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Two Cam Guys – Get Ready For Awesomeness!

by on Jun.08, 2012, under Photos, Promos

I hope you guys have been planning a great weekend, and that the weather is going good for you all. But I thought that I might add some more brightness to your weekend just in case, with some really hot news that I’ve just picked up on from the Cam With Him site. I know this is gonna be awesome news for all you guys who like to watch some hot muscled men showing off on their web cams!

A couple of their hottest cam hunks are preparing to kick off a whole load of duo cam shows together!

Joey D and Johnny V are two real close buddies who have been seen in some duo cam shows before, and although they are both so hot to watch on their own, I know a lot of their fans love it when they get together on cam.

These muscle hunks have set up their very own duo profile, to showcase their two-man cam shows for the members, and it is hotly tipped to be one of the sexiest and horniest developments ever to have arrived on the site.

You should check out the Cam With Him site for more info on this, and definitely keep and eye on the forums there for more information too!

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Muscle Guys Filmed In A Locker Room Shoot

by on Jan.17, 2012, under Photos, Promos

After the last video a couple of weeks ago with those pics of a gorgeous young guy in speedos in the shower showing off his hot body, I had to look for a little more. I found a great video of some really hot buys in some photo shoots, filmed while they’re having their pics taken. It’s pretty hot watching them flexing and posing in the locker room, in those little blue trunks while they show off for a sexy shoot.
I don’t really know what the shoot was for, but I can imagine it gained a lot of attention from the gay guys out there. It certainly had my attention.

I have a thing for watching hot and hunky guys in the locker room and showers anyway, and this totally reminded me of some of the guys I’ve enjoyed watching at the side of pool when I’m working out. If I pick the right place, I can watch the swimmers and have them pass close by on their way to the locker room. 😉

Is it wrong that I’m now fantasizing about being involved in a photo shoot like this? I wonder how a guy gets to be on set when all this is going on? lol

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Live Muscle Duo Cam Show – Tonight!

by on Jul.22, 2011, under General, Photos, Promos, Videos

You guys know that I love cruising the cam sites and checking out some of the hot guys there. One of my favorites is Cam With Him, because they have some of the hottest young muscle guys on that site. Two of my favorites are Joey D and Johnny V. These guys are buddies, and both work out all the time. They’re far more dedicated to the gym than I am, but it certainly shows!

So, they had a photo session a short time ago, perhaps getting ready for their live cam show. You can check out some of the hot images from the shoot below, they posted them on the forum over on the CamWithHim site to give the guys there a little taster of might be on the way tonight.

That brings me to the live cam show. It’s tonight guys, with two hot muscle boys on cam, one gay and one bi. I’ve booked it into my diary and I cannot freakin’ wait!
Head over to Cam With Him to check out more, and I’ll probably see you in there later, watching the muscle boy duo show. Who knows, if it goes as well as I think it’s gonna, maybe they’ll make their duo shows a regular feature on the site?

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Fan Clubs On ICGuys

by on Mar.02, 2011, under General, Promos

Earlier this year ICGuys added fan clubs for your favorite cam guys! Got questions? Here’s a short FAQ about fan clubs…

1. What’s a fan club?
A fan club is an individual model section, where they can offer some or all of the following: photos, videos, journals, and recorded private chat archives.

2. How do I access a model’s fan club?
First, click on a model’s profile and click the fan club link once inside (if they have one). Then, click on the join button inside of the preview fan club page of the model you’d like to join. Once you’ve made your purchase, just return to that model’s preview fan club page and you will be granted access to all of her content.

3. What’s it gonna cost me?
Each model can set their own rates, so it will vary from model to model. Access is granted on a monthly basis so if you’d like to continue to access your favorite model’s fan club, just join and that’s it. If you’d like to stop viewing a model’s fan club, you may cancel here.

4. Does every model have a fan club?
No, not every model will have a fan club.

5. Will every model have similar types and amounts of content?
No, models can upload as much or as little content as they feel comfortable with. Not all models will have recorded private chat archives. Not all models will post journal enteries. It just depends on the model. Make sure you thoroughly review the fan club preview page of your favorite model before joining.

6. Want to see what a fan page looks like..
Click here to see one of the latest!

Diesel fan page

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Tyler’s back!

by on Feb.18, 2011, under General, Promos

Tyler Muscle Cam Guy

< We have seen some camguys come and go and some even come back after being gone Tyler is no exception and is still cam worthy and one of CamWithHim’s top webcam performers.. Currently weighing 163lbs with 7% body fat. For the new who haven’t been around when Tyler first started and for even some the original members…some of the best features are his eyes.. prettiest blue you have ever seen and can lost staring at them. His music of choice is Hard Rock. Along with being a jock, Tyler can play any instrument with a string and self educated in everything from History to Politics.

Live Cam GuyHot Webcamsmuscle webcamsLive camguys

Click here for more of this Webcam Muscle Guy, Tyler.

Not a member yet click here for your own personal tour! Watch these HOT cam guys live on webcam five nights a week on their regularly scheduled member shows. Chat room is open 24 hours a day, with live cam shows every Sunday through Thursday @ 10 PM est / 7 PM pst for an hour long!

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Up close and personal.. One of the hottest cam guys right now!

by on Feb.05, 2011, under Promos

Live Cam GuyHot Webcams

Need reasons why Mickey is one of the most popular CamWithHim’s webcam performers.. LOOK AT HIM! From his charming personality to his great physique to his boyish good looks what more needs to be said? When this Canadian isn’t aspiring to be an actor/writer he loves to workout, play video games and fly up and down the hockey rink smashing mouths!

Want to get to know the man behind the muscles, see more of him at and see why he is the one of the hottest live cam guys on the net!

muscle webcamsLive camguys

Click here for more of him and his other friends!

Not a member yet click here for your own personal tour! Watch these HOT cam guys live on webcam five nights a week on their regularly scheduled member shows. Chat room is open 24 hours a day, with live cam shows every Sunday through Thursday @ 10 PM est / 7 PM pst for an hour long!

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A peak at the upcoming LIVE cam guys at CamWithHim

by on Feb.01, 2011, under Promos

Check out these Webcam Muscle Guys all week at!!

Not a member yet click here for your own personal tour! Watch these HOT cam guys live on webcam five nights a week on their regularly scheduled member shows. Chat room is open 24 hours a day, with live cam shows every Sunday through Thursday @ 10 PM est / 7 PM pst for an hour long!

Hot Muscle Cam Guys At Your Fingertips!
If you haven’t already heard, get with the program! We host the hottest muscle cam guys on the planet…period. Not only are we the largest non-nude male cam site, but we are now focusing on shooting our guys in high quality photos and videos.

This is what your missing this week at CamWithHim!

Anthony G
Big Chase

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Free Cam Guys Day @

by on Nov.23, 2010, under General, Promos

Hey guys, just wanted to make you aware that CamWithHim is putting on a promotional event called Free Cam Guys Day this Friday (Black Friday). Check out the details on their blog!

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Collection of Guys in Underwear

by on Nov.05, 2010, under Promos

Steamy collection of guys in their underwear!

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Cam Guy Brian’s Free Show @!

by on Nov.05, 2010, under Promos, Videos

One of the hottest guys at is putting on a free show next week! So come one, come all on November 10th at 10 PM est / 7 PM pst to see Brian’s free show. I promise it’ll be a good one…afterall the guy was nominated Cam Guy Of The Year for two years in a row. If that isn’t enough to get you to go, check out his promo video…

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