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Hot Guys Underwear Selfies

by on Mar.27, 2015, under Photos

I used to live with a friend of mine who is incredibly hot. In fact, he was the one who originally got me working out and going to the gym. You would understand if you saw him, he’s a buff and ripped hunk, and totally handsome too. You would be hitting on him in seconds. He’s into teasing, even though he would probably never do anything with a guy.

I’d only been living with him for about two months, but I’d been teased plenty by the sight of him walking around the house in his underwear. He used to wear these old and tight flannel boxers, pretty figure hugging and really quite revealing. It was either those or his loose boxer shorts, and usually with the button of his fly open too. I can’t count the number of times I sat with him watching a movie late at night with him just in his boxers and me wanting a peek! lol

I think he might have been the start of my underwear fetish too. I can’t see a guy in just his undies without popping a boner these days! Take these guys for example, a group of really hot guys showing off some teasing bulge and their sexy jock bodies.


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Bulging Muscle Jock Selfies

by on Mar.24, 2015, under Photos

I had a great gym visit this morning. A friend of mine came with me and we were on the treadmills right near the weight room and had a perfect view of a couple of guys.

I’m like a lot of guys out there I think, I really enjoy seeing a guy working up a sweat, and seeing a hot young hunk making his muscles bulge lifting weights is always going to be a distraction for me. I was distracted today thanks to these two guys.

Both were in their 20’s, but both were massively muscled and hunky. They were clearly real good friends, spotting each other and occasionally comparing their muscles too. It’s so homoerotic but they probably have no idea! lol

I managed to restrain myself from following them when I knew they were both heading to the showers together. I know I should have called it a day and followed too, but I’d only been there for half an hour.

So, after that I was a little inspired as usual. Check out some hot hunks in muscle jock selfies, I found these out there on the net after getting home and needing a fix. I think you’re gonna enjoy these guys :)

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Muscle Boyfriend Selfies

by on Mar.21, 2015, under Photos

You know when you go to the gym or you’re out at a bar and you see some massively muscled guy and you think there is no possible way they are into dudes? I know, I’m guilty of making those stereotypical judgments too, and although sometimes my Gaydar pings for the most unlikely targets, I do often make assumptions that guys who are real big and muscled, showing off some ink and looking totally masculine, couldn’t possibly be into other guys.

That’s why I had to share this shoot with you guys and show off this couple of real big guys who are obviously very into each other.

I don’t know anything about this selfie shoot (is it really a selfie shoot?) and it could be that the two guys in it are actually straight and playing for the cameras, but I highly doubt that. These two massively muscled hunks really do look totally into each other, and it’s both incredibly sweet and incredibly sexy too.

I don’t know what the conclusion is here, but maybe it’s that when you see a bug masculine muscle man at the gym pumping weights you can only ever dream of being able to lift (with a crane) maybe don’t assume that the dude is also entirely straight :)

Imagine all those missed opportunities!

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Hot New Muscle Jock Selfies

by on Mar.17, 2015, under Photos

I know it seems that most of my posts start with me retelling a recent experience from the gym, but I can’t help the fact that this is where I see most of my inspiration when it comes to hot guys showing off their bods. I was inspired once again this morning, heading to the gym with a friend of mine who I thought would probably be enough to keep me distracted. My buddy is a very hot straight guy who likes to tease me and keep my attention on him, he loves being hit on by guys despite never going through with anything – typical prick tease lol

He failed today though, when a stunning guy in his late 20’s walked past us with the finest ass I think I have ever seen, like two puppies wrestling in a pillow case lol

The rest of him was stunning too though, and he had a whole lot to show off. Men in very tight spandex and clearly not wearing any kind of underwear to keep their junk in place should probably be banned from my .gym on safety grounds, although that would probably mean a lot of members looking for another gym!

So, inspired as I was, I came home and started looking around for some hot muscle jock selfies to share with you guys. A part of me wonders if I might see a selfie from a guy I know, showing it all off. Hasn’t happened yet, but we live in hope! lol


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Catching Up With Hunky Cam Guy Drake

by on Mar.10, 2015, under Photos

I was talking to a friend of mine last night and we got to chatting about some of the guys on the Cam With Him site and the new careers in gay porn a couple of the guys there now have too. I asked my friend which of the Cam Guys was his favorite, expecting him to say Johnny V or Joey D (because of the porn they’ve been appearing in for the last few months) but he told me that Drake was his top guy.

I can understand that, we’ve had some of his pics on the blog before and I know a lot of the fans of the site love him as much as I do. If there was anyone else on the Cam With Him site I would love to see appearing in hardcore porn it would be Drake!

I thought it was about time I shared some more of the sexy pics from his profile on there and got you guys checking him out. You can go and see more pics on his cam guy profile page too, so make sure you go and take a look at that when you get the chance.

