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Archive for July, 2011

Beefy Muscle Dude Self Pics

by on Jul.29, 2011, under Photos

How many of us have those pics on our phones? I know I have a few, and you can always tell that someone has something to hide on theirs if they get paranoid about losing it or having someone else use it lol
Now, although these ones are not as, shall we say “intense” as some of the pics on my phone, they’re pretty hot.
The 28 year old hunk is just a little handsome, and that body is so sexy! He’s obviously a bit of a gym rat, and he actually wants to open his own gym too when he finally gets out of Ohio, which he apparently wants to do. And sorry lads, the guy is straight, and he’s looking for sexy ladies to go out with.
Although, what makes “sexy”? It’s a little vague isn’t it.

One of my favorite things about a muscle guy is his “Adonis Belt”, and this guy has some seriously sexy curves there (for those less in the know, they’re the mounds and the ridges that lead down to the pubic area from the waist).
There’s just something really hot about a guy with muscle there, and man, this dude has plenty!

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Hairy Muscle Hunk On Cam

by on Jul.26, 2011, under General, Photos, Videos

I was going through some of the really hot guys over on Cam With Him today and I found some really sexy videos of one of my favorite guys over on the site. We’ve mentioned the site before (A peak at the upcoming LIVE cam guys at CamWithHim) but I wanted to share some of the hot pics of Anthony as he flexes and poses, and shows off, on cam.
The guy is seriously well built, and it’s not surprising because he works out so much and he’s so active. He spent ten years as a gymnast, and now he practices mixed martial arts too. So if you’re wondering what you need to do to get a body like that, there you go – a hell of a lot! lol

He’s a bisexual 28 year old from the USA, and he appears in this video flexing his massive muscles and showing plenty of bulges, if you know what I mean.
Now, I love a guy with a naturally hairy chest. All those guys who shave everything off can really turn me off sometimes, so when I see a hot guy who takes pride in his build and stays healthy and active, AND keeps some of that masculinity too, I’m in heaven!
Check out his cam profile over on Cam With Him for his gallery and so on. I definitely think he’s worth a peek!

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Live Muscle Duo Cam Show – Tonight!

by on Jul.22, 2011, under General, Photos, Promos, Videos

You guys know that I love cruising the cam sites and checking out some of the hot guys there. One of my favorites is Cam With Him, because they have some of the hottest young muscle guys on that site. Two of my favorites are Joey D and Johnny V. These guys are buddies, and both work out all the time. They’re far more dedicated to the gym than I am, but it certainly shows!

So, they had a photo session a short time ago, perhaps getting ready for their live cam show. You can check out some of the hot images from the shoot below, they posted them on the forum over on the CamWithHim site to give the guys there a little taster of might be on the way tonight.

That brings me to the live cam show. It’s tonight guys, with two hot muscle boys on cam, one gay and one bi. I’ve booked it into my diary and I cannot freakin’ wait!
Head over to Cam With Him to check out more, and I’ll probably see you in there later, watching the muscle boy duo show. Who knows, if it goes as well as I think it’s gonna, maybe they’ll make their duo shows a regular feature on the site?

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Bodybuilder Abdulla Abou el Wafa

by on Jul.19, 2011, under Photos

Abdulla Abou el Wafa is an Egyptian Bodybuilder who likes to share his working out routines on cam for his friends and fans to see. The dude is so built and bulging, he obviously puts hours and hours of work into his physique!

I’m not one of those guys who can dedicate so much time to working out like this guy does, but I do appreciate the sheer dedication they put into it. I guess if you make it your profession to show off your immaculate build on stage and be judged on it, you really need to dedicate yourself. I see a few guys in the gym who have this kind of life too, they’re there when I arrive and they’re still lifting all that weight when I’m exhausted and have to go home. I’m reliably told by my friend at the reception desk that about three of them are sometimes there all day, taking breaks now and then but mainly lifting.
And yet none of them have reached the level of this guy in my opinion.

