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College Guys Self Pics

by on Nov.09, 2012, under Photos

I went on a kind of archaeological adventure this week. I know that sounds fascinating (lol) but what I mean is I discovered a couple of old phones in a drawer and decided to pull them out to check out what was on them. I guess we all have them, right? It seems that they are pretty hard to throw away, and we just keep them in a box somewhere or bury them to be discovered again at some later date.

One of the phones I couldn’t even get to light up, and then I remembered that I’d dropped it in a toilet in a bar about five years ago – yes, that is now thrown out and is gone for good!

But the other, an even older one, worked, played a little tune and seemed to be working fine! I spent about an hour going through it all, seeing old text messages and people I’d completely forgotten. And then I got to the old grainy photos, and they brought back so many memories!

I got up to so much horny action back then, and it seems I was into recording it for my own amusement later on, then obviously forgot they were on there.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share that little story with you. Enjoy these self pic of some really hot young guys, and think back to your old phones… is there anything incriminating on them that you might want to delete, or rescue? lol

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