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Hot Bulges Everywhere!

by on Sep.09, 2011, under Photos

I was inspired today. A stranger at the gym who will never know of the effect he’s had on my mind made the kind of impact deserving of a blog post. And so I present to you a hot collection of incredibly juicy bulges, taken by some hot guys in the mirror.
Yep, I was in the locker room, and actually having a pretty shitty day, when a really gorgeous guy appeared like a beacon of all that is horny and good lol
The most impressive thing about this young man was not his handsome face nor the smooth and ripped body glistening with sweat, or the husky voiced as he said “hey” and took the space beside me on the bench to get changed and ready to go. It was the massive bulge he revealed in his jock strap as he eased down his shorts and showed off every detail of his junk with the clinging stretchy material.
Man, I love seeing a guys butt framed by a jot jock, but when the front is packed to bursting and the material clings to every bump and curve, it’s heaven!
I’m guessing he had a really hard workout, or that he was about to head off for some privacy and relieve the pressure, because that’s certainly the impression I had!
Yep, I had to sit there for another ten minutes before it was safe for me to stand up 😉

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