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Paul Eric Palomo – Jock Selfies

by on Sep.23, 2014, under Photos

There are so many hot guys out there taking pics of themselves and sharing them with the world, but if you’re anything like me (and lets’ be honest, you are!) then you probably sometimes wonder if the guy showing off his perfect pecs and his six-pack abs is actually dumber than a box of frogs.

I know, it’s judgmental and probably unfair to think of anyone like that, but you probably wonder how many of these guys might be hot as hell on the outside, and could rock your world in the bedroom, but then never be able to have a decent conversation with you about anything other than the antics of a Kardashian. You would probably become bored of that eventually, right?

Not so with the utterly gorgeous Paul Eric Palomo! He’s a self-made social media “luvvie” who gained a lot of attention for being hot as hell without being a male model, and while studying for his Bachelors Degree in Political Science (no, I don’t know either).

He’s not just hot and sexy, not just the kind of guy you would love to be pounded by all night long, but he’s also clearly an intelligent guy too. Now, the only other thing some of us want to know is… how big is it!? lol

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Construction Hottie Shows Off

by on Sep.19, 2014, under Photos

I’ve just seen these excellent pics of a construction worker with some sexy ink showing off a little and teasing with his phone, and I knew I had to share him on the blog for you all to check out and enjoy too. I have no doubt he went further than this and showed off a lot more too, and I will be out there looking around for that as soon as I’ve published these pics icon wink Construction Hottie Shows Off

I don’t know anything about him, I don’t know if he’s gay, straight or bi, single or married, where he’s from or anything. What I do know is that I love the fact that there are so many guys out there of all kinds willing to show off their bodies for others and put on some teasing shows for complete strangers.

When you’re good looking and have a hot body like this guy, I’m all for it, and I’m all for sharing it too. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I don’t think I’ll be the only one here looking at these photos and thinking what a hot young man he is.

Enjoy his pics, I know you will icon wink Construction Hottie Shows Off

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A Hot Mix Of Selfies

by on Sep.16, 2014, under Photos

Yes, they’re all pretty muscled and beefy, but I wanted to get a little more fur on the blog with this post because it became clear to me that this is something I’d overlooked a little in recent pics. I was inspired once more by the sight of someone at the gym who I occasionally talk to. He’s a real inked and handsome guy in his 20’s, one of those real muscled bodybuilder types. The difference with him is that he doesn’t shave his fur off and it peeks out from the edges of his tank top.

He doesn’t have a hairy back or anything, it’s just he refuses to shave off his chest hair and prefers to trim it occasionally. I prefer that I have to admit, there’s something so sexy about a little short scruff on a dudes chest, and while I do like some smooth jocks I think it looks a lot more manly to have a little “roughage” there icon wink A Hot Mix Of Selfies

I’ve gone from one extreme to the other in this collection of hot guy selfies. Although I didn’t intend it we seem to be going from smooth muscle to shortly trimmed to full-on bear fur in this collection of pics. Something for everyone I think you’ll agree! Enjoy.

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Have You Seen Joey D Recently?

by on Sep.09, 2014, under Photos

This is not the first time we have enjoyed the sight of Cam With Him muscle hunk Joey D on the Cam Guys blog, but I though it was about time you got a look at some of the newer pics on his profile there and appreciated the work he’s obviously been putting into his amazing physique. The bodybuilding hunk was already an impressive muscled man, but he’s really developed quite a lot in the last few months and is looking even more immense right now than ever before!

The handsome guy has long been a fan fave on the site, and I have to admit that he’s one of my all-time favorite cam men too, but that’s only set to continue now that he’s looking as massively muscled as he is now.

There are a lot of videos and galleries on the site with this stud showing off his amazing body – and some action with his buddy Johnny V too, that you absolutely have to watch if you haven’t already.

He’s one of the most amazing men they have ever had on there and I hope he’s going to be there for many more years to come too! Click through to the Cam With Him site to see some more.

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Hot Guys In Underwear – Selfies

by on Sep.05, 2014, under Photos

I had another amazing experience this morning at the gym and it inspired me once again to get out there and hunt down some stunning guys in bulging undies. These are some of the hottest underwear selfies I could find, and I think you’re all gonna love them as much as I do.

So this morning I went to the gym like I usually do and I was getting changed ready for a workout when this really hot jock walked in, sweat dripping from him, wearing the sexiest bulging shorts.

I tried not to stare (or do anything else obvious) while I carried on getting changed and watched him in front of me stripping down for a shower.

The shorts slid down and I saw he was wearing a white netting jock, completely on show and almost spilling out of it icon wink Hot Guys In Underwear   Selfies

Yes, right then I wanted to follow him into the shower, but that would definitely have been far too obvious, so instead I made a note to go back an hour earlier next week and hopefully finish my workout at the same time as him lol

Yeah, I’m a pervy guy and I don’t really care who knows it.

