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Handsome Hunk Selfies

by on Jun.24, 2015, under Photos

I did something highly unusual for me this morning, I went out for a run. I know I should do it more often, I remember just a few months ago I was promising myself that this year would be the year I dedicate myself to absolute fitness and self-improvement… then I ate a massive pizza and forgot about everything. lol

I jest, I have been a lot more active this year than in the past, and it’s definitely paying off. In fact it’s paying off in several different ways. I’m already fitter than I ever have been, and my bod is looking pretty hot even if I do say so myself. But aside from that I’ve also met some seriously hot men in the process.

Most have been straight/curious I admit, but the occasional bi or gay guy has crossed my path – quite literally in the case of this morning.

I was out at the park real early, with no one else around apart from one old lady walking her dog (who I accidentally scared the living crap out of coming around a bend with my hood up), and I stopped to take a leak, as you do. Within a couple of seconds other heavy running feet could be heard and the most stunning man appeared on the path in front of me.

I won’t go into to much detail about what happened next, but lets just say I didn’t know this was a cruisy park at that time of the morning 🙂

So, back on topic, I have some very handsome and buff guys to share with you for this one. It’s a handsome hunk selfie post inspired by the gorgeous guy I met this morning, and whose number I now have in my phone. I will be calling him in a couple of days to hook up 🙂

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