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Muscle Guys Locker Room Self Pics

by on May.15, 2012, under Photos

I had a really pleasant surprise today when I ventured out through the rain to have a really early session at the gym. I was actually a little pissed, because I had to get out there at 6am to get to a meeting for 8, and I was sure I was gonna miss a lot of the hot guys I normally get to check out.

But man, I think I might have to go that early from now on!

I was the first one in when the receptionist unlocked the door, and I thought I had the entire place to myself. But as soon as I got into the locker room I had a hot surprise.

One of the trainers who works there was taking some personal pics of himself in the mirror. I’m guessing he’d been there for a workout or a shower really early. He was butt naked, and a little excited about taking pics of himself too! 😉

The guy is only in his early 20’s, but he’s a real hunk. I’m always checking him out when I see him, and although I’ve never seen him in the showers I was hoping that one day I would.

It was pretty funny, he jumped a little, and apologized. I was bold and said no problem, with a smile too, as I walked past and he covered himself with his hand lol

Sweet guy, and totally sexy too. And seeing him had me on the net at home after my snooze-fest of a meeting too, checking out some of the sexy muscled guys taking pics of themselves in the locker room. If you can imagine the hot muscled blond dude below in his early 20’s, and just a little bit more handsome, a little more ripped, and a lot more naked… you’ll be half way there to imagining the hunk I saw this morning! 😉

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