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Handsome Hotties Showing Off

by on Sep.02, 2014, under Photos

There’s a lot of talk in the press right now about some celebrities being hacked and having their naked pics out there for all to see, and although I feel bad for them I have to ask how naive these people were. I have always believed that if you take any naked pics, or allow someone else to possess naked pics of you, you should kind of at least suspect that one day they might become a little more public than you hoped.

Still, that doesn’t make it right.

These guys don’t seem to care about who has pics of them, but then they’re not showing it all off. Having said that, there are plenty of men out there who do exactly that and show it all off for whoever wants to see it. I think we all agree that we are thankful and appreciative of their confidence and openness! I certainly am, I could look through sexy pics of hot amateur dudes showing off their gorgeous bods for days, but then I know a lot of you guys could too icon wink Handsome Hotties Showing Off

Check out some recent finds of mine, some gorgeous guys with amazing faces and bods to match. Every one of these guys deserves to be shared for appreciative eyes to enjoy.

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Just Some Hot Guy Pics

by on Aug.29, 2014, under Photos

These aren’t all selfies, but they’re definitely worth sharing on the blog with you guys. I’ve been out there on the net today and looking around for some hot hunky men to share with you, and I think every one of these amateur posers deserves to be on here and shared.

I have a fave, although I wouldn’t be kicking any of these guys out of my bed any time soon. The big and beefy guy with the awesome butt and immensely muscled back is the one that really grabs my interest. There are so many hot muscle hunks showing off their bods out there, and there are plenty of them who seem to love taking pics of themselves, or even each other, to share with complete strangers on the net too. I guess this might be a boredom thing, or maybe they’re sending them to someone and they end up being leaked out into the world?

Whatever the reason, I hope they carry on taking these photos and getting them out there for us all to enjoy. It’s one of the best things about phones and the net, now anyone can take any pic anywhere and share it within moments. It’s awesome for exhibitionists and their fans! icon wink Just Some Hot Guy Pics

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Friends In The Bathroom

by on Aug.26, 2014, under Photos

I used to live with a very good friend of mine who would often drive me crazy with his nude shenanigans. He was straight (of course, aren’t they all?) but hot as hell, and he knew it although he pretended to be modest. Every morning he could be seen wandering around the apartment totally naked, having his shower with the bathroom door open so he could hear the music. He was one of those straight guys who just didn’t have any sense of shame about his body, even when he was walking around in the morning with his proud morning boner leading the way.

It was a great friendship (he’s moved away and married now) that led to some great late nights watching adult movies, but it was the mundane and relaxed attitude to things that really had me hooked on him.

It was such a treat to share space with him like that, walking in to take a leak in the morning and having a conversation as he stood there and groped himself, or simply shaved ready for the day. We had that kind of friendship where sexuality just wasn’t an issue at all.

That’s what I thought about when I saw these three young men sharing a bathroom and taking selfies. I imagine they’re friends living together, and probably more than a little familiar with each others nudity too. It’s an innocent collection of photos, but it’s sweet to see friends like these just enjoying their time together in the normal everyday routines.

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Fit Bod Show Off

by on Aug.22, 2014, under Photos

I have a new friend, one who I think I might become a little infatuated with in the coming months. I met this dude through a friend and although I didn’t think we would have the chance to meet up again without our mutual buddy there it turns out we have a favorite band in common and we’ve been thrown together to go. I’m really looking forward to it, he’s a really fit guy of “curious” sexual interests, or at least that’s what my friend says.

He showed me some pics he has of his buddy on his phone, and I have to admit I am impressed with what he’s packing under that shirt – and in his shorts. Don’t ask me how my buddy got those shots of the guy, but lets just say it was the result of a drunken night and some texting of ex-girlfriends. It seems girls can get guys to do all kinds of things with their phones when some booze and a little tit flashing is going on! lol

Enjoy some of my recent finds out there on the big WWW, and wish me luck on our night out this weekend. I’m so looking forward to it I almost feel giddy! lol

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Handsome Hotties Showing Off

by on Aug.19, 2014, under Photos

You guys already know that I have a pretty good collection of pics of very hot guys that I feel compelled to save in a personal file, and I thought I would delve into it again today to share some more of my top pics with you guys. Obviously they all have some things in common, most notably they all have really sexy bods and some hot muscle going on.

I have to admit that I have a thing for guys with tight abs these days. I never used to be too bothered about whether a guy has a six pack (and believe me, I really don’t care when it’s someone I’m hooking up with or interested in) but when it comes to the guys I like the look of out there on the net they all seem to have this in common.

I guess I’m a little more fickle than I used to be, but it doesn’t make a lot of difference in my personal life, that’s for sure.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with dating a guy with a body like this, not at all. I think most of you would agree that as long as every other aspect of him is how it should be and he has a cool personality then the more tight muscle the better icon wink Handsome Hotties Showing Off

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