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Smoking Muscle

by on Nov.21, 2009, under Videos

So we obviously know there’s a fetish for muscle guys, otherwise this site here wouldn’t exist. And we know there’s a fetish for smoking guys.
I know, it’s a little odd, but there are stranger and more worrying fetishes out there, so I guess that’s not so bad considering some of the more strange ones. Like that fetish for having sex with cars. Yes, you heard me. There’s a group of men on the planet who REALLY love their cars, and they have sex with them. It’s not just jerking off in the back seat either, it’s full-on, cock up the exhaust pipe sex!
Then there’s the similar fetish for various inanimate objects too. I’ve heard about girls enjoying some rather large vegetables, but actually having a sexual attraction to them is definitely strange.

So check out this incredibly hot young muscle guy who likes to have a smoke, and does so while he’s on cam, shirtless, in sexy blue shorts… yum.

Yeah, you might be thinking “eurgh, smoking is bad for you”. Obviously it’s unusual to see a muscle stud smoking. Physical fitness and something as unhealthy as smoking don’t normally go hand-in-hand. So this is for those who don’t mind or don’t care. And those with some unusual fetishes! lol


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  • Dayshaun Autry

    I don’t mind triceps having their own day, you could also build in some shoulder work at the same time. You need to allow more time for rest, rather than just Sunday, your muscles grow during recovery. Also, doing fewer than 8 reps with heavier weights is pretty great for mass-building.

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