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Meet Chadwick – Sexy Young Bisexual Cam Boy

by on May.21, 2011, under Photos

So that’s another morning spent cruising the cam sites and ogling all the sexy young muscled guys out there showing off on their webcam’s for an audience.
Not that I mind of course, I need something to do on a Saturday afternoon after the gym, and spending a few hours looking at guys who remind me of all the boys I see at the gym is a nice way to spend the day!

A part of me wonders if some of the guys I see working out are secretly out there too, maybe showing off their bodies after working on them right there in front of me. And there are a few I would really love to stumble across as they put on a cam show.

One in particular caught my eye earlier this week. He’s younger than a lot of the guys at my gym, but he’s one of those hot young jock types that you wonder about when you see him. He wears these really snug shorts, showing off EVERY bulge lol
And he doesn’t wear any of those vests or t-shirts either, walking around the place all shiny with sweat. He’s by no means a bodybuilder, but I guess he has a body like this guy below.

This dude is Chadwick, he’s 26 years old and he has a really hot and incredibly tight body. He’s one of the boys I found over on HotCamGuys. He hasn’t added a lot about himself, just that he’s of Asian heritage, and that he’s bisexual and lives in the US. But there are a couple of other pics there to enjoy, so that gives you a little more to enjoy! Still, you could always see him on cam and maybe find out more, that’s what the sites all about after all. lol

Yep, really sexy.

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