very little about him, but I do know that this Russian bodybuilder is one of the most impressive I have seen lately. One of the guys I work out with occasionally was showing me a video of him today after a session at the gym and when I watched it I knew he was one to share on the blog with you guys here. I don’t know what this video is really all about, but the guy is sexy, handsome, and one of the most muscled I think I have ever seen too.

I know that a guy with muscle like that can be a bit of a turn off for a lot of people, but when the guy is pretty handsome like him, and seemingly sweet and a nice guy too, he’s worth sharing around with other guys.

I don’t think he’s one of those guys worth following though, he is Russian after all, and it’s not exactly the most friendly culture when it comes to guys appreciating other guys, if you know that I mean – basically, I very much doubt he would be at all interested in having guys appreciating his pics and videos on a blog like this! lol

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