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So you want to become a cam guy, huh?

by on Jul.21, 2010, under General

Being a cam guy for nearly 10 years, I get asked what it takes and how to become a cam guy. Well I’ll tell ya. Getting started at a young age is beneficial. A cam guy that is 18-25 is most sought after. You will earn the most money as a cam guy during this period in your life.

Another thing you’ll want to do as a cam guy is…work out. Get a gym membership you mamby pamby! Getting buff is your ticket to riches in the industry. You’ll want 6 pack abs and a some big guns to impress your fans. This way you can concentrate more on your body and less on your package…this means you don’t have to necessarily get nude in order to make money.

Once you get your ripped body, buy a webcam. Preferably a Logitech. Spend the money for a good model…it’ll pay off. Currently the 9000 or Orbital models are the high end options you should be looking at. Also make sure you have a cable internet connection. DSL will do but sometimes it is too slow and jerky. Pretty much any computer these days will do…even the most basic. As long as your computer was purchased in the past 4 years or so, you should be fine.

This should get you ready to start. Now you just need to find a good place to broadcast to the world. I would obviously recommend the webcam company I started back in 2002, SNR Productions, Inc. Starting as a cam guy myself, I wanted to pay my fellow cam guys more than any other webcam company out there. We now offer the highest payouts and very competitive traffic. Want to get started? Become a cam guy today!

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