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Crazy Ab Flexing

by on Nov.17, 2009, under Videos

Okay, some muscle guys are incredibly sexy, and their abs are often something they are extremely proud of. But this video is seriously freaky in my opinion!

The guy is gorgeous, yes. The body is incredible, absolutely. And those abs are amazing. But the control he exercises over every single muscle there is pretty insane to watch. It makes you wonder if he actually has to lift anything or do much to get them like that. With that kind of tensing and control, they probably build themselves! I’ve seen some skinny guys able to make their whole stomach pretty much disappear in that same way, but where does all that muscle go? It’s like it’s sucked up under his ribcage, right to his spine!

If you can pause it just right at 00:22, it actually looks like a pouting angry face! I know, I notice the weirdest things.
Anyway, if I was the guy filming it, I would be telling him to cut it out. It’s scary but it still doesn’t change how seriously hot this guy is though does it? lol


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