Still, plenty of them are really hot to watch as they view themselves in the mirror and then do their little poses, for themselves and their buddies too. Maybe that’s the real reason why I appreciate their efforts so much! lol

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Young Gym Bod on Cam

by on Jul.15, 2011, under General, Photos

You know I go through the cam sites and check out the boys right? Of course, why else would I be writing here and offering you some of those sexy guys on video?

This guy was one who caught my eye over on Hot Cam Guys. I think he’s pretty new, but when I saw his profile I thought of someone I knew a while ago. He was gorgeous, only 19, and he had always been a skinny young lad. But when he started going to the gym he really changed. And I mean he REALLY changed! It was quite remarkable really, he went from skinny tall guy to athletic hunk in about six months. He’d always been handsome, and the girls always loved him, but when he started to work out and his body responded to it so well he just became incredibly hot!

Unfortunately, he went a little too into it, and instead of stopping there he’s now like a bouncer, with a gut. He wants to be some kind of “strong man” rather than a fit muscled guy and it doesn’t work well for him.

This guy reminds me of when my friend started out though. Just sexy, lean, toned, whatever word you want to use. You can check out more from him and others over on Hot Cam Guys.

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Abs Fascination

by on Jul.07, 2011, under Photos

I don’t always understand it myself, but we all seem to be so completely obsessed by the state of the abs. plenty of people see that one group of muscles the the ones they want (read must) have defined and toned. I see it all the time in the gym too. The guys (and girls) are totally dedicated to their abs. It doesn’t seem to matter if their ass is hanging down by the back of their knees, or if their health hasn’t actually improved any in all the time they’ve been working on those muscles, as long as they can show off some sexy mounds on their belly that’s all they want.
It even extends to TV, with all those ads promoting some ridiculous contraption that will somehow give you the abs “you’ve always wanted”.

One of my buddies is the same. he’s hot, I’ll admit it, but he focuses far too much time on those specific muscles when he could be improving the rest of him to suit it. It’s great to have tight abs, but not if the rest of you is far less impressive.

Anyway, check out this dude, who is pretty huge and seems to focus on the rest of his body just as much. They’re good abs, and he should definitely be showing them off! Enjoy 🙂

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Some Pics From Brady at Cam With Him

by on Jul.05, 2011, under Photos

We’ve added some video of Brady before, but unfortunately it’s been removed from YouTube, otherwise I would link to that post from here. I’ll check and see if I can find a new video on there to replace it, but for now you’ll at least get to enjoy some hot pics of this muscled dude on his webcam!

This 21 year old hunk with plenty of muscle is a straight cam guy from the USA. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really tell us much about himself in his profile, but thankfully he’s added some pretty hot pics from some of his appearances on cam. He really does have an immense body, and he’s pretty cute too.
Judging by these pics he really loves to flex and show off on cam, even though he’s straight. I love watching a straight guy who isn’t afraid to share that muscle with a load of other guys. I guess that shows that they’re confident and secure in their sexuality doesn’t it?

Check out these pics, and head over to see this cam jocks profile for some more. I haven’t checked out the rest of his profile yet so I don’t know if there are any more pics of videos, but a lot of the guys add some to their profiles 🙂

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Yet More of Delro!

by on Jul.01, 2011, under Photos

You know, there are some really sexy muscled cam guys who really get around! I don’t mean that the way it sounds, I just mean that they must spend a lot of time on cam and then appear all over the Internet. Delro is definitely one of those guys, and I guess it works because there’s a lot of demand to see the dude. He’s one of the guys over on CamWithHim and he puts on regular shows.
We’ve featured his content here a few times, if you run a search in the top right of the page for “Delro” you’ll find all the posts feating this young muscle jock.

So I’ve found some more of this hot hunk, posing and flexing all that muscle on webcam for all you guys out there to enjoy. He gives us some great angles, and I guess that suggests why he’s so popular on CamWithHim.

Check out the pics, drool and sigh, and then get over to CamWithHim to see the rest of his profile, I can guarantee you’ll be wanting to get on cam with him, and I can also guarantee that it’ll be a really good show!

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