This handsome and buff man is gorgeous, and he has a truly great body. Who out there would not want to see him in porn?! lol

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Hot Guys Bulging Selfies

by on Mar.06, 2015, under Photos

You guys know that I’m often inspired by visits to the gym where I see a very hot guy who gets me thinking about a post for you all to enjoy, but this morning things were a little bit different.

I decided to go for a run through the park instead, real early, like before anyone else was out. It was still a little bit misty and chilly, but that’s how I like my runs to be.

I’m glad I did though, because after I got past the half-way point by this little pond I caught up with a very hot jock with a gorgeous ass. He was running in front of me for a good while and I could see that he wasn’t wearing anything under his shorts. You know you can usually see the outline of a jock strap or something… well there were nothing there but smooth ass :)

Of course I overtook him, and the temptation to turn around was too much. I gained a bit of a lead and then stopped to stretch at a bench as he came around the corner, led by his bouncing and very obvious bulge!

We was gorgeous, and he was obviously free-balling in some very baggy light blue shorts, and he even said “hey” with a smile as he passed too.

Yes, I’m back there tomorrow for another run at the same time, and I’m going every morning until I see him again and try to get his number.

In the meantime, check out some other hot hunks showing off some bulge in their selfies. I think you’re all gonna love these :)

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Cute Twink Selfies

by on Feb.27, 2015, under Photos

It’s about time we had some sexy young twink guys showing off their smooth and slim bodies on the Cam Guys blog, and I think I have a perfect little collection for you guys in this post.

Each one of these young men is sexy, and teasing too. Some of them have gone a lot further than just showing off their sexy faces and tight bods too, but as we like to keep things a little cleaner here you’ll have to go and try to find them if you want to see that. That’s a nice little adventure for you I guess, but you probably know you’ll end up in an endless maze of hotties showing off their stuff lol

The second guy totally reminds me of the cute young man at the computer place I go to, the one who helped me pick out my new Mac. I have to admit that I really didn’t listen to much of what he was saying, I was too distracted by his tight pants and the thought of him naked. I eventually just got him to say what he would buy and chose that one lol

I think he knew too. Dam, I should have got his number.

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Guys Underwear Selfies

by on Feb.17, 2015, under Photos

Okay guys, I have something a little different for you all today and I think most of you are going to enjoy it.

I have a couple of straight mates who like to tease, you know this though, right? These guys will send me pics from the gym and even take discreet photos of other guys they think I’ll like and send them to me with rude messages. If course I send things back and try to freak them out when I can.

It’s all playful, teasing and well meaning. And sometimes, it’s pretty hot too.

This morning one of my buddies sent me a pic while he was out shopping for jeans, and I got a very nice photo of him in a changing cubicle in nothing but his rather tight and well fitting boxer shorts. That started me off on looking for more pics of hot guys out there in nothing but their undies too, and I got a nice little collection here for you horny peeps to enjoy.

While I appreciate the occasional nude or flashing pic from my straight buddies (yes, that has happened too!) I think I prefer the sexy and teasing shots of them in their underwear. I’m not gonna tell them that though, I love the surprise of a dick shot occasionally arriving on my phone! lol

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Gym Selfie Bulges!

by on Feb.13, 2015, under Photos

There’s really hot gym selfies, and then there’s these guys, men who know how to tease and really show off more than just their muscles or fit physiques.

I was looking through some really sexy selfies from guys today, post workout pics of guys showing off their efforts in the gym locker rooms, and some of them really impressed me for their teasing suggestiveness. There’s something very horny about a guy showing a little of what I call the “workout bulge” and I had to share some of the best examples of it with you all.

You know the deal, guys working out get really horny, something about all the effort and the increase in testosterone gets them a little “chubby” down below. I think every guy who works out regularly knows what I’m talking about – a workout is often followed immediately after by a boner and a much needed stroke lol

These guys have a little something going on down there, and they’re either oblivious to the display they’re giving us (unlikely), or they’re deliberately showing it off without being too blatant about it. I think these are the kinds of pics that end up being Grindr profile photos lol


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Sexy Naked Male Friends

by on Feb.10, 2015, under Photos

When I was a few years younger (hey, I’m not too old now!) my friends and I went through a stage of drunken naked photos of each other, often on nights out, or at a friends place. I wish I knew where all those photos went, because I would love to go back through them all and appreciate them years later.

I was thinking about that today and thought I might go out there and look at the examples of some other hot guys being snapped by their friends, often butt naked, and often outside too. No doubt the circumstances of all these shots would interest most of us, but it might be more fun to think of how they came to be naked and in the pic without actually knowing the truth.

Although I think we can guess that a lot of these photos were probably the result of a dare or two, it’s fun to consider that maybe there’s something else going on here other than purely platonic friends getting embarrassing pics of each other without their clothes on :)

Whatever the circumstances of the nude guys in these pics, every one of them is sexy and deserving of some appreciation.

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