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People who cook at home eat better = Finer Body!

by on Sep.16, 2010, under Photos

New studies have found that young people who cook at home are much healthier and leaner than those who eat out on a daily basis. Its common sense that eating out too much is not healthy. However, people keep doing it myself included. I hope you will start cooking more after reading this post.

The only reason that people don’t cook is that they are lazy. Cooking, you will consume less fat, sodium, and other chemicals (you know they put all that stuff in prepared foods) and be able to control your portions. If you don’t have time during the week, read this shop once, eat for a week guide. You can save at least 10 dollars a day if you prepare all three meals at home. That money saved over a year can be use to go on vacation with that new hot body or spoil your favorite Cam Guy!. Another plus side, a survey found that the opposite sex think people who can cook a nice meal are more attractive. One of many reasons that you should cook at home.

Reheating a hot pocket or boiling water for instant noodles does not count as cooking. There are a lot of cook books out there like Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals which has a ton of easy meals to prepare and cook. Click here for 101 Quick meals.. Make It an Even 111

Another quick and easy way to fast healthy meals is to invest in an electric grill like the famous George Foreman. Indoor grills allow the fat to drip off the meat, most have a drip pan of some sort. Whereas the meat just soaks in the grease during the pan cooking.

For more great infomation from a Cam Guys point of view or track their progress. Visit them at CamWithHim’s Health and Fitness Forum its free to sign up!

Already have that ripped body and want to get paid!?!? Time to buy a webcam. Preferably a Logitech. Spend the money for a good model…it’ll pay off. Currently the 9000 or Orbital models are the high end options you should be looking at. Also make sure you have a cable internet connection. DSL will do but sometimes it is too slow and jerky. Pretty much any computer these days will do…even the most basic. As long as your computer was purchased in the past 4 years or so, you should be fine.

This should get you ready to start. Now you just need to find a good place to broadcast to the world. I would obviously recommend the webcam company I started back in 2002, SNR Productions, Inc. Starting as a cam guy myself, I wanted to pay my fellow cam guys more than any other webcam company out there. We now offer the highest payouts and very competitive traffic. Want to get started? Become a cam guy today!

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